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Civl Moorality
2019 07 17 Watching Steven Spielberg’s Lincoln. America has invented “Lincoln” for a long time now so we can pretend that our main issues are moral: and that they were always moral.
Kleptocrats, land-grabbers, slavers, genocides, oh so moral.
What’s funniiest of all, we choose Lincoln to represent our moral character when Lincoln is a guy abut who a slew of facts are actually known, actually have some agreement with fact. Pure politician if there ever was one. LBJ pales altogether.

2018 07 04 I’m reading Why Gender Matters by Leonard Sax. I’ve been reading good science on the subjects of sex and gender for decades: Isaac Asimov … Desmond Morris in the 1960s, Jared Diamond in the 2000s … Some of the vocabulary is odd to me: “trans”-, eg. “intersex” … but Dr. Sax seems to know what he’s talking about: and it’s a subject where data matters: public attitudes, publication dates matter, the more so as they change every other hour.
Once upon a time non-conforming individuals didn’t stand a chance: not against the church, the pope, against God, against Jesus and St Paul. Then there’s the gospel story of Jesus embarrassing the hypocrites in the marketplace, rendering them unwilling to cast the first stone, thereby sparing the adultress: funny, since killing deviants is a familiar sport; if people didn’t commtt adultery there wouldn’t be any adultery to punish!
Anyhow, you know the deep-conservative government with its school systems, principals, and courts is involved whenever lots of money and lots of social interference is involved. Fortunately for queers, suicide is always a way out.

“In ninth grade she came out as lesbian …” That would have been unthinkable when I was in the ninth grade: boys were assumed to have a “sex”; girls didn’t admit to having any sex of any kind!

Public? or Private?
2018 06 25 The Supreme Court says that the baker who hates fags doesn’t have to bake the cake for a same sex wedding. But the Supreme Court didn’t come up with a ruling strong on principal: if you own the business, you don’t have to serve the customer: period. Or, you do. Is offering a business to the public an implicit notice of obligation? Do stores that don’t serve Communists obligated to say so in a sign clearly posted by the entrance? Fegs needn’t enter? No atheists here: no Jews, no Catholics.
What ethics are proper for the culture?
The other day a restaurant in the DC area refused to accept the White House press secretary and her party for a mean: the restaurant owner threw out the scretary. No, voting didn’t end in early November. Not long ago racists who called themselves “white” didn’t have to serve so much as water to people they could get away with calling “black?. Strikes me that such behavior was a misuse of the concept of “freedom”, but it wasn’t up to me, then or now.
Yeah, once upoon a time if a “black” was thirsty you could castrate him and stuff his nuts down his throat. Funny, the perpetrators could call themselves Christian and few in their society would contradict them. (Consider: when Judgment conmes will the meaning of “Christian” be up to the Christians? or up to Jesus? up to God?
Is the Colorado baker going to answer to his homophobe friends in church? or to Jesus? Do you realize that there’s a BT bospel that centers on a homosexual ritural with Jesus at its center?

If God would just speak up (and speak in responsible translations) there would be very little question of what was right or whoe position was ethical. Meantime, it’s sinners persuading morons, and more morons. Who every proposed that a good set of ethics could be argued by the perpetrators?

Meantime, here’s a hint: why doesn’t the baker bake a lot of we4dding cakes and also offer for sale little statues of a bride and groom? of a couple of brides? of a could of grooms. The bakery could offer a blow job to any couple who knew what they wanted without an argument?
Of course beffore we get into too many niceties about restaurants and bakers, or voting booths, we should be clear on which humans if any are entitled to argue about “rights”?

Later 2018 06 25 And now there’s the pharmacy clerk who refused to hand over the meds for an abortion prescription. The doctor said let the woman terinate at home at her convenience, the clerk votoed the choice, claiming aborton violates his beliefs. what right does the cleark have to beliefs he hasn’t warned his bosses about? Shouldn’t he display his license to contradict prescriptions in plain sight?
I would love the idea of people standing up for their believes for a change if only their courage weren’t so patently common, so cowardly, so un-thought through.

Patent Falsehoods
2018 06 17 No matter how patent the falsehoods churches teach the children of a congregation, those teachings will have a truth seldom fathomed by that congregation. For example: Christianity. Christians teach a story in which Romans do Jews’ evil deeds for them, torturing the innocent, murdering the god. Meantime the Jews now called Christians claim their evil to be proof that God loves them, forgives them. Indeed, sinners can’t be saints unless they suborn witnesses, rewrite laws, double-cross the savior.
Sounds far fetched? Yeah? well lots of Christians think so too. So they becomes Republicans, Democrats: land-grabbers claiming that total lack of credibity on the part of elections, legislators, are proof positive that sinners are really saints. We couldn’t get into heaven if we hadn’t first severed the lips of virgins and worn their hymen as a hat, castrating their fathers and brothers, sewing their testes to their face like little balloons.
The more preposterous the claim of guilt or forgiveness, the more desperately the congregation will hold to it.
[I apologize, I should censor my mentions ofcastration rituals: peiople don’t know about this common behavior. They outta learn, dammit.] [How did I ever get to be 79+++ years of age and still have my own apperatus?]

Oh, and note, Rome becomes Jerusalem’s scapefancy while the kleptocracy claims Rome as proof of their civilization! And note, while you’re at it, you meet plenty of sons of God: , and they have Christ-like names and titles: Christ, Caesar … emperor, you never meet the actual god, God the Father: Rome itself.
The Jews have a book which they hold up, claiming magical truths.
Think it through: I bet there are paralells just as proposterous among Hindus, Buddhists … not to mention university science departments. You see I’m not saying that there’s a right side to choose; there are only competing falsehoods.

Immigrants International
2018 06 16 I just read that Britain’s Winston Churchill attended a middle eastern rally with TE Lawrence. The Arabs were chanting about the Jews: Kill them, kill them all, off with their heads … Churchill didn’t know any Arabic; Tee Hee Lawrence of course did. Tee Hee chose to listen without comment.
I’m reminded of the article I read when JFK was running for the White House. Some voter explained that she’d voted for Kennedy because, being English, he’d have a leg up on foreign policy. ! How much of political discourse is misinformation? misunderstanding? All of it as far as I’m concerned. When people asked me if I was for Trump they probably assumed that I lived in the same informational world that they did. I don’t. I didn’t. I won’t.
Re Trump, he was yelling about immigration: he was insulting immigrants. No one has yet explained to me how immigration is any of Trump’s business, or mine, or yours. I was born here: the US, NYC. I don’t apologize, I don’t explain. I don’t see how Trump or you or I have property rights — except at the end of a spear. The Algonquin’s had spears: did they have any rights? If I can be here, and you, and Trump … and the Algonquin, how can the black or the Muslim or the Jew possibly not have the same rights.
I don’t see any way to establish rights except by a war of all against all: the surivors, if any, can claim any rights: all else in nonsense.
Churchill’s England was letting Jews into Brittain; the Russians were killing them, the Brits were letting them in. If a nation pretends to be Christian, isn’t it mandatory that Jews under the knife be admitted?
more in a sec, but you see my gist.

2018 06 15 I was just looking at my queen palm that I planted outside the bedroom window in 1990. That palm underwent a miracle in the hurricane of last September 10. The palm had leant toward the house. I’d feared for decades that it would rub against the house, fall against the house, damage the house: require removal, removal I couldn’t afford to pay for and likely couldn’t do myself. A decade ago my landlord helped me winch it to the vertical, making it rub less; but it got only a little more vertical, it still rubbed, was still a danger. And it was a damn annoyance. It wasn’t my house when I planted it: my friend Catherine was still alive. I lived on site #43, Catherine was on site #14: the lot of which I speak. I worked for the state park, Highlands Hammock State Park, that season, giving the tram “interpretatations”. Andy, the ranger who rehearsed me in the spiel, pointed out to me a couple of queen palm saplings growing as weeds near the rangers’ locker. Andy told me that the park service was supposed to be dedicated to protecting native life and to removing alien invaders, fauna and flora. Therefore the queen palms were due for extermination.
The park was selling live oaks saplings, natives, for $1. I’ve been nuts about live oaks since I first saw them around Hilton Head Island. I decided to plant the oak by my trailer on #43. It was a ridiculous plan: the oak is slow growing but gets huge. The tree would swallow my 26′ Coachmen trailer. So it would have to be destroyed. But so what? I’d enjoy it i the meantime. So one Saturday morning when I had access to community service laborers, I enlisted a couple such to help me plant my oak. Catherine, old, blind, crippled, saw that we were working at planting something, said that she wished she knew how to fertilize her bottle brush tree. I’d heard of Catherine but was meeting her for the first time. I dispatched the service guys to dump some park fertilizer around the trees on #14. Catherine was swept by wonder as she saw it done on the instant. That’s when we became friends.
Shortly thereafter I moved to Wrede’s Wildlife Sanctuary. I left the oak at my trailer park, and planted my queen palms by Catherine’s house: where they grew, and grew. By last September they must have been 70 feet. Well, the storm plucked the rear palm from its roots, twirled the bole, and landed upside don in the clothes line.
Ah, but the queen palm by the bedrood window, now my bedroom window, thank you dear Catherine. dodm
t get crisjed agaomst that bedroom wall; the hurricane straightened it out! straighter than the winch ever had.
And this is the first time I’ve used the term negentropy in forty years.

Entropy, you know what that is: if you burn the palm bole it turns into heat, and smoke, and ash. Smoke and ash don’t appear by your house and turn into palm tree. Order turns messy ; mess doesn’t turn ordered. The bullets fuck up the guy’s organs; blood and guts don’t turn into living breathing lungs, sleek liver …
So that law of nature is called entropy; order out of chaos is the opposite: negative entropy: negentopy.
Dear Catherine, thank you for being my great helpful friend: for givng me you nice house. The bottle brush tree living a long healthy life once fertilized. Your loquat treet though has pretty well had the course. Blame the phone company: they severed limbs every time tree neared wires: no regard for tree: or me..

“God” as “Good”
2018 06 07 Jesus is said to have tried to teach us how to be good. We killed him, tortured him to death. Is that because we didn’t understand the lessons? Or did we kill Jesus because we did understand the lessons? Did we see that beiing good didn’t jibe with our lust for power?

Freedom Cake for Faggots
2018 06 05 We’re told we have “freedom” from ages where even the smartest of us are far too young to analyze the problems. For one, don’t look for examples to prove that you acted freely — calling God Jaweh instead of Allah; demonstrate that noone in your administration has ever been prosecuted in constitutional issues.: I said God’s name was Fred and I lost my girlfriend: Therefore: I experience the absence of freedom of religion.
While we’re at it, before courts argue about lack of freedom, shouldn’t freedom be rationally defined? If you run a business, do you have the freedom to refuse service to people whose behavior is an affront to yoiu and your kin? The customer is grossly overweight, disgusting, you puke on the greill: can you refuse to serve her a cheeseburger?
If you can’t, how are you not a slave?!
Bakc in the army, 1964 or 65, my friend Phil found his ideal in a polity so free, that nothing could ever be agreed on, established as true. Totally disfunctional anarchy, that’s for me.

Sincere Intolerance
Back up a second: the article says “The court ruled in favor of Jack Phillips, a devout Christian and proprietor of Masterpiece Cakeshop, who had been prosecuted by the Colorado Civil Rights Commission for refusing to bake a cake for a gay wedding.” How is the concept of “devout” “Christian” tested? We take his word for it?!? Would 100% of Christians welcome Jack Phillips as a fellow? And if so, would 100% of democrats agree that Jack Phllps has never disrespected secular freedom?
Where do humans get off thinking they can adjudicate such imponderables?

Courtly Cops
2018 05 31 Yahoo has a headline video of cops beating a woman on a NJ beach. The woman is twenty-something, the cop is kneeling on her and punching her. The first videos are from body cams for the cops: now a second generation of beach-goers’ cell phones are contributing. Images seem plentiful. The new videos suggest the woman was drunk and abusive to the cops from the beginning. One thing I saw before bailing out for the sports section was the woman admonishing the cops that she was a woman, they weren’t supposed to be using her as a punching bag.
The situation cast me back to grad school and my studies of courtly love. You won’t likely follow what I’m saying if you don’t read Andreas Capellanus, The Art fo Courtly Love, twelvth century. Andreas Capellanus was a priest. His tome was a compendium of advice in matters of love written for young nobles. The priest is specifying that social verticality is essential to courtly love: knights, at the bottom of the social hierarchy of and for the privileged, were advised to fall in love with woman a rank or two above them. I illustrate by citing Sir Lancelot loving Queen Guinevere. He’s a knight: the bottom of the top; she’s a queen, the top of the top: or as near to the top as a female could get. Capellanus has a brief comment on what to do if you, a knight, fall in love with a peasant woman: someone at the bottom of the hierarchy: the bottom of the bottom. Don’t waste you time, rape her, do whatever will scratch the itch the fastest.
Um, er: you’re telling us that a priest was recommending rape? Aren’t priests supposed to be celibate?
The are. Celibate to the limit of convenience.
cops aren’t supposed to beat up women: unless the women are low class, of the wrong ethnicity. Or rude, loud, drunk. Then you can do whatever you want with them.
Remember the American soldiers coming upon the starving Jews in WW II concentration camps: the Nazis could shoot the Jews on whim: rape them if they liked. But they didn’t: they didn’t like: the Jews were believed to be filthy. Without freedom, everything stolen from them, they probably were filthy.
back in a min

NBA Playoffs, Warriors vs. Rockets
Hostile Complements
Tell me, please: Who Else Noticed This?
A couple of games ago Harden and a buncha Warriors were on the floor in a pile. One Warrior took Harden’s hand and was about to help him rise when he though better of it, thourhgt worse of it, thought differently: let Harden go, walked off after his team mates.
All season I’ve been reveling in examples of sportmanship eclipsing competition: eg, Steph made a super rediculous three, he was high fiving everyone, and an opponent came up to him, pregnant with awe, with worship: and there was a big sports bump, but the hail fellow was in black; Steph was in white, gold, and blue!
No, no. when genius is on parade it doesn’t matter who you were rooting for a minute ago: magic transcends ordinary fandom.
So here was Hardin, playing his ass off, and here was a Warrior recognizing a down hero, offering a hand, then realizing, hey, wait a minute, and removing his support. Harden realized what was going on and got up the rest of the way by himself.
Yes, and they replayed it. But who was it? Harden for one; who was #2, the good Warrior?

Fake Paul, Fake Pope
2018 05 28 I just ran into a web author claiming that Paul McCartney is dead. So much rubbish to me but I read on: far enough to be reminded of a number of conspiracy clichees. Someone else can pursue this into logical dead ends; I’ll just sketch a couple tugs:
In the early 1980s I was visiting a college buddy in his small town, upstate New York . I knew radical Cathlics from my Ivan Illich / deschooling days: Billy was an altogether different type of radical Catholic: his coveny believed that the Pope had been kidnapped, replaced with an impersonator. They professed that the Church had been infiltrated by Satan and his minions: the church was evil, the priests were evil; but the true Church stil existed, and so did a true Pope.
Billy’s radical Catholic friends didn’t know a thing about Ivan Illich or the crazy nuns I’d shared weekends with. But that ain’t all: in the 1960s I was doing my Shakespeare scholarship: on the Sonnets: and I was replete with crackpot theories about “who” really wrote “Shakespeare”. Shakespeare wasn’t written by Shakespare; Shakespeare was written by Queen Elizabeth, by Ben Jonson, by Kit Marlowe …
And my Paul McCartney guy was reminding us that there were schools of nuts wo believed that Elvis was alive and well and living in Argentina with Hitler.
Simultaneously there are schools that teach that Joan of Arc was really a bull dyke, or rather really a femme: really was burned, really was not …
I believe that Joan of Arc was really Thomas Jefferson, really was for slavery, really fought the Civil War against himself and against Lincoln.
Of course meantime we all know that Jesus was really a Zoroastrian, that Buddha was really Zarathustra.
And don’t ask about Confucius.

So what’s the real story? People are really nuts? Genuinely stupid? Could one infer anything reliable or true from urban myths? Is what people say about Joan of Arc likely to shed light on anything? How about on what Saint Paul says about Jesus? How about what this Paul, pk, says about Jesus?
Should “science” investigate rumors about alien artifacts in US desert labs?

I’ll sleep on that and say more.

Period Poverty
A Yahoo article today disgusses social awkwardness toward menstrual hygiene. There are women around the world who lack menstrual hypiene supplies. Blood has long been tabboo. My first horror on the subject came in reading Sir James Frazier, The Golden Bough: girl in New Ireland were confined to a hut at the onset of menstruation. Many native American tribes banished bleeding girls: they were expelled from the tribe fore the duration.
Period å Manger
I have a black humor memory recently acquired on the subject: Ludmilla, the great Russian sniper, got a natural bonus when she killed another Nazi at distance: she’d inherit the dead Nazi’s bandages! Menstrual materials.

Human Intelligence, Legislation by Kleptocrats

Human beings are intelligent enough to imagine intelligence: and ethical behavior; but not intelligent enough to imagine that I am intelligent, and ethical, and don’t like to be supervised by morons: or legislated at by kleptocrats.

Waterboarding Trump
20018 05 12 “A GOP congressman from California said Friday night that President Donald Trump wouldn’t hold up well under torture, coming to the defense of Republican Senator John McCain as Trump surrogates continue to attack the Arizona legislator and veteran over his service record.”
Wow, we can mock and insult and make fun of Hitler all we want: and we could insult Nixon once he was wedged loose of the White House. I never expected to see an offering like the above while Trump was still stomping around, his head still on his neck: or Sarah Huckabee Saunders. Etc.
But it’s wonderful to contemplate. We could banish the national debt in no time if we sold shares to see Trump’s minions tortured. Las Vegan could lay odds on how long Sean Hannity would last against water squireted up his nose. I would love to see wagering as to whether Sarah Huckabee Saunders or John McCain would last longer with hot tongs on their pudendum. A Las Vegan tote board would sizzle.
2018 05 17 I seem to have picked on current White House denizens: therefore, Republicans. Not fair at all.
But we shouldn’t sweat it: they are the resident evil.

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Ethnic Minority

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Ethnic Minority
2018 05 18 pk is all German on my father’s side, half German on my mothers. The remaining half on my mother’s side is British: Engish. That’s the proud half: the Scottish side: a half filled with confusion. My mother’s grandmother was a Turner: of unclear, sort of Scottish blood, an orphan sponsored by Sir Robert Peele. The Turner orphan was ward to the prime minister! And somewhere in there the Turner blood was McPherson. By blood? or by rearing? I don’t know: and don’t much care. My point is to ID radical, passionate origins. The Scots are crazy!

April 2018

pk & Jan, Kirkin’ the Tartans

This April Jan and I attended a Kirkin’ the Tartans ceremony: at the First Presbyterian Church in Sebring.

April 2018

Kirkin’ the Tartans

Once upon a time Celtic identity threatened the sovereignity of imperial England. Celtic identity, Celtic pride, was sabotaged, forbidden. Scotsman by law could not wear kilts. Remind you of anything? How about breaking up groups snatched from Africa for the slave trade? The slavers deprived such individuals not only of their freedom, but also their families, their tribe: their social puissance: their language. Individuals can protest all they want; if their group identity, their ability to communicate as a community, has been castrated, they’ll be politically helpless as well as individually weak.
Ah, but in time, things change.

I had my kilt made for me in Edinborough in the late 1950s: or was it the early ’60s? The pattern is the hunting tartan of the McPherson’s. bk loaned it back to me so Jan and I could dress up for the Kirchin’ ritual. A local paper commemorated us with a photo.

Scotts Wha’ Hey Wi’ Wallace Bled
Scotts Wham Bruce Has Often Led

Braveheart was such a great movie: you didn’t have to have any Scottish blood to think so. I’ve seen it many times: and I think Jan and I are due for another dip. Meantime we just saw Rob Roy: a terrific movie, thank you.
We all love Mel Gibson, never mind what an obnoxious idiot he can be. Liam Neeson is our brother, our father, our hero.

Please share a perception with me: Look at the globe. Identiry Scotland, Wales, Ireland. Look at Cornwall, at Brittany. Imagine Tristan sailing from Brittany to Coarnwall. Picture Iseult sailing freom Ireland to Cornwall. Now: delete from your mind the map of Europpe: just think “Celts”. Ireland isn’t an island; or it’s all island. The Celts wove their territories together with the sea. The sea was their road.”France” is as much “theirs” as Ireland is! They’re like the Polynesians! land stitched by water. They’re all a short sail away from each other: cousins on both sides of the Channel: both Channels. It’s all channels.

We’re born into a world that genuflects toward Rome. We imagine that we’re Christian. We think that people think that Christianity is “good”. Would we think so if Rome hadn’t become the default kleptocracy assigning “education”?

When the Roman marched north to conquer “Gaul” they found a continent, “Europe”, full of Celts. They were rich, they had fancy clothes, they had a network of salt mines. If you have salt you can preserved foods on shipboard. If you have salt you can discover “America”.
Now, the Romans have no talent for invention; but man are they talented at confiscation: and administration. The Romans didn’t care about Jesus or Saint Paul; the Trinity or if people spoke Latinate languages; the Romans cared who administered the salt mines!

England stole Rome’s hegemony England fell on its face: and US took over. Salt mines! salted anchovies! ham! Conquest, there’s no end to it.

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Designer Identities

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Custom Forensics
Everyday now some Yahoo article chases you into a corner, you can’t duck it, can’t get rid of it. This morning there was one on actors chaning their names from Jewish to WASP: Isador Cohen rechristens himself Sean Dublin. Famous “names” came in a torrent: Joan Crawford, Lauren Bacall. Mixed among the self-ex-Jews were Cockneys: Cary Grant wasn’t always perfectly neurgal WASP. Can we also ink-over our individual-cattle tattoos from Dachau? Would a Third Reich court recognize recognize the designer identities of their Jews?
We all know how the Nazis dehumanized the Jews: what about their fags? or their anarchists? Could Cary Grant have been discarding more than one identity?
I can imagine God punishing the Nazis for dehumanizing the Jews: could there be a God who would punish the Cockney? How? by charging them with sedition?
Once a kleptocracy has endorsed lies about identity, can that klleptocracy prosecute for Justice? Can the ISIS “terrorist” register new fingerprints?

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Grope Log

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The gal reporter gets groped while on the air: she whaps the guy with her mic!

I remember a friend’s mother proudly reporting that she had been groped on a street in Italy, summer of 1957. Apparently a decade had passed since her bottom had last been squeezed in public: she’d though she was losing her appeal. The same friend’s girl, walking that same summer on the street in Spain, became aware that she was being disdained as a whore. Ah, of course: she was wearing a blouse with short sleeves! Shame! Puta!
I myself didn’t become aware of New York City’s public sex life on the subway till I comuted to my army post in the early 1960s. I was acutely aware that ten times more women rubbed their buttocks against the back of my hand when I was in uniform than when I was just in shirt and jeans. Then I began watching guys blitz among the subway cars, bouncing from bottom to bosom. I never did figure out how many of the groped women were pursuing the gropes, how many were avoiding them. Only once did I see a groped girl get livid: try to humiliate the groper (me) with public attention.

I wish we could go back in time and watch Bill Cosby on the subway. Woody Allen. Etc.

One thing is sure: the situations occur in human cities, in human crowds: in a mix of human moralities. Try telling the Italian in a mob of males that the woman coming toward them’s ass is not public property. Of course it is, she’s walking in public! If she does’nt want to be groped she souldn’t be walking on the street. Ditto Spain, ditto New York.

2018 06 14
Germany pays the price of trying to be good as Muslim immigrants gang rape goyim women and childred. “White” “Christian” naivet√© is amazing.
Note that the muslims declare that women walking their city are “asking for it”.

What’s the solution? Who says there’s a solution? Everybody kill everybody: there’s the solution.

i’ll be back

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Male Man

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2018 05 03

Yahoo Headline: What It Means to “Dead-Name” a Transgender Person, and Why You Should Stop
What the hell is a transgender person? Is this a question for the man in the street? for Priests? the pope? journalists? How about scientists?
Scientists have defined “male” and “female”: isn’t it time journalists and the public learn what science says on the issue?

Democracy applies where opinion counts. Where things can be addressed rationally, by science, by scientific definition, there’s no room for opinion. The man in the street learns what the scientists say; the man in the street does not revises or overrule what the scientist says.

In astronomy, in physics, there’s no problem. The man in the street doesn’t not presume to correct the science. Ah, but gender is the very thing where everybody thinks they know what’s what: exactly backwards. The above article is illustrated by a picture with two apparent females, both “obviously” female: curvy, attractive. No, sorry: irrelevant. Zoologists do not define female. Female is what’s left over after “male” has been defined: and that is, does the genotype have testes?
Testes? then “he” is male. He’s male before the testes start to pump out testosterone.
Until the testes produce testosterone the genotype will acquire the characteriistics tha man in the street thinks of as female. The male who doesn’t not produce testosterone may look like Marilyn Monroe: hips, boobs, pleasant features … Irrelevant: male!

The White House, the mail house, the Vatican is not competent to identify male or female; once the zoologist finds testes, that genotype has been identified. Psychology is irrelevant. Congregations have no opinion.

more in a min

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Stormy Rule Change

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2018 04 30 Bucky Fuller used to say that the world comes without an instruction manual. By the time we figure a rule out, typically the rule has changed. I suspect that we only notice the rule when the rule is changing.

Stormy Daniels makes one example stand out: when a john fucks a whore, it’s understood that the whore doesn’t thereafter phone the john at home: and improvises, lies, if the wife answers.

It doesn’t matter what the non-disclosure agreement says or how much payoff was involved, the whore doesn’t blab! That’s a major part of what you’re paying the whore for.

The best presentation of all this I’ve ever seen came from Mario Puzo in Fools Die. Gronvelt, the Las Vegas hotel manager, teachers Cully, his protege, about life. Never cheat the whore: or all hell may break loose.

Whore behavior is an interesting study. I remember seeing Japanese woodcuts of samurai visiting the Yoshiware district. The gentlemen, these privileged samurai, wore masks: concealed their faces; but the gentlemen also wore their family crests! Their identity was blazoned all around them. It doesn’t matter that he’s wearing a King Kong mask: that’s Prince Harry!

The getting laid is extracuricular: something for the society to blink at. Don’t tell! All hell may break loose.

What Cully learns reminds me of something else: something very relevant to the Trump age: Not only is Stormy Daniels not supposed to kiss and tell; but the media are not supposed to pass on the tale! Of course it’s Prince Harry: who else would be so radiant? What? are you an idiot? telling us it’s Price Harry!? Shut up and enjoy your society’s hypocrisy.

Civilization is built on lies, on false information. White America doesn’t care what Crazy Horse says from a jail in Dakota; white America cares very much what the Times says, the Washington Post. The important thing is that kleptocrats, those who put Crazy Horse in jail, confine Crazy Horse’s truths to terrioties strictly controlled by the kleptocracy: and the version of history that it wants told. No one is fooled. The whites know they’re landgrabbers, liars, cheats. The coloreds know they’re no better. We all know that if we crucify the Jesus the minute he opens his mouth, then speakers will say only things they hope are agreeable. Marilyn Monroe knows to keekp silent ono the size of JFK’s dick; or how he shot his wad the second she touched him.

editing may be in order

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Word on the Wind

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Stealing from Jesus, Mugging Santa

In 1970 God made it clear to me that he wanted me to offer the internet to the public. The internet, registries available to all, the infrastructure voluntary, had been occuring to me over the 1960s.
uh oh, revision, edition gaffs.

I’ve never seen this message on paper, on parchment, carved on blocks or chiseled on stone. It seemed to be in English: though it’s hardly my business to tell God how to communicate. Actually, I don’t think it was in any human language: or, it was in the human language most suitable for God to nudge pk in: mental English: the language of scholarship, literature, the Bible.

Or was it? Actually now that I think of it, it was in English, perfect scholarly English: the English of Ivan Illich: then literate in eighteen languages: since then, twenty-odd including oriental. Illich wrote Deschooling Society. A printed multiple circulated among his friends out of Cuernavaca. By golly there was even time for some of my own diction to influence his by the time the hard copy hit the market: but first Deschooling Society, three chapters of it, were published in NRB.
Feedback was sparked. A free society has no business compelling attendance: not in church, not in school, neither at a Nazi rally. No: the proper use of digital computers was to develop data bases of resources: and to share them; without comulsion, without control. Build in a feedback system, unsupervised except by the human population, and you’ve created the world’s first free store: free society: at least potentially free.
The system is good, now see wha people do with it.

The part of the human internet was 100% Illich-invented. It jibbed with mine — mine sketched below. It came purely from Illich’s mind (plus a few of his friends: Paul Goodman, Everett Reimer …) And that, obviously came straight from God: closer than the Bible to a divine manuscript: a prescription for freedom, a potential for equality.

I’ll scribble at this till it’s good, or till I’m dead.

What right do I have to talk about God? to repeat or to paraphrase, what God says to me? Same right Moses had, or Adam, or Noah … or Jesus … (or John …)

I’m a “white” guy. What right do white guys have to the messages of the Jews’ desert god?

No one disputes my claim to be white: do they? I’m American. That is, I’m 3/4 German, and 1/4 English/British/Scots. That’s what we mean by white, isn’t it?
Actually though white is one of those terms that doesn’t mean anyting except what people mean by it: and that, since it’s human really doesn’t mean anything very much very reliably at all. Right away we stumple at the Jews’ desert god. Jews don’t quality as white: not according to the racists that I know. Unless we mean American white. Americans mean whatever they mean, and don’t expect any critical close inspection.

When I was in the army and had to fill out forms on candidates for the draft, I was privy to an apaling list of “races” — other than white — went on for pages: most racist single document I’ve ever imagined.

But never mind all that. I’m trying to tell you what language God was speaking in, to Illich, and also to me.

Illich, realize, was a Roman Catholic priest: rank, monisgnor (till the Church defroked him: forbade him to say mass! So was it Catholic English he was transcribing in? Would he have said he was transcribing? No, that’s my claim: a matephor. Dammit, the writing is the inspired international “English” I’ve ever seen: the greatest of all writers.

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