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Sovereign Justice
2016 10 15 I’m paused in the movie Basketball Diaries to tell a story from my father about a friend of his. Credits roll to a disrespectful audio about Catholic education. We’re in a classroom, we hear a rhythmic thwaking. We’ve panned the room, finally there on his knees is Leonardo diCaprio being paddled on the behind by a priest. We know that kids got paddled, boys and girls, especially boys because it was boys that civilization wanted trained while civilization wanted the girls breeding: both sexes saddled for responsibility by a sovereign church claiming kinship with a sovereign deity.

My father’s friend rushed a fraternity, was paddled by the brothers for his sin of being young and not a brother. That story went with another story: the guy was sterile: the brothers had split open his sperm bag, destroyed his paternity before he even had a girlfriend.

I can’t say whether the brothers ever learned what they had done: doesn’t sound likely to me.

How many priests were aware of the danger they were submitting the boys to with their hell-bent savagery? Has the church ever assumed responsibility for sterilizing the children they were entreating to breed? No: the church has always more than one way out of its way to prevent responsibility from being laid at its door.

It’s curious how people put up with this irresponsibility. For thousands of years we’re told that God owns the world, that God made the world, that the church represents God … Don’t you think that we should get a confirmation from God at some point? Shouldn’t God speak up and point out percentages of boys at risk from insane priests? The Jews’ God wants boys mutilated on their eighth day of life. The Muslim God wants girls mutilated before puberty. Do mosques publish date on how many girls die from infection? Etc.?

Do fraternities publish estimates of hw many pledtes were sterilized in the past? Do fraternities reveal a fund they compensate people from?

Can Harvard freshmen sue Harvard if their melon is split? The Muslim girls certainly can’t sue the Mullah. Maybe that’s what Hillary Clinton should be promising.

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Truth Scrapbook

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Here it is 2016 10 12 and I’m only just launching a Truth Scrapbook: or I’ve had more than one for decades and forgot where I put them. Fact is, they are and always have been everywhere: truth is on of my primary subjects.

It’s come up especially now that the presidential election and Donald Trump’s participation make “truth” and easy word to bandy around:
Right now Trump is loosing face big time for saying something true in the hearing of a live mic. He said that a “star” could get away with almost anything: a star could grab a woman by the pussy and get away with it. True. Who doubts it.

Ah, there may be no doubters, but we are a society with a conspicuous paucity of truth tellers.

Liars shouldn’t waste our time with elections.

K. Teaching Thinking Tools
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Monthly: scrapbook: reborn each month
(Monthly Note follows below)

Trump’s No Rubicon
2016 10 24 Yahoo just posted an article listing woman making allegations against The Donald as a woman-handler. Now other allegations from the past are resurfacing. Republicans right and left are abandoning this albatross-around-their-neck.
My girl just told me that her old priest was praying for Trump. Praying for what, I asked: that he go straight to hell? No, she assured me: praying that he’ll win! Ah: church conservatives back the alleged rapist as everything slides down the tubes.
And I think of Caesar. Julius, that is. Caius Julius Caesar: the one who crossed the Rubicon.
I’d been in graduate school a couple of years before I studied anything about Caesar: eyeopening once I did.
Before I supply details or illustrations I got-to insert: this is an amazing campaign. Recent presidents have waited till they’ve been in office, initiated a few wars, before being saluted as a scuzz-bucket: JFK, LBJ … Nixon, etc. And the ignorant will scream that it’s unprecedented. Hold your horse: you want criminals in office? Forget Americans, swallow Lincoln: let’s just consider the emperors called Caesar, starting with the one from the Julian family: What the hell does “crossing the Rubicon mean?
Well, the Rubicon is a river. It sets one of the boundaries for the city of Rome. It was a boundary that Julius Caesar, in his days of his wars with Gall, was not allowed to cross: on pain of arrest and execution! Rome liked Julius up in Gaul where he bashed the Celts, the Gauls, the Germans, etc. But in Rome itself he was a condemned criminal. Julius had a certain layer of protection: you know how diplomats can’t be arrested? even for murder? cop can’t give their limo a ticket even if the limo is going 130 mph? Caesar had immunity long before he became dictator: because: Julius Caesar was the head of the church of the religion of Rome! He was like the “pope” for worship of Jupiter, Mars, Minerva, etc. The Roman Catholic pope has immunity in the Vatican: but I bet if he crossed the street, went into Rome, he’d still be effectively immune.
So: Caesar had a series of layers of immunity: 1) he was a Julian! an important family: he was born an aristocrat. 2) he was a successful general. Rome tolerated all sorts of behavior from its successful generals: provided they kept winning! etc.
But: he couldn’t actually come into into Rome. He and his armies were up up in Gaul. Fine, he could do nearly anything up there. He could approach Rome, he could come upon the banks of the Rubicon; but he couldn’t cross the Rubison. If he did, he’d become subject to the laws of Rome: under which he was a mortal felon.

Lincoln’s Union defeated the Confederacy, then swept genocide westward. What would history have been like had Lincoln sterilized the plains, then given Oklaholma away and Nebraska, then marched on DC, then elected himself to the White House, then burned his way to Atlanta?

See? Tump just has to become pope: of the Protestants.
more later

Daily Brubeck
2016 10 23 Jan and I have been having an exceptional time with things relating to the movie Laura. I’ve loved the tune since junior high, didn’t know till this week that the song didn’t exist till the year following the release of the movie. The execs discussed using Duke Ellington’s Sophisticated Lady as the theme. A commission for a new tune won out. Raksin was the composer. Very simple, repeats and repeats, 1944. 1945 Johnny Mercer took the melody in hand, inventing lyrics: lyrics reminiscent of the Ernest Dawson esthetic mentioned in the movie. Now, all my life (till recently) my mind has been a Sargasso Sea for music and for lyrics: this and that flits around, goes in my head, registers, stays there. So why after a week of having Laura as an ear worm do I still have trouble with the lyrics?
The “sense” is amorphous. Explaining why would not be easy, but I may try someday: technical, grammatical and prosodic examination. “Misty light” indeed. “The laugh that floats on a summer’s night.”
But when I listened to Brubeck there were no lyrics, no Mercer, and no Dawson.

Junk Foul
2016 10 22 Late October, baseball sure, but basketball! Last year Jan and I watched every Golden State game televised: went crazy, loved it, were well rewarded: until the playoffs: where Draymond Green’s misbehavior cooled even our adoration of Stephen Curry. I humbly propose: Draymond be given the benefit of the doubt for past fouls to the junk, but be presumed guilty for all future fouls below the waist. The Warriors should not accept victories won through such negative sportsmanship. All the other starts should make it clear to Draymond: they love him, they love his intensity, his skills, but they will severely penalize behavior that puts their team in the slammer. Draymond, behave.

Signing Bonuses
The Pentagon is coercing veterans to repay bogus signing bonuses. Sure: if they’re bogus. But the assumptions should be on the side of the veterans, not the Pentagon. If the Pentagon made fraudulent promises, the Pentagon should be put out of business, the government should be liable for the Petagon’s misbehavior. rewrite later

Laureat Correspondences
2016 10 22 Dylan remains silent on his prize: but there’s another news item that reminds me of another anti-social fuck you over the shoulder Novel Laureate: someone filmed a postal worker dumping bins of mail in the woods: William Faulkner worked for the PO once: and he was said to have just thrown the mail away.

2016 10 19 The Crime That Keeps On Criming
Imagine that at least a feature or two of Christianity is true. Imagine that there’s a Bible. Imagine that there’s a God as author of that Bible who steps forward, identifies himself, all scientists and philosophers in the world accept the identification, and now God validates a part or two of the Bible as his and as true. But imagine further that God distinguishes accurate parts from fabrications. Imagine that God produces perfect Biblical scholarship: this part is mine, this part is fabricated. This fabrication has deluded this that and the other Bible readers. The fabrications x, y & z are noxious crimes.
Church m, n, & o repressed honest attempts to read the passages, God was paid no royalty for the original, God was compensated no penalty for the forgeries, the victims of the crimes, the deluded Christians, havn’et been apologized to … Et C, et c, et cetera.

So did it: there’s crime, and parent crime, and ur crime, and meta crime. And meta crime and more meta crime.

OK. Ready? Here’s the part I love: the Churchs continue trying to interfere with God’s presentation. God finally simply shows that the churchmen are simply insane, not responsible for their lies, and simply purges them. In front of all.

Meantime: how many Christians are in hell for one millenium, two millennia … paying compound interest on the crimes.
You owe the bank a penny, for two thousand years. The debt is a penny plus interest, plus penalty fees. Two thousand years ago you owed a penny plus a penny. Then, one thousand nine hundred and ninety nine years ago the penalty became a dollar, so the debt was a penny and a dollar: and a meta-penalty: 1¢ + $1 + $1,000 = $1,001.01. That was January 1. January 2nd it’s …

Now lets say you have a lawyer and she’s arguing that the rabbi at the Temple is actually responsible for the $1,000 part of it: you owe the 1¢ and the $1 and the 2,000 years worth of $1 since then but the rabbi owes the $1,000 and all the $ns since then. You owe an eternity in hell but the rabbi owes an eternity in hell to the nth times another m.

Never mind. I’m not a mathmatician, neither am I an accountant. But it’s not I who has to produce the bill; God will do that. I believe. I hope. I wish.

Meantime, God is multitasking. Some gofer continues with the fines and the penalties and the math, God introduces new crimes every second. and new meta-crimes. A related one, going by so fast it could be overlooked by a nonparticipant (of whom there are none), the Nazi defrauded the Jew of his piano in Berlin: the Nazi owes the Jew $10,000 for the first second and $20,000 for the second second, and a gazillion since then … but the additional charges and penalties are being introduced faster than Turing could follow. Meantime, the Jew himself is being penalized and meta-penalized … and the American lawyer who was tring to explain in in second 4.00n got totally distracted when his own family got sabberjabbered for debts to the Cheyanne.

Truncle Tom
2016 10 15
Lil Jon was on the tube, Trump was there, couple of years ago, Jon was dressed as Uncle Sam: Trump said it was his Uncle Tom costume. Arsenio Hall and others discussed this in the board room: they decided that Trump wasn’t being offensive, not knowingly: he didn’t know what the terms meant: certainly not to the people in the board room discussing it. !
I figure:
Trump speaks his own language, disconnected from the society,
even he doesn’t know what any of it means.
So he can’t be offensive, not knowingly. He also can’t not be offensive: speaking publicly, from such ignorance.

Alleged Rape
2016 10 15 Headline today: “She says she was allegedly raped.”
I understand it if the media report that a woman says she was raped. I understand it if the media announce that a woman alleges that she was raped. But what does it mean if the woman alleges that she was allegedly rape?
It means that the illiterates have taken complete control of the corporations, the media, the centralized state. Goody, it means that we’ll all be dead before too long. Terminal illiteracy.
Literacy was invented to give the priests an upper hand in making sure that Jesus gets crucified. They already had the upper hand, now their upper hand was really upper.
Not only did the University of Paris make sure that Abelard’s ideas could not be discussed a thousand years ago, the scholars who wouldn’t discuss it remain in total control of education.
Too bad you don’t know what I’m talking about. Waste of breath.

Help! 911!
2016 10 14 Houston 911 operator accused of hanging up on 1000s of calls
I’ve told at K. and repeat here my account of my first and only 911 call, early 1960, 911 brand new at the time. I was walking on Riverside Drive around 116 Street. I saw a kid, Hispanic, jimmying the butterfly window of a VW bug. I found a pay phone, dialed 911, Jabber, jabber the 911 voice said in Spanish. I made several attempts to report the situation. When I asked if anyone there spoke English, she hung up on me.
So: if I ever believed in the police’ ability to handle anything, which I didn’t, it didn’t last long.
I believe criminal incompetence and bestial rudeness is the best we’re capable of, and the people controlling quality are always Macbeth. And there’s no one but Macbeth to tell about it.

Btw, at that time I spoke hardly two words of Spanish, but shortly, in the army, I would learn to command a little bit of Spanish. So my 911 call must have been made in the very early 1960s: I was drafted 1961 to 1963. Anyway, look up when 911 started: that’s when it happened.

Nobel Dylan?!
2016 10 13 You know when I first read about Bob Dylan winning the Nobel Prize? The very early 1960s! The author was serious in taking Dylan seriously, but basically it was written as something preposterous. The author wanted us to take Bob seriously. I did. And I didn’t think he’d ever win the Novel Prize, more a criticism of the Nobel Prize than a short measure of Dylan.
I’d already known Dylan for a couple of years by the time that article was published: by then I was prett solid in dislike. I liked Bob Dyland as Woodie Gutherie, as another Jack Elliott; not as “Bob Dylan”.
And he was so damned standoffish. Worst of all: I tapped him on the shoulder? touched his collar bone! No flesh! Creepy.
2016 10 22 This morning Yahoo reports that Dylan has still made no public response to the award. He performed in Las Vegas, sang his songs, and made no comment. He’s got a real talent for pissing people off; I may become a fan again: as I was in 1962.

Victorian Modern
2016 10 13 Mr. Turner has young Queen Victoria stroll into the art gallery. Price Albert walks a few steps behind her, much more of the court walks behind him. Queen Victoria makes fun of the Turners. Insults them. Prince Albert etc. chuckles.
Just before he dies Turner tells Sophie Booth that he saw the Crystal Palace being erected (1851), crystal panels ascending to the clouds. In the art gallery, for years by that time, other artists of the age invent explanations for Turner’s developing, morphing style: his eyes are going bad, he’s loony …

Turner was the first artist to go modern before, long long before, anyone knew what that meant. Everyone knew what Albert was doing when he substituted engineering for art; no one knew what Turner was doing: perhaps including Turner!

I gotta say more on this, meantime here’s a word or two up.

What I gotta jot while I’m thinking of it: previous to last night and watching M. Turner I knew nothing about Turner’s life. Of all my favorite artists Turner is probably the one I can to admire most slowly. I was fifteen when I first saw Monet. I went crazy. After that, Met, 1953, I saw lots of Monet. When I strolled through a room with Turners they didn’t register on me any more than the Constables. I didn’t notice the pre-moderns until I was saturated with the moderns. But I certainly recognized modern architecture: the Eiffel Tower.! Meantime: Turner was hardly like Van Gogh, selling nothing. Turner painting since he was a toddler. He drew in his father’s barbershop. His father put the drawings in the window, they sold, all of them sold, always. Tutner never didn’t know commercial success. When he was inventing modern art, while people were insulting the work, they were still buying it: at higher and higher prices!! Amazing.

Anyway, notice the time periods. Turner died in 1851. His radical stuff he been on view, in royal collections, in John Ruskin’s collection, for a decade or more. Intellectual taste and public taste was splitting but hadn’t yet sundered. Then again: Turner turned toward “Impressionism” (and toward “action” painting way before those movements occurred: but: he’d painted in styles that looked more conventional to the public before he went crazy: the public knew there was a skilled foundation there, whether or not he was losin his eye sight, losing his mind. Like Rembrandt! Rembrandt got famous got rich: then got infamous, then could no longer feed himself.

Before I go away, to be back later, I say: in the 1840s the British public would never have dreamed that the day would come when the public and the academics wouldn’t give a shit what Victoria thought about a painting: art and culture had not yet deviated: or, they were deviating, but no one noticed.
Oh: also gotta say: Timothy Spall did a great job depicting Turner. Good cast overall.
And I’m tickled to be learning more about British (and English) history than I ever imagined. As in English major in college I knew more than most, but nothing compared to what Anglophiles knew. Even when I married an English wife I was still relatively ignorant by Anglophile standards.
It fits with my current streaming of NetFlix stuff: I’ve been steeped in Welsh, Cornwallian, Irish … Scots, Icelandic, Danish … Viking …

SC Allegations
2016 10 14 “When a teenage gunman allegedly opened fire outside an elementary school in South Carolina last month, a horrifying scene unfolded, detailed in newly released 911 calls.”
Astounding! It was last month and the shooting is still an allegation, not a fact?
The media have always been illiterate, but never like currently. It isn’t the existence of the shooting that has to be kept in doubt, it’s the identity of the alleged shooter.

Trump, No Trump
2016 10 12 Now it seems the Donald liked to waltz into the Miss WhatEver dressing rooms while the contestants were topless, or naked. Star Status, you see.
The never of some people to disapprove!
I ask you, in the bowels of Christ: if you can’t walk in on Miss Universe while she’s changing her tampon, what’s the point of being the Donald? What, are you a Leveler? Damn Commie?

Oval Office Role Model
2016 10 11 https://www.yahoo.com/news/trump-tape-beyonce-50-shades-hip-hop-165002680.html
“… if you are running for president of the United States, you are a role model.”
Excuse me: where does this rule come from?
“You’re a role model for children … You’re a role model for all Americans. You’re held to a higher standard. You should not be behaving like if you are in a locker room. You should be behaving like if you are in the Oval Office.”
Uh, like President Bill did? with Monica under the desk, on her knees, performing fellatio?
What culture do these people think they’ve been living it?

Comic Book Theology
2016 10 10 In the Christianity of my childhood God will judge us, infallibly, when he gets around to it. In the meantime: he knows: good from evil. Etc.
Actually that’s easy, because good is whatever he likes, bad is whatever he doesn’t.
God can call Judgment whenever he wants to.
If we see Superman kicking the crap out of robbers as they flee the bank holding bags of money, most Christians know that God has Superman’s back. Superman doesn’t need a court system or an edifice of law.

Real Americans don’t need science. They just need to kick ass. Like in the comix.

I was seldom good at assignments in school, but now that I’m an old man, a veteran daredevil, it’s a marvel, I’m nearly infallible. My son recommended some Marvel titles I’d never heard of. He suggested that I should know Jessica Jones and Luke Cage but that I should know Daredevil as a prerequisite. It’s tough, I really despise much of it, but I’m being religious in obedience. Two things make it not easy, but a pleasure. That Rosario Dawson dragging her aches and pains around the blind guy’s apartment. Oh, Jesus: any second now she’s gonna put her jug against his face. Her bottom is going to engulf him. If nothing else I’ve learned something about that astonishing actress’ career: I’d heard she was spotted by a photographer as she sat on the stoop of a brownestone in the Bronx, in Brooklyn, some damn place with lucscious Hispanics. But now Wikipedia tells me she was a Disney kid: don’t you have to be discovered before you’re on Disney? not afterward. So: she was discovered, then she was discovered again. I met her in Men in Black. Yowie. Also in that same franchise I met Vincent D’Onofrio. bk already was a fan from some TV thing: told me to be alert.
I was. Anyway, marvelous as some of the cast looked in Daredevil, all the characters were hateful. Enough of that, stop right there. I’ll limit my comments to satiety with comic book theology: namely the infallability of comic heroes, Superman, Batman, Tarzan, in identifying bad guys. Instead of saying Hay, some doofus in a cape is assaulting those gentlemen coming out of the bank, we say Oh goody, Superman is pulverizing the crooks.
But no, I’m not done. I must note further that nations are like comix: we know who the bad guys are. We know who to bomb, who to commit genocide against. We know whose natural resources to steal by treaty, we know how to enslave the people to dig in the mines for us.

When I was a kid I scoffed at Catholics who believed that their Pope was infallible in some areas. But in WWII I knew infallibly who deserved a nuke up their heinie.

Anatomy Wrong? Never Mind
2016 10 10 Trup talked about grabbing girls by the quim, and, if they, the men, are a star (like him), getting away with it. Now women are telling their stories of being physuically and semiotically disrespected. Except, having been denied knowledge of the world, and of themselves, having had their vocabularies pruned, nothing offered in place of it, they don’t know how! or, they get it wrong. Pathetic. One poor woman recalles being at a party and her ex-boyfriend, grabs her by the hair, and, his other hand under her skirt, grabs her by the “vagina”, and carries her, kicking and screaming.
I’m reminded of the joke about the Jewish taylor winning the princess and half the kingdom by hoisting her greased self onto her horse. All other suitors had failed. The taylor is asked how he alone was able to hold her without her spitting out of his arms like a watermelon seed.

“Have you ever picked up a blowling ball?” the taylor asks.

Funny. Now we picture it, vividly: he’s got his thumb up her ass and his pointer and ring fingers in her twat. Two of his three fingers are in her vagina, yes, but if you have to say he’s grabbing her “by” anything, what he’s mainly got hold of is her “vulva”. The meat of her pussy is not her vagina. Her vagina is an empty cavity, a sluice tube. He’s got her by the vulva: that’s her lips, outer lipe, inner lips, her clitoris …

Why don’t women have their vulva in their vocabulary? Because the culture has forbidden them to identify and name aloud (or whisper, or mouth), their pleasure parts.

Why? Because in this culture women haven’t been allowed any pleasure.

Christianity isn’t quite as severe as Islam: in Islam the vulva is cifcumcized away, flushed down the drain. We don’t want women who know how and where to get it on, to get off.
And men don’t know what to make of it when they do: I just saw a porn where the porn whore kept talking about “jerking off”: and I realized, she didn’t mean me, she meant her: she gets horny, she “jerks off”.

Punish the Truth
2016 10 09 What a day for politics. My Jan has been pestering me about Donald Trump for months and months: now she’s silenced. And the satirists roar. I did my own roaring yesterday. Today I want to add something kleptocrats like us are programed to overlook: what Trump said to his buddy was true: he said, “If you’re a star, you can get away with anything: grab her by the pussy.” That’s right. If the election were about truth I would now want to vote for Trump.
That’s a joke, the election is not about truth, except the truth of power, the truth of duplicity … the truth of treating privilege as if it were justice.
Anyway, whatever our intentions a little truth seeped into this one. Hurray.
Sunday, PM Whew, some of the other voices now coming out of the woodwork are welcome: https://www.yahoo.com/music/voice-star-meghan-linsey-speaks-out-about-sexual-harassment-in-frank-trump-inspired-facebook-post-212149195.html, for example. More important than any damn presidential election.
Go to it! Reveal, reveal.

Seductive Sinatra
2016 10 08 http://dailybananas.com/frank_sinatras_listed_lovers/1/_/_vb41a-4/?utm_source=b.frank_sinatras_listed_lovers._6_d_us_db_vb41a-4_va&utm_medium=N&utm_campaign=667&utm_term=6&utm_content=0c
Claims clusters of romances, erotic partners for Old Blue Eyes. Once upon a time Sinatra was my favorite male singer. He still is, I guess. And I flipped out when he turned from clubs and vinyl to movies: thought his From Here to Eternity was the cats pajamas. Sinatra was one of the pop & jazz disks that fell onto my turntable the most often on my most Marathon love night. Jackie and I climaxed again and again, whetting our palettes for diner: seven complete times I screwed her, until the cops came with complaints from the heighbors. The cops were very impressed, they’d witnessed plenty themselves. Anyway, Sinatra fell to the turntable again, and again: Songs for Swinging Lovers was the album: Bud Powell came along second. So: I was vulnerable to Sinatra worship. Fortunately Mario Puzo cured me before I was humiliated by Old Baldy.
Puzo told funny stories about Sinatra threatening him with physical violence in Las Vegas. Apparently, writing his fictional singer in the Godfather, Puzo had guessed right about a couple of Frankie’s success secrets: Sinatra must have thought the inside of his head had been burglarized: hacked. Betrayed.

So: in the 1950s I was vulnerable, by the early 1960s I was cured. Sinatra was a magician with his voice, but not with his pecker. I had him way beat.

Blondie’s Blond
2016 10 08 I’m about to watch Blondie’s New York. I’m going to be alert for a specific something: it just occurred to me, and now I’m going to check it, test it: Debbie Harry of Blondie isn’t just blond, she’s Bert Stern’s Marilyn Monroe deadpan frizzed and teased blond! Loaded with significance, which I’ll get to if I live long enough, at least kick the subject off.
It’s a great great image, greater than anything Mayilyn or Hollywood ever did with it.
OK, now I’m on record for saying so: let’s see what develops.

Marilyn Monroe, Bert Stern
thanx daringtodo

Not that one actually, but I’ll find the one I mean: Circle Gallery published it in the 1970s on different papers: black on silver, gold on silver …

Blondie's Debbie Harry
thanx biography

I’ll find a better pic than that too. In an emergency they’re close enough.

By the way, looking for that one I stumbled on another I did not expect:

Blondie's Debbie Harry with boob
thanx pinterest

Is that adorable? On the small side but utterly cute. That girl is a showman.

Presidential Politics
2016 10 07 Uh oh. Trump just got caught talking about grabbing women by the pussy. A million other things should have sunk his ship. Where’d Puritan America go? Hillary should be in jail, Trump should be in the stocks.
I love how Napoleon had to labor to love, his woman pushing him around. Caesar wouldn’t have put up with that. On the other hand some warriors have taken their tribal morality seriously: Genghis Khan.
Still, let me recall for you a favorite moment of presidential noblesse: decades ago, Bill Clinton, retired, at some shindig, in the background: and he’s talking urbanely with … Warren Beatty!! What’s missing? Add George Clooney. Or Michael Douglas. Add the Oval Office desk. The quim will congregate.
hours later
And with or without Trump, just by the net alone, the illiterates congregate. Or, words are changing meaning, meanings are changing values … Now an article is calling Trump a “misogynist”.
What? How? Why? Cause he talks dirty and act dirty and likes to grab the woman’s quim. You can call that rape, you can call that gross, ungentlemanly, and unfair; but it ain’t misogyny unless accompanied by supplementary behaviors that show hatred as well as rudeness. In fact misogyny needn’t be rude; but it does need to reveal hatred.
I’ll say this though: today’s events may have turned this into the most interesting election in ages. Now our real feelings show. Back to the days of cross burning and lynch mobs.

Choreographed Fright
2016 10 07 Hurricane Matthew is well past my area as it moves north. It missed me, I never felt threatened, Highlands County is relatively hurricane safe. But the frenzy sure hit WalMart: Bullseye: grocery shelves, empty: the bread not threatening to be gone; gone. Dead gone, long gone.
I’ve seen the store almost that crowded before but I’ve never seen store shelves so sterilized.
Some astoundingly fat girls, and a couple of girls really cute! One black girl, young, adorable.
And my cute girl keeps calling, from Nova Scotia, worry, worry, worry. I checked her house, it’s fine.

Foxy Knox Wurst
& the Science Police
2016 10 03 I’m very proud of my ignorance of much of popular culture. I don’t gad after every rumor about Trump, or Clinton, any more than I did about Kennedy or Nixon or Ike. JFK “caused” a traffic jam on Long Island in 1959 or so. I was delayed, and I hated him for it: but then I already hated him, on principle before I ever heard of him as a specific individual running for president.
Funny thing is, depending on your sense of humor, sometimes I’ll gad after a rumor decades, or centuries, after it’s gone stale for others. For Instance, I’m just watching a documentary on Amanda Knox. It’s my first dip into the story. I swear to you, I knew nothing, except that there was a story: American girl tried for murder in Italy: gets off, then doesn’t, then does …
Not only do I not want to know who JFK is, or Nixon or Stalin or Caesar, not only do I not believe in any of the myths of “America”, I don’t believe police are competent to establish fact-A or fact-B …
Here’s my view: Civilization is a sorry business under the best of circumstances. We couldn’t tell Jesus from Pilat two thousand years ago, and we still can’t. But no matter how “wrong” a death-by-murder is, crimes committed by police, by journalists, by politicians in investigating said murder are worse. Cops told Amanda Knox she had AIDS! They made it up! How are they still allowed to be cops?
Because lies, malignancy are par for the course.

Or: they are cops, stay away: warn others.
Media frenzies are evil: don’t add fuel to an explosion.

2016 10 08 I just scribbled a bit more on the subject in my Thinking Tools / Reason / Evidence post: and still have a it to add. The cop who butchered the Italian Prosecution’s case against Amanda Knox seemed like a nice enough guy: so what: does that gibe him a license to lie, to bungle, to torture, to mangle lives in the name of Justice? He got prmoted! reminds me of the drunk at the helm of the Valdez. Instead of being convicted to slow torture for murdering the planet, bozo was put in charge of teaching SafeTy for EXON.

another point coming in a sec

Who’s Who
2016 09 27 Answer me this, think about your answer:
Did Pilat know who Jesus was?

Should knowing who Jesus was have been a requirement for the job?
Did Tiberius know who Pilat was? Ditto, ditto: etc., etc.
Herod knew who Pilat was: did Pilat know who Herod was? Was “local king” good enough? or should Pilat have known that Herod was a Jewish king? Should Pilat have know that there was a contention specifically between Herod and Jesus as to who was the king of the Jews?
If the US wants to help Israel does it matter whether the US helpers know who Jesus was? or Herod? or Pilat?

Let me ask a different question: Does the Roman Catholic Church know who Jesus was? Infallibly?
Did the Roman Catholic Church know who Ivan Illich was? when they defrocked him?

What would happen to the world if God decided that these questions had important answers? and that people should be held accountable for the truth of their answers?
Just the first one, for instance: Did Pilat know who Jesus was?

One more bonus question: did my PhD committee know who I was when they were interrupting my answers to their questions? Should they have known?

Never Surrender
2016 09 25 Back in the 1940s, WWII just over, I heard about the Japanese soldiers in the Pacific who fought on, not accepting Japan’s defeat. And then there was one: a hero not just to me but to the whole world. And today there’s a feature:

Generous No Face
2016 09 22 If I hadn’t fallen in love with Beauty and the Beast (Cocteau) as a kid, with City Lights (Chaplin), Shane (Hollywood) would I be watching all the other kinds of “movies” I do today? Not likely. bk gave me a box of more than 100 cassettes a couple of decades ago so he could catch me up on some of the movies I’d missed sacrificing my life and family to deschooling, then to a stupid criminal business, then to writing still more: as I’d written all along, since 1948. But the movies Netflix offers have chanced, expanded. Now it’s not just Casablance, and Ikiru; I get movies on English castles, Irish castles, the Irish rebellions, the English suppressions … King This, Queen that, Jack Johnson, the Civil War … Now I find a cooking show every bit as great as I used to find Bunuel to be, or Goddard. Last night I watch a Woman with No Face: surgeons cut two aggressive tumors from a young woman’s face. The tumors had eaten her eye, her nose, the top of her mouth: were starting in on her brain. We saw her pretty enough and vial, then we see her looking like a Picasso. Anyway, the head surgeon explains all as we go along. Of course it’s a great movie for him, as he and his team of surgeons worked for “free”. He was careful to explain: he forewent his normal fees, so did his peers: but they didn’t volunteer the hospital’s time and equipment, the wages of the rest of the staff. The surgeon didn’t get paid, at least not by that patient, but the janitor did get paid, by that and other patients: they didn’t coerce the nurses to labor for free.

Imagine the Wheel of Fortune promising a Mercedes Benz as a prize, then explaining that there’s no salesman’s commission, and the CEO has foregone his profit on that particular car, but the union labor still gets their $1,000 per hour and their vacation pay and their SS deductions …

Before Custer Crazy Horse and his fellow braves could give a feast, and even let the women and children attend, but not charge any cowrie shells, no eagle feathers, not from the chief, not from the child. But once we’re living ina full-blown kleptocracy, no one can “give” anything without cheating somebody.

Imagine a free day of school. Does that mean you don’t have to go to school? does it mean that the teachers don’t get paid? that they get paid half-time? or the staff? does the prinicpal get paid? Does the school board?

Imagine walking into WalMart and there’s the Campbell’s Kicking Krab Bisque: $2.99. Imagine the price label subdivided: x% for Campbell’s, y% for Sam: m¢ for rent, n¢ for taxes, p¢ for administration: q¢ for the stock clerk, r¢ for the warehouse guy, s¢ for the checkout girl t¢ for shoplifting … Don’t forget the kid who gathers up the carts in the parking lot, chases around the neighborhood for more, sweeps the floors, the lot, the basement … Now imagine that the stock boy says I’ll forgo my 2¢ in this particular case: I think the girl is cute, I’m flirting with her …

Dress Code
2016 09 16 I arise around 7, put on the coffee, crank up the Mac: check my email, let Yahoo sift some headlines for me … This morning there was a jam of headlines about girls not admitted to their school dance for “inappropriate” dress, girls sent home over leggings, girls sent home over absence of leggings … Once upon a time it was clear: the Temple gave you Commandments, supposedly passing them on from God: the Church told you how you could dress, what you could say … how to pray. But then supposedly we got rid of the church, practicedd genocide on the natires and formed a “republic”: declared ourselves “free” … I understand where Roman Catholic schools get their school uniforms: now tell me where secular schools get theirs. In fact, tell me where secular schools come from in the first place. If we’re free, when did we get yoked with schools? When did the schools tell us how to dress? make us go, then not let us in?

I’m 100% in favor of kleptocracies embarrassing themselves with contradictory claims. It isn’t as though anything humans ever said made sense. Nature had provided us with air, water, food: or opportunities to find food, made shelter, find mates, raise young … raise more young. Now we don’t find food, we’re not allowed to find food; we have to buy food, we have to get a job and get money to buy food, to buy shelter, to buy a woman … to rent children: to pretend they’re ours while we’re told what to do, while they’re told what to think, say, believe.

So: I wanted to say some of this, and link to one of the half dozen stories Yahoo offered me at 7:30 this morning. But now it’s 9. I go back to Yahoo and there are no such headlines, ther’s nothing about dress codes, dresses, leggings: girls showing or not showing their legs, their hips, their boobs, their ass … No, now the headlines are all about football kickoffs, new rules, Belichek this, Tom Brady that. & hIller: Clinton diseases …

You can vote for whomever you want, so long as they’re an ill-mannered blowhard, or the wife of a presidential pervert.

One thing is clear: it’s not my fault. I offered us a cybernetic free marketplace with my Free Learning Exchange, 1970. Had the public given FLEX money, the state’s power to tax could have weakened. We could have formed a real social order, based in freedom: free information: real choice instead of forced choice: we could have voted for any of 300,000,000 individuals, instead of the Donald or hIllary.

Don’t blame me. Hey, that would make a good song!

Amelia Earhart
2016 09 13 Jeez will you look at Amelia Earhart!

thanx ibtimes

I’m glad we’re finally put together some traces of her disappearance. We knew she wasa great woman, a great pilot; now look how striking she was!

Ryan Lochte Chances
2016 09 13 Ryan Lochte and his mother and his sponsors want him to have a second chance. Was his first chance really a first? Hasn’t he been sponsored all along? Hasn’t he been subsidized in way-beyond-average comfort? I don’t know, but somebody with a journalism budget could look it up and argue it out in detail. Didn’t he have a TV show? Did you have a TV show? I didn’t.
Actually I did, The Free Learning Exchange, 1971 ff, Manhattan Cable: but it cost me to have it. I infited the world to pay for its own internet, I paid in the meantime. I’m still paying.
Well, when God shows up, all will be corrected. That’s the theory anyway.

Ashamed to Be Naked
2016 09 12 First Contact, Lost Tribes of the Amazon
Naked natives see clothing, they want it. They do not want to go back into the forest, naked. Genesis is uncannily echoed. Make sure you read Jared Diamond on the subject, perspective New Guinea.

Naked Horror
2016 09 09 There’s a headline today that Facebook did an aboutface with regard to the “nudity”: re: the famous photo of the Vietnamese girl running screaming naked from the napalm on a road, amid other children, and soldiers. Facebook has, or had, a policy forbidding nude pictures: somebody posted the picture, Facebook deleted it, then reversed field, allowed it back.

I had one rule in graduate school, if the professor forbids it, find a way to do it where the professor won’t notice, will approve disobedience, will declare WW III … My teacher in this was familiar, or should have been: America, freedom, jazz, modern art, modern lit …

My specific teacher was Charlie Parker. Bird said “You can do anything.” Lester Young, the Pres, the first great musician I ever saw live, visiting Birdland at age 15, was quoted in Downbeat to illustate Bird’s rule: Bird’s rule against rules. Of course there are rules, but it’s hard to say them right. Anyway Bird said You can do anything: Lester said, Well, except for … and I wasn’t a musician so I don’t know what he said. But Lester said one night he was listening to Bird and along cam the situation that Pres would avod, and Bird waded right in, and Pres said, Yes, you can: in that circumstance it worked.

I didn’t know what they were talking about, except in genearl terms: freedom. Find a way to make the exception work for you.

Well, my grad prof who always ticked me off, challenged me, was Max Patrick: drunk, queer, loud, vulgar. He said Don’t this and that. Therefore I did this and that, showed him there were circumstances where I was right. But he never discussed it with me, just gave me an A: or was it an A-? Suggested that I submit the paper for publication.

Isn’t that funny? I don’t even remember what the rule was!


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Say It Ain’t So

/ Cosmology /

The Nazi steals the piano from the Jew. The Jew goes to the death camp, the Nazi goes to City Hall and the clerk writes it down that the piano belongs to the Nazi.

It’s an old story. The different Bibles tell different versions of it. What I have emphasized for decades is that the stories support meanings the opposite of what we thought they meant: it’s the law-bound Romans who sell their souls to abet the law-bound Jews in sabotaging their God when he appears on earth. The priests had a thoroughly crooked business thriving at the Temple, along comes Jesus, the spoil sport.
And after they’ve crucified Jesus, spouting laws, who runs the Temple? Jesus? He’s dead. No: the priests. And pieces of paper.

Jesus knew what would happen to him once he scattered the money tables. If he read Genesis he saw precedent, Exodus. It’s like the weather man saying it will rain next week: of course it will. People will cheat to protect their corruption: of course they will. And some schmuck of a god will knock it askew. It doesn’t do any good, not that we see on earth. The Nazi just shows his title to the piano.

No, no, that’s sloppy: the Nazi doesn’t have to show his slip of paper to the Nazis’ thugs: the thug sees that it’s a Nazi who has the pano; not a Jew. The thug doesn’t need to see any paper.

The farmer in the middle west just shows his piece of paper from the United States saying that he owns the Cheyenne land, fair and square his wagon was the first one to get to this tract. And whoever this year’s crop of Nazis are, they’ll have a church that will have a god who will say that the farmer owns the land, rair and squeare, the white famrer: cause Jesus was white.: white with grief, hung on the dungeon wall.

The Bible warned me what would happen to me when I offered the world an internet in 1970. I’d seen the same thing far enough when I saw Ivan Illich’s history before I founded FLEX: foreshadowing mine, recapitulated Jesus’. Offer good, pay with your balls.

This could grow to any length, but I’ve already repeated the points ad nauseam.

“Tell the truth”, says the judge with a straight face. The court thus affirms the preposterous belief that “the truth” is something that can be uttered, im words! that that court is filled with human sentienses each capable of judging the semiotic universe of the assembly.

We’re born with an epistemology that has supported our survival for a million or two years. But political systems are atheisitc: that is, they believe that we have gotten away with murder, therefore we can get away with murder, therefore it’s fine if the thugs rule, nothing can go seriously wrong.: we had dispensation, we’re exempt. (It’s so funny to watch people talk about Trump and Clinton, as though there were such a thing as good government.)

Say It Ain’t So, Monsanto
Spain, Portugal, and the Church, and the Pope decided before we knew what was in the world what belonged to who. The patent was issued before the invention was invented. But even after the invention, does a church really have a god’s authorization of ownership? Where does the god get the authority? Does Monsanto realy own Haiti? Does Haiti. Does the US.

It became clear to me eventually that one reason my professors never understood what I said is that kleptocracies don’t want patents to be tied down. The whites want to steal the mulato music before Charlie Parker’s royalties have been established. The KKK wants to own, and terrorize, and lynch, and still own, and be loved of God. Therefore the past has to be postponed: until we know that the taxes due are a pittance.

Thought Experiment
How about a rough estimate for royalties and pentalites owed to Tessler for his inventions where patents were given to Marconi? How much should Edison have paid to Tessler for broken promises? Or how about this, say there was some kid in Brooklyn who thought very much along Tessla’s lines but never sketched any diagrams, tried any formulae because every time he thought outloud the priest gave him 1,000 Hail Maries to say?

I translate what I’m saying: we don’t know what claims are reasonable if we don’t listen, if background is interrupted so conclusions can be enforced before evidence is well begun. OK. I like to imagine God providing the axioms. But I don’t trust any cultures gods either: especially not when Canaan is being given away.

When I was arrested in 2006 why was the FBI trusted to handle any part of it? The FBI was found guilty of touting falsehoods, cheating in the lab, long before I wrote the emails that the FBI then rewrote till the rewrites proved crimes. The court for the Jew’s piano is conducted by the Nazis who stole the piano!

Sentience & Semiotics

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Beowulf Academy

/ Literature /

I rented the DVD Beowulf & Grendle: realized I’d seen it before, for forgotten it toally. Then I realized that I’ve seen (and read) a bunch of Beowulf things: some called Beowulf, some not. I want to say a couple of things, tell a couple of stories: here I can scrapbook all day long.

One evening in the 1960s I was dining at my in-laws. My mother-in-law’s husband’s brother was also there: as he so often was. Emile Benoit was an economist, he was world famous as the chairman of the committee for disarmanet, his invention, you have to have two PhDs from Harvard to come up with that bit of fraud: make fifty hydrogen bomb: last year you made forty: that’s an increase of ten. The year before you made thirty-five. Next year plan to make fifty-nine. That’s an increase, not a decrease, but it is a slowing down of the acceleration of armaments. Now you can con civilization that you’re a peacenik: and still shovel obscene profits to the princes of profit with no conscience. Emile’s younger brother, Raymond was world famous for his symbolic logic. Despite being a high school dropout he’d written the definitive books on the subject, used as texts: taught at CCNY while Emile was at Columbia.

You can look Emile up under his name Benoit, but don’t look his brother Raymond up under “Benoit”; they were born Benoit-Smulyan and spilt the name as adults: so Emile Benoit’s brother is Raymond Smulyan. Anyhow the boys regarded their fields as real: economics, mathematics. They did not regard my field as real: English: and they chose that evening to disrespect me though it, aloud. The fulcrum of their attack was Beowulf:
Do you really think Beowulf is a great poem?

A wall of distaste advanced before the pair. Euww, yich. Clearly they didn’t think it was a great peom, clearly they hated it. I didn’t bother to establish whether they’d read the whole thing: in English: that is, in Olde English. I didn’t bother to establish how well they read Old English: or their acquaintance with heroic cultures … Viking morality …

I knew what was going on without discussion. Emile was a star in his field, the White House listened to him. Raymond was a star in his field. What the world hadn’t understood with Lewis Carol said it, the world did understand when Raymond said it. More guys who followed math around the world knew what Raymond was saying than knew what Emile was saying: even though we all paid for the thirty-five bombs, and the forty bombs, and the forty-nine bombs. My PhD committee didn’t understand what I was saying about Shakespeare, or about information, and Emile and Raymond made no attempt to learn that I had said anything about either, or tried to. I really should have begged the school to put a bullet behind my ear when I was in the fourth grade and it was clear that they were never going to listen or understand: then I wouldn’t be dining with those guys, the women having fled the table.

No, hell. I didn’t even try to establish with these guys where they got the proof that you had to like something to find it worth study.

I’m gonna quick survey a couple of points, fast-flash on them:
Beowulf is the oldest epic in English. Furthermore it’s one of those things composed with at least five hundred years between the time of the story and the time of the telling. Beowulf the Geat hero was from say the Fifth Century; the poem is from 900-something.
The poem shows Danish warriors dying in their drinking hall at the hands of a troll. There are three cultures present: Danes, Swedes, Geats: oh, and a Celt: a Christian missionary, his mission taking hold of the heroes only a little.
Actually it’s a little more complex than that: there’s witches, there’s the trolls …

more in a sec, damn internet connection keeps slipping

Literature Literature (Chat)
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Recreating (and advancing) pk’s censored domains: Macroinformation.org &
Knatz.com / Teaching / Society / NoHier / Deschooling /

A specialist is one who never makes small mistakes in his progress
toward the grand fallacy.

Homo apes were specialized before human society formed. The male sowed; the female cropped; the male hunted more, the female gathered more … In early human society, specialization would have increased. This guy’s responsible with the fire, that guy chips flint better than most …
These days, however, the super zoo specializes individuals before they can possibly show what they’re best at. Schools and corporations do it without any short-term responsibility: this guy’s management, that guy’s labor; this gal’s female … into the typing pool. Long-term responsibility will always out, but we may all be dead first: perhaps because of it.
Naturally, some of it makes sense. Some people really are better at this and that; some people don’t seem to be much good for anything at all. But there’s another reason, fairly well unadvertised: if everyone is specialized, will they or nil they, then who can understand what’s really going on?
Since April I’ve been trying to get certified academics to read my Macroinformation. Not my specialty. Worse: How is this your specialty? Specialists will never get it. It isn’t a specialty. I am not a specialist. Much too confining. Macro-Information is a new generalist inquiry. It could become of specialty. If so, I intend it as a specialty to reveal, not to conceal.
Noam Chomsky reports (from the Vietnam years) that his speech would be challenged by government ringers: You’re talking math. What are your qualifications in math? Why should we sit still for your math? Why to see whether or not it makes sense, of course. We can never know where the good ideas will come from. Chomsky pointed out that when he spoke before mathematicians he didn’t get the same challenges of certification. The real thinkers asked what he thought, how he arrived at it, looked to test it …
Once, specialization served survival. Now it just funnels us all into the same audience of nitwits at the magic show. How can the same people who worship an uncertified carpenter who challenged the certified priests on their own turf now accept the disbarment of all carpenters? Since Jesus has lost so completely, then and now, why do we even know his name?

By 1971 I was in touch with several programmers, two of them among the ten original authors of FORTRAN at IBM, who were happily ready to write applications software for FLEX: relational data bases and so forth. They were ready to do it as a public service. It would have been nice had they gotten a little something on top, but they weren’t holding out for their union expectations; they weren’t holding out at all. Four years later Bill Gates founded MicroSoft. Applications the public could have had at cost, could have had (but not maintained) below cost, now garner billions upon billions. How can Homo possibly claim to be Sapiens?

Deschool Menu

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Alien Ruth

/ K. Symbols /
Bible, etc.

What’s so moving about the story of Ruth? Is it the King James diction? That’s half-English, half-alien. Is it Keats? That’s pure English, deep English, ancient, native: like the original human language.

Ruth to Naomi:

Whither thou goest, I will go;
and where thou lodgest, I will lodge:
thy people [shall be] my people,
and thy God my God.

(God here is like the dining room table, or like the master bed: inheritable, transferable.)
lots of editing needed, but no emergency

The Keats meant only a little bit to me in public school where we were forcefed. But after letting it stew for a couple of years, my dorm-neighbor Bob made reference to Ruth “amid alien corn”: and I was damn moved. All those years when they’re filling your head with sludge, never mind, you don’t know what seeds are sprouting, you don’t know where your deepest layers are being set. If fact that is the story of Ruth, is it not? she knew who her people were, and she was recalibrating, resetting.

Blake Ruth
thanx commons

Keats wasn’t the only one under our skin, there was Blake too!

Scrapbook scribble coming

I’ll tell you one reason the story works: it’s got girls in it! What a relief after all that male god and all that male Moses. (Mrs. Moses (and Moses Junior) tried to get established but they got pushed aside.) Christians, like Jews, had to read the Bible: they didn’t have to like it, they didn’t have to understand it … Understand it!? Who would test them?

The Book of Ruth is about cultural disruptions. They’re constant, they’re everywhere; but 2500 years ago was a big disruption: Babylonians pushing Jews around like WASPs pushing Cheyennes.
Natives weren’t alone getting stolen from: never forget Sutter’s Mill, Sutter’s gold, Sutter’s Sacramento Valley.

Jewish identity is very much at stake here: for all that male history, male theology, Jews actually identify themselves through women! Never mind the geneaolgy from Noah to Abraham to David to Jesus: you’re a Jew if your mother was a Jew! Jesus comes from Abraham, but he also comes from Ruth: a foreigner.

Anyway, I’ve got Ruth on my mind because I recently met a Ruth: an attractive, very much younger, woman. Maybe I’ll tell a bit about trying to get acquainted with that Ruth.

K. Symbols

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