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Some Current pk Notes to Himself
Guess what they mean if you wish,
Test your accuracy against future posts.

Intro repeat: I make a file to hold pk scribble, old scribble will collect in a file dated 2001 09 12. You’re welcome to try to guess what in hell I might mean by my shorthands, symbols, don’t worry if you don’t, don’t waste time getting mad if you jump in the wrong direction. If later on I jump where you don’t want me to go, that’s different: then you can get as mad as you like: just don’t interfere with my freedom: it’s already been done: never not done. Freedom is something others interfere with. The future too.
I’ll try to weed this, dedup, on occasion.

2017 12 20 Sarah Chronicles, xians hold their own JD, find and re-find themselves innocent
BBC Alice Roberts, Neil Oliver
hibernation Moore democracy
Flag Hysteria
guiltless sabotage
democracy vs christianity
BB in the nuts
mythological corrective, Mythic Money
Schooled as The Best
Civilized Assumptions
intelligence half-life, decay, cause and defect
Roman games, beasts fuck women, finally allow them to die.
innocent until proved guilty; guilty until proved forgiven: innocent vs forgiven
ML King, I think we’ve got to see that a riot is the language of the unheard.
If a majority of Americans vote that God forgives them, is God compelled to gorgive them. Can an utterly dishonest species lie its way into heaven?
righteous racism
battling bureaucracies
VA, Lighthouse: CentLink efficiency
assumption comp
assumption of innocence
God’s Abandon
land from the natives
schools have as much to do with knowledge and intelligence as churches have to do with God: not nothing, but not much. schools limit what’s said, what’s heard, what’s passed on
The Hunger Games: Playing at War
Serena defeats John Murray journalism, confusing politics with history
Hunger Mockeryjay, playing at war: take odds on any of them staying alive long enough to rehearse that slang
Typhoid Bill, Bill the Butcher

My Favorite Redneck
Wilderness is a non-tangable asset.
White Goes First
Martha, Mary, Lazarus

Can an orthodox establishment assign understanding where the subject testifies that the orthodoxy does NOT understand? Can agreement be assigned?
Can a believer designate a nonbeliever as a believer?
Designated belief!
Journalism vs. Truth, no room in the Air Force for … what? liberalism?
Where is it going interrupt, prevent rational discussion

Q: you shouldn’t mud-wrestle with a pig, because you both get dirty and the pig likes it.

Some Kind Of:
English Cop Speak

An economy that has been immoral since its inception, it was not designed to include everyone in a fair way … how do you reform something that’s immoral at its core?

2017 08 05
klep rely on wrong assumptions

take credit for equal law but don’t apply it, nazis want to beat up the thugs: when they are the thugs

God’s Word, verification
hunter-gatherer trade: I give you an internet now, you pay me what you can when you can.
What happens if you don’t? you fail to be maximally civilized: that’s “hell”.

tribal war, anthro snipe
truth if it’s perceived as flattering

klep functionaries unaware that they’re the kleps; they think they’re the priests, the civilizers, the good guys …

Orthodox Blasphemy, deny original sin, you’re in the solid majority. If truth is democratic then you’re in like Flynn.
Jared Diamond’s Kleptocracy
The World Until Yesterday: What Can We Learn From Traditional Societies?

Crown connects people to God. Maybe there’s no god, no connection, but there is a crown!

why there has to be a god, judgment, objectivity, establish facts

Diamond’s religion / plausibility / group loyalty:
multiple choice

projection: god as understanding, entity capable of consciousness
Futurama The only lies worth believing are the ones in the bible.
My parents may be evil but at least they’re stupid.

Paul Greengrass, docs, Bloody Sunday
deSade, not a chance

Cop Shoot: cops find one individual responsible; not the dept, not the klep.
Innocent after Proved Guilty, JD: Satan runs the judging
God says Guilty! Satan announces, That was “Innocent”, folks! The Times prints “Innocent!”

2017 05 02
synchless encroachment: saturate the citizens with Jefferson’s liberal rhetoric while negotiating missile sites in South Korea.
heaven’s registry: Canaan? Trump Manhattan?
NYT patience
born in the middle of a mess: genocide, slavery … federal fraud
trump cosby
justice impossible
cully gronveld, lust vs love
Civ vs Sci: now, altogether: Interrupt!
FBI, Spanish Inquisition: federal brain incubation
authority switch, the cardinals judge what God may say, how when and where he says it.
xian klep: aah, give it back to the Indians, Take if from whoever through Friday, say you didn’t, wouldn’t have, on Saunday.
At the matinee John Wayne tells the Mexican, You stole if from the Indians, now I’m stealing it from you.
historical Jesus, god forsaken christ

reinventing self, neo-racist, infinite innocence
Can Can Hollywood whoredom
Billionaire Wars: Ford/GM vs Disney, Mumford
common sense engineering, safety in numbers
doctoral wastes

always some notion of the divine has survived the encounter with science. The notion has had to change, but that’s no indictment of religion. After all, science has changed relentlessly, revising if not discarding old theories, and none of us think of that as an indictment of science.
klep faith:
strategically “true”
semantic minefield
universe as theater
An embarrassment of talent
Freedom of No Choice

Judas probate, manifest destiny beneficiary: god cut us our ot the will but meant or should have meant to leave us everything. Judas is in charge of the probate.

2017 03 05 murderous majority
The forgers are in charge of recording the testimony against them, Macbeth runs the lineup.
the temple doesn’t record Jesus’ testimony, not accurately. But does that mean that God has no record of it? Prior to judgment is there no truth?
crime scene:
the faithful crowd the church as the eruptions spark. civilized men, men with churches, are slaughtered by the falling, burning churches (including universities, theaters, malls) to a degree approaching 99% (hominids cowering in the open would die only to say 85%) The hominid warning the group Stay our of the churches, gets squewered by the ruling experts. thus 5% survive instead of 15%; 7.5% were critical. thus all die including those who didn’t die at first.
Thus the safety factor imposed by the kleptocracy, the apparent safety device, is actually the suicide button.
Left & Wrong
Trumping Christ
civilization as suicide
living will, oh no, missionary work is good. vows don’t matter. the swearer doesn’t owe for seculary oaths once divine oaths have been make. Catherine’s nurse couldn’t see that she’d done wrong to ignore her oath; Jan can’t be shown that she’s wrong to appoint herself Scott’s or my diet advisor, Jan can’t see that ‘ts wrong for her to keep steeping me in her Trump obsession. But how am I different? My obligation to my idea of Christ trumps everything.
jurist rut
Innocent by Virtue of Ignorance: if we don’t Know we did it, why then we Can’t have done it.
secular hypocrisy
WNBA homeo
muff bun, ass hair line
divorce from facts: klep hypnotized innocent, divorced from guilt the way by losing WWII Germans divorced themselves from being Nazis. By fighting the Civil War, fighting it dirty, Americans divorced themselves from slavery: not from the fact of it, but from the honest acceptance of facts.
klep mythology refresh rate, revision rate
no matter how many times you sabotage Jesus, you’ll still find youself innocent of Hypatia, and virtuouuus over Civil War
the few will be unnecessarily sacrificed to the many

heaven as a place where it would be possible to establish facts and have them be true: true by experience, not by institutional authority.
admissible evidence: fingerprints are evidence; Macbeth’s prints on the knife are inadmissible evidence.

2017 02 02 mandated learning: is learning up to the group? the individual? the White House? a panel of experts in Chicago?
Can Hitler forbid the Jews to learn that fascilism is the enemy of sustainability?
Is it possible for a state to come into existence which is not an enemy of survival?
individual, independent learning vs. group-imposed theory. The Christian congregation believes that the Jews murdered Christ. If this belief is false, and the group nevertheless enforces that belief, can the group survive? should the group survive?
Salic Law
Good Night & Good Luck, MacCarthy America & Me
Divine Dirty Tricks, forsaken me
divine intervention: LaPlace, No need for that hypothesis.
Sodom & Gomorha on Golgatha
malapropism: Please don’t draw me no diaphragms. Edna Saint Louis Millay.
Mary: what kind of god would listen to a woman?
Godless Christians
klep coordination, public complicity
where do kleptocracies get the chutzpah to declare themselves sovereign? I think the idea of sovereignty is bad theology and worse politics.
just another gringo
upside down klep supervision: the state supervises not what God can say, God can say anything. No, the state supervises what of what God says gets repeated. More important the state supervises the meaning of what’s said, what’s repeated, what’s understood, believed.
blast furnace of a heater

authority, sovereign, god/state church priest dictator
Jesus temple cheats supervise the evidence, make sure it’s presentable
Favorite Friends, Others Dr. Michel-phone, Phil, Anton, Alan … Al, John, Dick
In xian epis the map does Not match the territory, in American epis the map hadn’t matched but Now It Does!
klep show genius at not letting the charges be read, interrupt, interrupt, interrupt.
Ali Baba 40
crowd control, alternate facts
voters’ choice
Procrustes Authority
/ Stories / Others … Friends / Bernie, Melcher, Phil, Anton, Alan,
monopoly of morons
domestic terror, does the pulbic consciously or unconsciously fear its rulers? knowing them to be utterly without intellect or principle. but the public has no principles either.
royalty front for the mob
x eg of misassigned or out of date tank! God fell from highest rank to near lowest! of course god symbolizes complex multiple rank assignments.

2016 12 28
As right as wrong can be.
alpha klep, no chance so long as the bad guys believe that their enthronement is the work of God, not the Devil. this delusion is aided by the abudance of evil all around, Roosevelt really can say that Stalin is worse, Hitler: and be Right! As right as wrong can be.
all swingers

Imagine for a moment a Judgment with God actually in charge: god in charge, not a priest, not a pope. Imagine that God has the originals of relevant documents on hand: evidence. Imagine that you and I and everyone will be able to see these documents, know that they’re genuine: actually understand them.
They were close and they were far, like a lamp between two mirrors.
Are you looking for sympathy? You’ll find it in the dictionary between shit and syphilis.
biggest thing missing: free market may have existed in history, but it didn’t exist in 1970 and can’t in a society which tolerates compulsory school, compulsory anthing. FLEX offered a free market with cybernetic data bases: the antithesis of government, experts, schools.
reason derailed
Rothbard reading notes
Good Night and Good Luck: CBS etc thinks it reporting news, the military starts managing what they say, how they say it, Fred Friendly, Edward R, start to balk: they really thought they were newsmen, not puppets. Priests really think their church reprsents God, that they, the priests, are on God’s side, that God has a side … Economists really think that with a degree they’re competent to talk about … anything.As right as wrong can be.
alpha klep, no chance so long as the bad guys believe that their enthronement is the work of God, not the Devil. this delusion is aided by the abudance of evil all around, Roosevelt really can say that Stalin is worse, Hitler: and be Right! As right as wrong can be.
I know what their words smell like.
Fuck my relatives. They hold out their hand and I’ll shit in it.
Imagine for a moment a Judgment with God actually in charge: god in charge, not a priest, not a pope. Imagine that God has the originals of relevant documents on hand: evidence. Imagine that you and I and everyone will be able to see these documents, know that they’re genuine: actually understand them.
They were close and they were far, like a lamp between two mirrors.
Are you looking for sympathy? You’ll find it in the dictionary between shit and syphilis.
biggest thing missing: free market may have existed in history, but it didn’t exist in 1970 and can’t in a society which tolerates compulsory school, compulsory anthing. FLEX offered a free market with cybernetic data bases: the antithesis of government, experts, schools.
reason derailed
Rothbard reading notes
Good Night and Good Luck: CBS etc thinks it reporting news, the military starts managing what they say, how they say it, Fred Friendly, Edward R, start to balk: they really thought they were newsmen, not puppets. Priests really think their church reprsents God, that they, the priests, are on God’s side, that God has a side … Economists really think that with a degree they’re competent to talk about … anything.

2016 12 13 States created by fed in Lincoln’s fiction, therefore not sovereign
Desch menu page, merge Rants
klep unconscious, sleep walking
empire of lies
bully Yankees, Warriors
It’s true (true as anything), Colin Quinn
church, state klep fraud brothers, empire of lies, neither in truth, both based in documents, that need interpretation, official interpretation.
bigots & liberals: the bigots pretend to be the liberals, while they call the liberals the Satanists.

Christ killers unite: deny, deny
the longer a war lasts, the more centrally planned and governmentally-controlled the entire economy becomes.

jargon to prevent non-core party members from understanding what’s being said, the speaker not likely understanding any part of it himself apart from a greed for power.
negentnews: what’s not reported? what’s misreported? which wrong axioms are cemented?

phone serfs
govt steals $, corps steal & degrade
pol nix self judging
aristo pose
pk in the bank
tithese, royalty
art rarity

Decoding Desire
Tendentious Inge

2016 11 13 reward the klep’s ratifiers: crime acceptance
We need myth as a solvent, a simplifier. Reality is far too complex for humans to have much competence with even if they’re Newton or Darwin. Jesus is useless as a “fact”: a set of false facts; Jesus is invaluable as a myth, a symbol, where people make up and change and evolve the myth.
Roman law
kleptocrats judge? or god? or just plain truth?
Transformers writers from Daredevil
We’ve got to call the Central Government for help.
There are things in this universe we weren’t meant to solve. And how are we obliged then to fail? Why do we care what was intended? by whom? that should constrain us?
pretending to be what we’re not
can’t be trusted to tell our own stories because we record what we would like to be thought of as doing, not what we did. Thus, the Jews, the Romans, keeping their own records, will say they supported Jesus, not that they sabotaged him, broke their sacred laws to get rid of him.
Futurama: That equals true.
To quote the prophet Jerematic, “One zero zxero zero …”
mysterious universe, crack the code, have the kleptocracy claim to know the code when it doesn’t even know what a code is.
finite snowflake possibility by molecular theory; argument by experience, observation versus theory
Richard Dawkins, Ricky Gervais
2016 pres campaign

people hear only what they want to hear. so long as we can veto the news, neither god nor einstain can communicate with us.

infallible God, or fallible gods …
infallible state …
Vanuatu, John Frum, cargo cult: portal to America
Lie Levels, I cannot tell a lie, state lies, church lies …
MLB demographics
judgment permit
klep excuses
Lt Diteodoro
The man is the head of the household, perhaps you should trust his judgment.

2016 10 04 correct the record to agree with the myth, above all, don’t embarass the Nazis, not while they’re in power. Jesus revenge is that truth counts in the end, but can always be pushed aside in the mean time.
As they say on the farm, If it doesn’t scare the cows, who cares? Grizzly Man
Bey, Porn with Plot
Comedy of Terrors
science class, an oxy
laws’ order vs natural order
klep necessary to marshall laws against natural order
everyone sees the cheating and zips their mouth, the teachers are everywhere, the priests, Big Brother.
short tack
merit, ocracy. are capricious and unaccountable. They disdain what they cherished yesterday.
The truth can’t be told on Tuesday by an organ that refused it on Monday. But lies about who did what can be told forever.
trusting what’s killing us, Consumed, ch, sch, gov : experts insult mother, attributing psychosomatic origins. Blame the witch.
If we really believed in God, wouldn’t we have to define the relevant terms? agree on a basic cosmology? in all cases and in all events get God to ratify our decisions?
If the Church said Mary went straight to heaven, shouldn’t we have an unequivocal record of God agreeing?
If the Bible is any kind of authority, shouldn’t we have God’s say-so on the matter?
Valentine, what the bull sees
JD who supervises? the thief? or God?
Salvation: whom does Jesus love, and save? the centurion who weilded the spear? or Jesus?
Who teaches relativity? Einstein? or a state-appointed priest?
Entertainment Purposes Only disclaimer, Bible, Church Inc.
Justifying Ways of the College to Parents
Don’t my shit shine. Beowulf’s fisherman. One Celt: a Christian
VA apt. Please remember to arrive 15 minutes prior to scheduled time.
Miles improv, ways to subdivide paired measures, compare Mahjong
Wicher Normal

2016 08 22 harm the benefactor, Jesus etc.492
Magdalen support, not my work, but at least me, at least partly.
Mallory, Keats, Tennyson, PreRaphaelite Lady of the Lake, Clothed in white samite, mystic, wonderful, Thrones, Cornwell, Sarah Connor
Kingdom, God shall determine the victor (and the victory determines the truth, etc)
why doesn’t god get a say in these rituals?
Alfred literacy
Bragg. Macaulay 524.5
CoCo: confication followed by cooption
coercion, compulsion, confiscation … Oh, yes, and cooption
Iverson slavery, Jews, blacks, etcetc
If it’s not in the Bible then it’s not important, neither is it true.
cf Constitution
Rebellion, Stephen & Lisa engagement without consent
lets make it unanimous, amen
Jesus as suicide
I for the Sum of One Dollar
evidence manipulation, evidence block
economics of Bible giving
Buddha infallability, unchallengable assumptions: no fixing anything, therefore, wisdom: but is that wisdom? or chickenshit?
white ritual: magic by which stolen property becomes legitimate property

Buddha Hindu samsara, attain moksha (release)
dupes of Enlightenment
Buddha foundation a forecast, not experience tested
if you know the results of your experiment before the experiment is performed there’s no need to perform the experiment: your forecast is infallible. Nothing to be learned, don’t bother with the experiment. Buddha isn’t really listening anyway: no more than the gods are.

2016 07 18 cop faith, cops a priesthood of sorts
girl rising, to school
what do blacks want? to go to school? a white school? they “should” want to be free, to be left alone: alone to find water, food, shelder, mate: freedom.
monopoly of want
telephone wars
X’s killers can’t be proved guilty, not so long as they run the institutions, prevent testimony, sabotage evidence
refutation algebra: substitution
dream AK47, arson
refute subst
art assumption
Tesla wars
willing group hypocrisy
fant4 plant flag in other dimension, US flag
klep churtzpah with a straight face
probable pig, jack the ripper
yellow porn, Yahoo
homeostasis, English, usage, prescription doctors, snob control
prescriptive grammar
Please Jesus: don’t save us.
freedom of religion? RCatholic? Ch Eng?
no honesty in sight

harm the benefactor, Jesus etc.

2016 06 11 Narjis
experts, teams of experts, can’t watch the Cavs play the Warriors without teams of teams of explainers
Faith Enforcement, deceiving faith
Experts’ NyahNyah Guarantee
Tesla Edison joke
9billion names
Eliz Eng multiple dynamics, balanced high octanes, cosmo theo also thawing, somewhat dynamic
prime #s, groupings, absurd specifics: Keep back 300 Feet!
cop rerecord, no matter what you say, the authority can rewrite it, or the next authority, to infinity
Ali magic, confiscate prize: racist slave masters vote themselves the Christian good guys
churches cheat
central klep, alpha kleps
if universe
Audrey Givanchi, chucks on: Curry Assassin mi
JC: Jesus Christ, Judeo-Christian: JC
property etc, grammar, by right of ignorance
designer ethics, epis
organized misunderstanding
leak in the cosmos
the second time around, resurrection
Che to Fidel: in a real revolution one either wins or dies.

Majority Right: no matter what happens, the majority will turn out to have been right: we stripped Ali of his crown, but a half century later Ali fans were right: he’s the greatest. If everybody votes for Nixon so we can spend the full budget of bombing gooks, after Watergate, then everybody was really right: he lied to us, so it’s his fault, not ours. After the fact, the majority was right all along.

Ali: Notice, it’s the people who dropped the bombs last century who are still hoarding the bombs this century. The people who opposed them are still powerless. I never wanted power; I wanted people to see the good sense of my understanding of the idea of “Christ”. It’s astounding to me that with Ali’s passing the same ruling racists are calling him “the greatest”, hearing that he stood up for what was right with a straight face.

2016 05 24 scrap from elsewhere:

Anyway, Dave declares that the B Drive right-of-way is none of her business: she’s on the water, the right-of-way is for Lake Charlotte residents not on the water.
Ah: that’s possible: except for another laundry list of possible exceptions: ferinstance: Dave displays junk all over his considerable stretch of property, junked cars, farm equipment … debris from years back still undisposed of, by burning or hauling. Dave’s redneck haven lowers J’s property value but not nearly as much as he lowers it, and the whole neighborhood, when he spreads his shambles to the edge of her property, right under her nose. Look at the boat, quick, before the sheriff tows it: it’s full of debris: broken branches, leaves, pine cones …
I want the sheriff to interview me on the subject so I can testify that Dave’s location of his junk is an act of war: deliberate, with malice aforethought.

I repeat: eight years ago I was aware that Dave mowed the right-of-way. I was tending J’s yard: I blending my tending with the right-of-way. Dave commented on it. He flies his plane over the lake, says he sees clearly all the work I do all over: Paul Bunyan he calls me. Is he now telling J that I have no right to help? Am I tresspassing? Were we all tresspassing to move his wreck of a boat yesterdau

Toms’ helper said that Dave ordered him to put the junk boat back where it had been: provocatively under J’s eye. The guy declined. Then Dave offered to sell him the wreck for $100. The guy said he’d want $100 to haul it away and junk it.

Trash Wars

PS J’s property is fair game for the nighbors. The neighbor across B Drive, also on the water, Crisco, is very fat, obese, probably morbidly obese. She has a half dozen at least of dogs. She shoos them out the front door to do their business, unsupervised. The dogs scamper to J’s border, cross it, and poop. Crisco doesn’t come out with scoop, and gloves, and a baggy: the dogs’ poop just lays there: till J flicks it back across B Drive and onto Crisco’s driveway.

I repeat further: I think they all used to get along. So quite likely it’s me.

It’s wrong to crucity the son of God: unless he’s critical: then it is necessary to sandbag him. Notice that civilized people are never guilty of their behavior; it’s the son of God who’s guilty. But blame the crucifixion of the Jews.
And remember that all you have to do to justify sabotaging pk is to call him a Communist. or a terrorist. You don’t need any evidence: except that I’m critical.

Sick of me referring to Jesus? Me too. Substitute Abelard: he was a professor, a philosopher, a critic of standard cosmology.

Dave said that “nobody” liked J. When J called another neighbor, Jim, last week to querry his response to the junker boat (no license, no current registration), Jim said “I don’t want to get involved” and hung up on her.

Illich argued in favor of conviviality. That’s what Jesus seemed to be talking about. Me too. But civilized people want their rights. Rights of rudeness.

The way things can extend must be infinite. Maybe there’s an infinity of infinities of the ways things can extend. I don’t doubt that there’s an infinity of ways things can extend that my neighbors in Sebring, indeed, my neighbors wherever I’ve lived, don’t undewrstand. I love J, I need J, I have to live with what she and her neighbors and her friends and family don’t understand. J’s neighborhood extends in ways I’ve made explicit here, the B Drive right-of-way itself being an ambiguously extended connection. Let me illustrate: in two more dimensions. J lives on B Drive on the north-west corner of the road. The fat lady’s house and woods are on the south-west corner. There’s an undeveloped lot belonging to Jim between J’s and Jim’s. There’s a similar undeveloped lot across B Drive, between the fat lady I’ll call Crisco and Dave. Dave lives on the south-east corner of B Drive and Sparta Road. Jim is diagonally across from Dave. There’s a third neighbor on the north side of B Drive. They bought the house of the guy whose son the sheriff / cops were interested in. The newbies seem nice, I haven’t really met them yet. People think I’m nice untill they realize that I’m intelligent, and honest, and not a supporter of criminal civilization: I do not assume that kleptocracies are innocent if they say they are: I see us as Macbeth with a very bumpy dirty carpet. Anyway: poison has been flowing into the B Drive complex for the entire eight years I’ve been glued to J. Paddling along the shore south from J’s dock one passes Crisco’s dock. Then one comes to a nice big dock and boat house. That’s Franklin and Cathy. J is still friendly with them, in fact Franklin was over yesterday morning to pick up a package to deliver to J’s son in North Carolina. Ah, but continuing south along the shore, before coming upon Tod’s we come to Roy’s: and therefrom issues more poison, from Roy’s girlfriend, Barbara, seeping northward. Barbara was a dance partner of mine when I met J. In fact I was actively pursuing Bobi then. She and Roy were both my line dance students. Bobi had red hair, like my mother. I made it no secret that I was attracted to her. I’m a radical, I invented the internet as a solution to kleptocracies like the US. One thing about the US, it owns whatever it wants to own, doesn’t owe any rent or royalties, particularly not to the anarchist it stole the internet from: ignoring me, then elbowing me aside. Most emphatically the kleptocracy does not owe any royalties, let alone back rent: let alone thanks for the ideas. So: Barbara has been livid that she wound up being my neighbor on Lake Charlotte. And she’s seeped poison, propaganda northward: and possibly eastward and southward too!

More stories there, but let’s skip to another dimension. Meeting me knocked J’s socks off, not just our skilled dancing. J couldn’t wait to tell her family and friends. She started with her old DAR friend, her girls’ camp buddy, Rusty. Ruasty gasped and ordered J to cease. Shut up, or Rusty wouldn’t be her friend any more.
I see evidence that parallel things happened with her childred. This is a Republican family, the daughter worked for the CIA. Lisa is very negative in my presence. J is uncomfortable, she’s sorry, but she doesn’t see how she has anything to do with it. Her daughter is culturally incapable of see who or what I am. The situation resembles that between Jesus and the rabbis at the Temple of Jerusalem: if the rabbis are God’s messengers, then Jesus CANNOT BE connected with God, or with anything good. If the US has a monopoly on God and on good, then critics of civilization and its crimes cannot have anything good going for them.
The US has proved it, forever, by putting me in jail. If I didn’t cooperate, they’d kekep me there forever: a forty year sentence at age sixty-nine: meaning, that I couldn’t continue to build
As is, K. got censored! Destroyed, all my data evaporated, 4,000 text files!!!!

That’s all Barbara has to whisper over the fence: the US put Paul in jail!
Funny think is, Crisco found her husband, a doctor, in jail, at the hands of those same US. Doc killed hisself: in jail. And Crisco sides with Bobi, whispers with Dave.
And Rusty won’t let any of them anywhere near the DAR.

layered fraud
Tiberius: known vs. unknown: we Know Caesar; we can only assume about Jesus
History is real knowledge; myth is pretend knowledge.

Church is to block the truth, relabelling Christ-killers as the Saved.
States’ Ill-Literacy
seize the ideal, appropriate it, reverse it: all good flows from Tiberius.

can slaves spawn freemen? or only more kleps?
Christians teach themselves that they’re the Saved. and they appropriate enough resources, enslave enough wogs, to hear little contradiction. and they’re effectively silenced god, so they won’t hear any objections from that direction.
blind and stupid, willful

swarm nation
Chi, SF police

school are to teach the deprived that they’ve gotten the carrots on all the sticks: fair trial, love of god …

reality in human society is an elective, we’ve democrats, not scientists, numbers magic, the majority, not facts, determines what’s true. trouble is even after we’re voted the cancer into nonexistence, it’s still fatal.

the might of myth, fable enforcers
lower the bar
punish the resurrected Jesus for not delivering his messages better: since God’s messages must be credited to Tiberius.

2016 05 01 votes important to allow govt to pretend that we choose it
QVadis, don’t protest, no matter what’d done to you
Macbeth’s People: what crimes did Duncan commit?
scam, spam phone, Seattle,
QV submit, endure, bible, extra bibgovt sci
energy expended on image maintenance
saving souls
tar heel
Cuban parientes, Rocka write in
J grieves in heaven at how far short of his intention reality fell. No one won bigger, but no one won.
What I hate most about Christianity is its retention of factitious hierarchy. Today’s science imagines a cosmos without a creator, a freeforall without a judge. I don’t want to endorse Caesar, I don’t want to endorse Genghis, or Jehovah either. No warlord, not even a divine one.
expectations, match
assumption of innocence
tolerance, Nantes, secularism

Phelomena, Magdalene Sisters, human institutions: may start out semi-divine but wind up evil: churches, politics, myth …
The expense of spirit in a waste of shame
is lust in action: and till action
lust is …
Sonnet revival
homeo: sieve out or net & save

id files edits: line breaks thru 01

Viking Runaround, W Francia
Choosing Our Ancestors
Wycliffe: His main argument was to distinguish the eternal, ideal Church of God from the material one of Rome. Illich
This was inflammatory and cut away the roots of all established authority, especially as he and his followers like John Ball coupled this with a demand that the Church give away all its worldly wealth to the poor.
pilgrimages, as a form of idolatry

authority: infinitely layered fraud

2016 04 08
edit K. for [Link
salvation prerequisites: true cosmology, honest judges (and the vision to see that they’re the same!
NO coincidence, Vanessa Williams

Didion They are less in rebellion against the society than ignorant of it

fascists in the mirror, supervised by Nazis

kleps think the truth can be weakened by withholding support (together with leaping on the bandwagon of choreographed propaganda

we don’t want law; we want to have our way!

the purpose of a church is to confuse human institutions with divine institutions, to make us believe that we can know of such a thing as a divine institution: all I see are human institutions: very human, that is to say: none too bright, none too honest.

bb gruff fly
klepto pop, internet not just stolen from me, but from You. Online, hacker corps own your machine, your time, your attention, you have to be skilled as Houdini to get out of its traps.

dybbuk finally goes, but leaves the judge, the court, the wife, the smashed marriages, the fools …

accept no substitute
klep judge, Nix
Ron’s “private”
default reset
Nero’s poem reviewed by Nero
faith, pretending to know what can’t be known, what’s going to happen next, for example, is so that arrogance can masquerade as humility, majority ignorance overruling caution, reserve.

Truth Indelible
first in line, Julius legitimizes August, August, Tiberius: etc.

2016 03 07 Moonshine, ecology: is there no truth because the kleptocrats aren’t aware of it?
moonshine war of all against all, or the stupidest against the fairly stupid

mom, your nickel, interrupt alternate: not let bring up, not let finish

should god forgive crime m,n,o…x,y,z?
social power, state take over

hypocrisy temple
selfie w Didion
Indian Giver: give cholera, syph: can return? strip mine, poison: return?

property: toothbrush, dime, notebook, fine: wife maybe too, daughter; but chicken in a cage? How about a man in a dungeon? Howabout a tortured political dissident? Can Jesus on the cross be Tiberius’ property? condemned gods

decimal purity of truth
aka, synonyms, gradient
majority reality, incumbents cheat


Paul, are you specializing in Douglas?
VACANT LOT, Politics is the art of managing other people’s property.
migrant crisis, Cuba, Havana, shallow memory

2016 02 01 klep: ritual: entitled to a fair trial (beautiful torture); therefore, he got a fair trial
100% false witness adds up to saintly truth

pleading guilty: rehearsed sins, universal sins, imaginary sins; vs invisible sins, sins we’re not aware of: kleptocratic sins

abject sin

klep commitment to fraud

Myth Enforcement
Thos Jeff, ChEng, AnjinSan

klep: where do invaders get the assumption that it’s OK to invade?
alpha creatures do; beta creatures sneak, like mice, chipmunks: cautious, tentative
double standard: we can invade you, present offense as defense; you cannot invade us for whatever reason without our approval which you will never get!

gang rape, St Augustine on a Good Day

self-judges, god too; false credits: WWII act as though US were virtuous, in contrast to …

law essence: not to contradict willful delusion

innocent till guilt
state assumption:
firehouse kick dance, show off

switch maps: priests are supposed to be truthful: the priest said something: therefore: the priest said something true. The cop says something: the government is supposed to be veracious …

2015 12 21
cosmological errors: creator god, assign the theology, assign the biologystunt if not remove choice

postage due: playing chicken with god

klep 1, 2, 3: First Generation, Second Generati8on
Christians 1, 2, 3: First there are the Christians who as Jews, supported the Temple which would crucify God, then there’s the Jews who actually suborned the Romans to do it, then there’s Christian3: the first genearation to say they didn’t do, they were fans, supporters …

THE Church
constitutional: how kleps rewrite the Law, and rewrite it, and reinterpret it, and rewrite it: turning a primitive document, balderdash and self-apology at best into shimmering liberal hypocrisy
social sin, sin: divine? no, social: science on a complex branch

gods darlings: god of love and mercy isn’t too far from the god of cannibalism, coercion, conquest

TV Parent Grand
pX, best priests in the Temple, lots of great mathematicians, but we always throw out the best one: we keep records that we’ve done so only in our mythology, never in history
Trump Weigh-In
facts self flattery verbotten
pandering to the grandkids, Ridiculous Six, Mafia
common kllep
vote on the facts
imposing art, me & victrola
you don’t know the culture that your grandchildren live in, and you don’t want to know. unless you’re an ignorant moron kleptocrat, just like them.
throw out the lesson, get everything wrong, then declare that you have unanymous supoport from the constituenct: any white man who doesn’t agree that white men have the obligation to control all the rights, vote on the facts, has no right to have any rights

Don’t bruise the liquor.
Amy: No penetration without representation.
Lebron has asked Aaron if he has protection. Aaron says Yeah, she has like bowls of condoms all over the house. Lebron says no, I mean protection like a lawyer. Like a nondisclosure agreement. No penetration without representation.

2015 12 05 Nixon’s Numbers
40,000 dead Americans, iterated over and over / vs never mentioned 4,000,000 dead Vietnamese
self-appointed (ie palmed onto God) government compels govt supervised schools to assign

cosmological errors: creator god, assign the theology, assign the biology
the margins, gender, vertabrate …
stunt if not remove choice

public fiction, reverse: original sin means we’re innocent, pilling filfered things around us proves we’re divinely deserving.
the Jews confessed their unworthiness, didn’t get it, the Christians took over: so then the Christians likewise didn’t get it, so the Americans took over. The Americans will never get it: the Jews still won’t have, neither will the christians.


How to Grow a Planet, Lain Stewart,
salad predator

proof: I don’t believe that I was alive when Jesus was crucified, I don’t believe you were either, but I can’t prove it: and I don’t believe you could either: not a real proof, not a thorough and final proof.

Hypocrisy Major, primier school lesson, pick your hypocrisy, then proclaim that the soc is what the soc claims: Christian, Republic, Democracy … reasonable, rational, science-based …

angel’s choice: imagine Jesus is born with a set a series of already chosen defaults, the margin is set as Jewish, the nomenclature Yaweh …
are there any choices left over for him to make? once made, can he change his mind on any of them? for instance: there he is to save the men torturing him, to love those hating him: now he’s on the cross, now he’s tortured, hurst like hell, helpless, the creator of the universe: good: is there a point at which while stillt rying to succeed in converting the kleptocrats into Christians, can he cease rooting for himself and his success and start rooting against himself and his success? in other words, instead of wanting to forgive those who are toruring him can he start wanted to fail in his mission so he can revert to jealous vengance, punishment: up their ass with a molten poker, all of them!

archives, reduce
To Know Or Not to Know, X

Damnation? HellFire? That’s penny-ante shit. The truth of human failings is much worse.

The KKK supervises freedom, the press, establishes facts, makes censorship decisions.
Kill everybody with a gun. What weapon could be used?
How about the last person holding the gun realizes that his license expires and shoots himself. Or how about the guy realizes that there are no witnesses, and doesn’t shoot himself, rewrites the charter.
oxymora: trust company

institutions’ word, taking them at their word, believing, or pretending to believe, knowing that if we don’t pretend we not only won’t prosper but aren’t likely to breathe for long.

2015 11 13 political fiction, Thor, Kurasawa Roshomon, females, dark expropriation
evolution target, Omega theo directional; critical SOC not.
social power, confiscate spontaneous solutions
addicted to false history
coordinating kleptocracies, homeostasis
undefined terms, change def without signal
Divine Learning, what did God learn? what did Jesus learn? What did we learn?
klep double bind: must have license, can’t get one. klelp school lie about history, about character of the klep …
bk’s Calvinist fallacy, Rocky Horror
Christian Wallpaper
the blind and stupid eyes of the state
the corrupt and egoist eyes of the church
what profiteth profit? says the prophet
society vs truth, vs
acceptable facts
instinct for wrong, bound and determined: to miscast the melodrama
how institutions lie, generation by generation:
The priests look for the god, they find the god, they don’t like what they find. They stall the careers of priests who describe the god, promoting priests to report what the old priests had been expecting, Crucify Jesus, report that all disciples denied him, wait a year, then report that all of your priests stood up for him. Report that the utterly racist society actually had only a bad apple or two, and that most southerners are really Nelson Mandela.

Whad I mean? Caesar’s legions
X -> ambulance

kleps taking klep seriously, no: 2D imagination in nD reality
while god is beyond our supervision there can be no way to tell if god is honest, intelligent … or if we are! Oh, we can Belive anything we want, but not responsibly.
Is Jesus-resurrected responsible for our crucifying Jesus-original? or are We responsible. If we crucify him again, and again, who’s responsible? Jesus?

WiFi London sewers

As long as history is judged by historians (of the winning side), why then we’ll never be found guilty of anything. But what if god judges? Oh, we’re god’s puppets. Never mind. But what if truth is the judge? What if truth doesn’t need to bribe any historians, any priests?

Nock, expropriated from the land.

2015 09 21
Divide & Conquer: xity xity xity …
Man the Suicide, how long?
democracy & commander in chief incompatible
a distinction without a difference
simply substituted one undefined term for another
race: prize: death
education control
spontaneous social innovation, commandeered by state
quite library
centralized instit enforcement
indelible klep
La Haine Killing Fields
Americans are about as likely to find themselves guilty of klepping Sutter’s gold as the Temple of Jerusalem is of confessing to the crucifixion of Jesus.
God and Pope incompatible

Climate Wars: destroy US, invade Canada: destroy Canada, invade Mexico …
The thing about crucifying Jesus the same few days he begins teaching at the temple is that then your scribes only hear a fraction of what he was starting to say. The teacher-murdering society will never know what was recommended to it: only the state-sponsored messages have any legs.
That’s what we need God for, an objective sentience who finally achieves some authority, has the floor, can’t be interrupted, isn’t to finally at last learn to survive but to see why we didn’t.
But, you know, doesn’t anyone in the lying kleptocracy already know why we can’t survive?

the silence of consent, Reckoning
the wisdom of the crabs, Mr. Pip

2015 08 12 confusing purpose and result, we Christians are bound for heaven, count us as there already, no need to test the theory

war of headlines
admissible evidence, it doesn’t matter what’s true, it doesn’t matter what science says: Hoover, the feeb, NFL, Roger Good, will win the war in the headlines, deciding when to leak what.

I grew up in the media onslaught of federal propaganda: Hoover as Lysenko Stalin.
Hoover’s G thugs go around asking people for identification. Hoover’s cops carry automatic weapons with hair triggers. Hoover’s cops are scientific meaning that the bureau uses the phone company as a stool pigeon.
Hoover’s FBI was scientific the same way Roger Goodell’s concussion studies, deflation studies are scientific, the same way’s the Pope’s study of Galileo’s astronomy was scientific.
It’s scientific when it suits; when it don’t, it ain’t.

religion & science.

parasite hierarchy, Public Enemies

Bible Rules, Bible Secrets Revealed: PhD claims that we all know what god wants for us: and quotes Jefferson, the Dec. Pursuit of Happiness!
money, attempt to store value: labor, for example. You plow my field today, I’ll give you bread tomorrow: or plow my field today, I’ll give you a penny tomorrow, and Joe will sell you bread the day after.
Levy, You can work for me any time.
Magic Female Couture, Sofia
anti sem @ Columbia, pushy

2015 07 28
Institutional Incompetence
Two-Tone Library Local Institutions / @ K. 2001 12 13
religions a form of collective neurosis, Rivera
klep incomp, klepto-innocence in perpetuam
terminal mesomorph
justice, justice for all???
mixed bag, mutually exclusive
consciousness cleansing: how Nazis become virginal minute by minute.
god isn’t dead, god is still trying to get born, get nourishment, find his legs.
Interesting Times: Trump, Frazer, Sandusky, Cosby
worry-prone church, democracy, sets the threshold of awareness for morality, it sets it low: so low the kleptocrats won’t know that they’re stealing, cheating; even while it obvious to everyone that that’s the truth.

Freud has Oedipus backwards.
Ku Klux

If I am to die I would rather die as a martyr than as a traitor. Goering
Pozole, for ritual cannibalism

recreating the family was an act of defiance against Hitler. The Long Way Home

property, the appropriators judge
The Jews’ god “gives” Canaan to the Jews: provided they take it, by battle, the bloodier the better, the Jews’ god just loves spilled blood, hates things in their rightful place, like foreskins.
innate religion
religion as justification for kleptocraccy: the thieving god, thief god god of the thieves.

2015 07 02 Mem Day
likely backwards
all human societies are coalitions of average people, none too bright, none too honest, ganging up against the non-average: morons and geniuses. It’s the priests and the governors who crucify the Jesuses, less frequently the other way around.
The Bible shows God beating up on the Sodomites, but that’s likely backwards!

Macbeth’s FactFinders
Christians in kleptocracy / Nash equilibrium
Culture is stupid as well as stubborn.
I can’t get a fair trial in the US ( or in any kleptocracy) for reasons nicely parallel to Jesus not getting a fair trial … No, no: it’s not that he’s god; it’s that the Romans and Jews aren’t! Actually it’s the same as Gulliver not getting a fair trial before the Lilliputians tied him down to the ground.

12 Years under the Lords
facts, opinions, lies
presumption of innocence vs original sin, experience …
compulsory perversion, Nixon bomb
odd mad quest

I believe that things will find their own level, no matter what we do, no matter what we think we’re doing.
HollyBolly Morality
again, first impressions
swivel switch definitions, commie, anarcist … liberal … conservative!
Wolfe theo, dissenting Protestant

2015 06 21
W. was sure Iraq had nukes, US invaded: good for W., violates Christian law, condemns himself to eternal hell, to save us from Saddam’s nukes! But there were no nukes! So why is the US still in charge?
resolute refusal to see, preposterous myth, Lady of Lourds
mating pandemonium
$ a fiction that we’ve all subscribed to
Jane Bull Slum

2015 06 07 delusional infinity
my representatives
info min
Never mind the answer the kleptocracy wants to impose on you where the kleptocracy chooses for you what question you’re asking: insist on this question: this question alone, first of all questions of human organization: Who’s in Charge?
Is it still Caesar?
Is it instead the Jewish creation god?
some other god? some human collective: the Party?
Never mind that Caesar’s human identity has changed: from Julius to Augustus to Tiberius … to Hitler, to Obama …
Does your representative understand what you say? could s/he prove it? to YOUR satisfaction?
If god sent his son (I believe it)
and we crucified him (I believe it)
would we kept a record of it?
(I don’t believe it: a fiction, sure; but not an accurate record.)

Tiberius delegated authority to Pilat for J’s hearing, Tiberius needn’t have heard of J or the hearing, small business, far away. But think of this: what if Tiberius had heard of J & the Temple: would T&Co have been able to establish if so that J was J’s son? T&Co have been able to establish who JJ was? How?
Could T&Co have been able to establish who or what X was?

HHSP, NoHier
shadow boxing
second: enough time so that the stupidest person in the culture will see it. Comet. enough time that the dullest will shake off the message and substitute the collective fiction, the myth, sugar coated.
in the face of the evidence, myth
Sodom’s Gomer-Ah
Noah dreck
No matter how stupid you are the government can insert a bureaucrat between you and your goal who’s even stupider. SFCC dental clinic.
vertical culture / horizontal culture
I believe: that God will forgive those who crucified Jesus, provided that they’re sorry, that they atone; I don’t believe … that God will forgive (or should forgive) those who crucify Peter, and castrate Abelard, and threaten Galileo … whether or not they re-crucify Jesus.
marriage, tradition, law, coral accretion, a mtn range, not a single pillar
democracy irrelevant, public opinion uninformed, ill thought out

The internet is peppered with pop up ads. The ordinary article is about Tiger, and it shows a picture of Tiger; the pop up ad shows a cute girl’s belly down to her pubic mount, but when you clink on the pubes you get an ad labyrinth nigh impossible to get out of. Senility will come quicker than that girl’s snatch.

2013 03 28
Our Collective Fault
grading oneself, Joe’s Padre, xians
German law, Einstein’s law, God’s law, the cosmos’ law
atheist supervision
pagan, nix
ultimate gentleman, insulting truth
revolution, coup
Jap defenders ichi ni
atheist harm
entitlement “white” klep, nationalize it
HHSP, NoHier
will God use the Nazi’s records at J? the plantation owner’s records? if the plantation lynched Jeb for raping a white woman, will God accept that judgment without further investigation? Or will God ignore the Nazi records and the plantation records and rely on evidence independent of human manipulations?
myth wars, kite fight, still a king of the hill
murder mandated by the 500F: 5,000,000,000 fuckers
He’s on the cross, I’m standing here on the ground, for the moment. For the moment., who’s smarter?
secular hypocrisy
Corinthians 11 1
Imagine JD, Imagine god, the essence of the cosmos, the truth, the essence of nature, reality, presiding allowing churches, shamans to assist. But not once they get everything wrong. Imagine a long line of sinners anticipating, antsy, getting thrown in hell, deserving it, being right, but never getting closer to the bar because the priests in the clouds keep getting called to acccount: the clouds are emptied into hell before a single amateur mortal has yet been judged.
truth vs lies
imagine a god, an authority, interesed in communicating to man. will he have a record of his messages?
shadow boxing
second: enough time so that the stupidest person in the culture will see it. Comet

About pk

Seems to me that some modicum of honesty is requisite to intelligence. If we look in the mirror and see not kleptocrats but Christians, we’re still in the same old trouble.
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