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/ Movies / formerly a “monthly”, then a scrapbook, now 2015 05 20 a place marker Older entries get moved to Movie Scrapbook archives: Movie Scrapbook Movie Scrapbook Archive 1 Movie Scrapbook Archive 2 Movies Menu A — L Movies … Continue reading

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Memories Scrapbook

/ Stories / Blue Nitro the Finger Eater Saratoga, 1961 thanx thespringwaterbandb Dave, my hotdog partner, and I accepted an offer from a couple of money guys to develop a system for selling reproductions of the photo finish at the … Continue reading

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Reading Notes

“Monthlies” are dated the first of the month and redated each month: so they’re always “current”. Place to jot notes while I read a book: notes to be moved to appropriate posts as they dome into existence or get remembered: … Continue reading

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Story Notebook

I’ve told lots of stories. I organize some of them them chronologically, some by theme. Some get told in Teaching posts, so they’re not listed in any of my Personal menus. Here I launch a monthly scrapbook in which to … Continue reading

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Scribble Bibble

Some Current pk Notes to Himself Guess what they mean if you wish, Test your accuracy against future posts. Intro repeat: I make a file to hold pk scribble, old scribble will collect in a file dated 2001 09 12. … Continue reading

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Musy Scrapbook

/ Stories / Themes / Musy / “Musy” is pk’s coinage for any collection on the arts in general: music, art, literature … A “monthly” is any scrapbook re-dated to the first of each month. BB Blues 2015 03 02 … Continue reading

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