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Miss Puerto Rico World?
2016 12 19 “Stephanie del Valle of Puerto Rico was crowned Miss World 2016, edging out runners-up from the Dominican Republic and Indonesia, and beauties from around the globe.”
And before I read that I read that a teen couple has posted selfies in which they look like twins: point is, they’re Hispanic! How did such spic news reach me and the online bigots of Central Florida. I knew that barriers to nature were eroding in WASP culture but how did the erosion become so vast so quickly?
Further, Zsa Zsa Gabor is dead, age 99. When I was in school Grace Kelly could win, Doris Day could come in second, both blonds. On a “world” stage Pamela Anderson could come in third. But Lena Horne couldn’t stay in the hotel, Eartha Kitt would be insulted, Halle Berry … Never heard of her: no one not her neighbor would have.
That article continued: “Del Valle, 19, is a brown-eyed brunette student who speaks Spanish, English and French, and hopes to get into the entertainment industry.

Crowned on Sunday by Miss World 2015 Mireia Lalaguna of Spain, del Valle called it an “honor and a great responsibility” to represent her Caribbean homeland.

First runner-up was Yaritza Miguelina Reyes Ramirez of the Dominican Republic, followed by Miss World Indonesia Natasha Mannuela.

Contestants from Kenya and Catriona Gray of the Philippines also were in the final five.”

Ah, next paragraph: a Chinese contestant was warned about speaking publically about human abuses in China. So the censors haven’t entirely disappeared.

Now I want news about how many wog beauties Donald Trump attacked between grabbing Poles and Czechs. Zsa Zsa is alien enough.

Gym Abuse
2016 12 16 “At least 368 youth gymnasts abused over last 20 years”
pk, the deschooler, comments: There will be abuse no matter what you do, that’s life; what concerns me is the question of how much coercion was involved, whether the coercion became institutionalized, and whether the coercion can be minimized. Persons can be abused walking down the street. Is the walker female? is she dressed provocatively? is she walking provocatively? She can protect herself to some degree by how she presents herself. I like the story where the African woman walks across Africa and back unescorted, but she rolls in poop, makes no eye contact, lowers her gaze, wears shapeless dresses … Still she could be raped, but she’s minimized the probabilities. That’s her, she’s in control: the women didn’t need your or my permission.
Now, take the famous case of Abelard and Heloise: Heloise’s father assigned her to be tutored by Abelard. She was a child approaching puberty, he was a cleric in the prime of youth. Heloise’s father told Heloise to obey Abelard to the letter. Heloise was out of the equation, any blame lies with Abelard, with Eloise’s father, and with the idiot Roman Catholic Church for deceiving girls and families about the trustworthiness of priests and catechism. She did what “authorities” told her to do. Of course she enjoyed it herself, welcomed it, cooperated in her seduction. That’s natural, good for her. But what if she’s Jewish, and her father is German, and Abelard is a Nazi? Now the harm is institutional. What if Heloise’s society compels her to go to school, to take gym, to cooperate when the gym teacher tells her to take off her drawers …? People misbehave, that’s tough: what we need is to reduce institutional coercion. You can’t help Abelard seducing Heloise, you can’t help Heloise making herself attractive to Abelard: at least let the seduction, the rape if you will, be personal, not institutional.

No compulsory religion, no compulsory school, no compulsory gym class or gym teacher. Some rape is unavoidable; eliminate the institutional rape.

Same Difference
2016 12 11 Two things, at least two, have been carrooming among my brain regions for a week or two. I want to develop them. \
Background, TV: TV came into our house in the 1950s. First I ignored it, relative to my peers at least: my sister watched lots, as she’d previously listened to radio regularly, much of what radio I knew I knew because I overheard her programs. But the time came when I too turned on the TV, became addicted to some upper-channel pitchman, got hypnotized by the Million Dollar Movie. Decades later, along came All in the Family, zillions loved it, I watched a few of the shows. More decades passed and I recently saw a doc of Norm Lear, saw Lear adoring Carroll O’Connor, heard Archie and Edith sing the theme song (Edith screeching a part): “Girls were girls and men were men.”
By the later 1950s I’d gone back to ignoring the TV, and the radio. I tried to concentrate on reading: unassigned as well as assigned. That continued. I read. For more than a decade now my TV, though I own one, hasn’t even been plugged in! Sports I watch with Jan, on her set, at her house. At my house we use the Mac, rent DVDs.
But “girls were girls and men were men”: What does that mean? If “girls” means “girls, what else can it mean but “girls”? Ditto the “men”?

If “girls” is an identity, then isn’t it a redundancy? why repeat it?
Noun / Entity Correspondence: Think of the math: If there are a thousand or two nouns in English and nearly as many or not many more in other languages, does that mean that there are only a thousand or two “things” in the world? Or do some words carry more than one object? The latter, of course, we all know that, whether we think it through in those terms or not. (Of course there are some number of Proper Nouns too. I’m a “Paul”, one of millions. So, I’m a Paul, I’m a male … I’m an American. All finite numbers.

“Boys will be boys”. How many different identities are there there? How many differences.
Are there fashions among the ambiguities? Do scientists examine and test the claims? Or Dear Abby? or Rush Limbaugh? In the 1980 we knew what “girls” and “men” meant: it meant No TransSexuals! It meant that though we cover our genitals, you can still tell gender at a glance: girls have long hair, men have their hair short. Girls get married, have babies, smile and nod when you hold the door for them … Men have short hair, get drafted, get jobs, get mistresses (if they can afford a beer) …

OK, you see how that can be carried on. Let me jump straight in to my main point, point of departure: take the core stories of the Judeo-Christian “Bible”: Jesus preaches to multitudes, knocks their socks off. Jesus goes to the capital of Judaism, knocks over the money tables of the cheating rabbis, gets arrested, scourged, crucified; I offer the wolrd an internet, an alternative not only to schools but to government, I get sabotaged: not for the first time, or the last time: are those patterns the Same? or Different?

Jesus gets sandbagged; Galileo gets threatened, Darwin gets badmouthed, cheap shotted … Are those the same? or different?

Meantime, there’s always the question of how reliable is the data? We can track Romans to Jerusalem 2016 years ago: can we also track a Jesus? a Peter? a Paul? Are our stories about Galileo more reliable than our stories about Jesus? Are our stories about George Washington true? How many of them? How true?
How about me? I tell stories about myself all the time: dozens of them, hunderds, thousands: are they all reliable? equally? Am I ever being sarcastic? Ironic? Do I exaggerate? What if I understate?

Decent Hypocrisy
2016 12 13 I’ve been trying to watch Marvel’s Daredevil for a couple of months now. My son seemed to be recommending a series to me: Daredevil, Jessica Jones, Luke Cage. He specified an order in which to see them. I take his recommendations seriously, as “assignments”: trouble is I can’t stand the Daredevil ones. So: do I have to miss the sequels? Of course I can do whatever I want, so long as it’s not forbidden by physics, by God, by evolution: but I want to know if I’m following the recommendation! So: I skill to Jessica Jones. Five minutes of it and I’m not sure if I’m making a mistake. I seem to have gotten immersed in lesbian-gay-whatever the acronym is propaganda. The women all seem to be married: to women! they all call each other their wives! “Girls were girls and men were men”? Women are women? Once upon a time queers had the decency to hide, or to move to another continent. Cole Porter indulged in his preferneces, but in Paris, and in New York: far from Kansas, and his parents, and his grandpapa (and from his wife!)
When I was a kid the world lied to me like a rug. The churches lied, the schools. The culture pretended to be homogeneous. Now it’s again pretending to be homogeneous but homogeneous meaning phagotosus.
Society cheats left and right: how did we do such a total do-si-do?
Well, let’s take it as so, let’s accept it: now tell me: are we finally in a set of proportions that are proportionate? Are there now the correct number of gays and dykes and queer marriages? Does every girl have her girl and every guy his guy? Were any of us ever normal?
And I wanna know: am I seeing the Marvel Jessica my son wanted me to see? Is it possible for me to see such things?

Girls Were Girls
Girls, boys, we think we know what we’re referring to. Sometimes we think we’re right, or are at least getting away with it; something we have evidence we’re wrong, typically we resist such evidence. OK, we jut had a presidential election. Trump is supposed to have won, though Hillary seems to have gotten the most citizen votes. At least the Supreme Court hasn’t simply appointed to loser the winner this time, not yet at least. Trump ran as a “Republican”. Lincoln was the US’s first Republican president. Think 1860s. Then Republican meant give privilege to white male Christian genocides and landgrabbers. Does the dictionary have to be rewritten?

The dictionary is always being rewritten, which we lie about it too.

Colin Quinn, Unconstitutional
“The drunker you get the better you understand what [the Constitution] says.”
Priceless. The moment before Quinn said that he had me disappointed: his opening remarks show that he misunderstands the Constitution the way nearly everyone does, seeing it as a prescription for American behavior and belief. Of course the Constitution is nothing of the kind; it’s a fence erected to keep the federal government from growing all over us. It didn’t work, but that’s what is was supposed to be. The Declaration of Independence is a prescription for belief; the Constitution is not. The quip about drunken understanding makes a great deal forgivable.

Girly Charles
2016 12 03 Sir Charles keeps us entertained, even if we don’t know dick about basketball. He’s doubled down on his dismissal of the Golden State Warriors’ style of play. Steph Curry wows the world with long distance shooting, among other qualities. Swishing the ball from mid-court? that’s “girlie”? What girls did he know? All amazons?
Charles is a character. I love him. I love him far more as a media clown than I ever appreciated him as a player. One thing I like: he’s smart; but he’s an oaf. His girly insult is only the latest: I recall him telling the world about chasing after a whore on the street: he recognized her as the author of the “best oral sex” he’d ever had. Good,
Charles: keep it private.
New Charles back pedels, says he loves women’s basketball (obviously he loves women, street whores at least). But hold on a sec: since when do woman basketball players score from more than eighteen feet? Since when do the Warriors play no defense at all?
Let me tell of an experience of mine relatively early in the feminist wars. 1970, I founded FLEX, the worlds first offer of a simple internet, an anarchist internet, no authority, no state interference: people themselves sponsoring their own freedom. People didn’t support it: while they left their pockets ever wider open to the state; so fuck people: I’m the one person whose fault it isn’t.
Anyway, 1971ish, I’m still living around Morningside Heights. I have a part time job at the Barnard Library. The Barnard girls are hysterical about rights — but didn’t support FLEX: the only sensible approach to rights, for all. Anyway the Barnard student body, 100% female in 1971, challenges male Barnard facuolty to a basketball game. I go and watch it. Basketball is an above the waist sport. Upper body strength is rewarded. Women’s talents focus below the waist. If you’ve watched Wilt, or Pearl, or Charles, or Michael, then women look ridiculous trying to crank those bighips, those big asses, up and down the court. All that effort, and then what comes from the upper bady, shoulders arms, is feeble. The Barnard faculty men were so so and basketball players, but the women were so handicapped.
But jeez did they try, the girls worked so hard. I’m really glad I was there as witness, even though FLEX never got a peeny from Barnrd except though Hilary’s pathetic pay check (or my couple of library dollars).

Generational Authority
2016 11 30 Law: How can we consider anything decided where free inquiry was sabotaged? channeled? polluted?

How can we have a Bible or a Constitution or anything without a claimant (such as the King James Bible) being backed by an unimpeachable authority. We need God to declare, The King James version, is correct, it has my imprimatur.
Trouble is, even is we have Charlton Heston swearing on a stack of King James that he is God, that he is authorized to speak, that, yes, indeed, he is the author, that the text is infallible.

John Hancock signed the Declaration of Independence: where’s my signature? Where’s King George’s receipt? Euclid says such and such is an axiom, obviously “true”: where’s my signature on that?

Is “reason” possible without Everyone having been heard from?

More than anything what I wish I could make people see is that once the priests sabotage Jesus, interrupt his ministry, then the Christ-killers forfeit all right to conclude anything. Forfeit forever.
They give prizes for literature without assurance that everything has been read let alone understood. What good is a trophy for a race that Jews or geniuses or chinks weren’t allowed to run?

Cavemen sat around the stream bank without any of these problems (that we have any trace of). What if every caveman signed off on some set of articles? still, where’s my signature? and where’s the group’s proof that I was free, white, and twenty one when I supposedly signed it? What proof do you have that I was in my right mind?

We see that Newton was rational even while we see that his neighbors were not: but would it be possible to see that Newton was entirely reasonable? He didn’t claim so, did he? Wouldn’t Euclid’s axioms have to be signed off on by someone smarter than Euclid?

Grace Spread
2016 11 29 Yesterday I saw a picture of Grace Kelly, in her prime, seated crosslegged wearing white shorts, her crotch agape, right in the audience’s face: except that her arms and hands block 85% of the view of what we all know is there even without any of it exposed. Obviously someone took that picture, spent a lot of money to stage it, but, if my ignorance is any measure, granted it limited exposure. The studio saw it, Hitchcock saw it, but I/the-public did not.
Reflect: poses paid for by studios, by agencies, by producers are choreographed. The Kelly pic with Kelly’s beaver imagined as “open” is scripted, choreographed, costumed and made up; it is not a snap shot, there’s no accident. I give a private example from the same period. 1954 my sister went off to college. I vividly remember her regaling our mother about her kooky best friend, just joined her sorority. I’ll call her Sissy, she looked a bit like Sissy Spacek would come to by the time she was cast in Carrie. Sis meets Sissy, they’re in the sorority house, all female: female concierge / house mother, female maids, males went no further than the front steps, except to pick up a date for the dance: then the males would enter no further than the public reception area. Oh, fathers and brothers might see the interior of the sorority house when moving sis from home to college. So, Sis meeting Sissy would have been strictly all-girl. So Sis narrates, breathless, there’s Liz, in shorts, tartan Bermuda shorts (Bermuda shorts having been a novelty in 1956, and she plunks herself down on the floor and sits cross legged!
My sister screeches with delight, my mother roars her appreciation.
I’m in the house, I’m not censored from the presentation, but I’m present as invisible, a non-person, not a male witness.
Now: I was aware of girls crossed legs in those days. The whole society was super-aware of any uncrossed legs by any girls, any white girls at least, any white college girls.
Girls did not open their legs, not at home, not in the cloister of a college sorority.
Sissy violated taboo, Sis was in ecstasy, here was her Paul Revere.

What reminded me of all this was seeing a Netflix ad for a show called Gilmore Girls. An actress is posed with her legs crossed wearing slacks, pretty girl, bright face, nice features. A large bowl of popcorn vlocks our view of the taut slacks crotch material stretched before her snatch. The taboos of 1954, 55, 56 … have largely evaporated. Now the taboo has to be “explained”, even explained few will get more than a portion of it.
Women have always been female, everyone has always known it. But boy, oh boy, has control of exposure granted society the power to mess with our minds. Here I am in 2016 imagining the actress’s pussy odors imbuing the popcorn with female identity.

In 1954, 55, 56 Beth was far more liberated than most daughters of the propertied white class, and Liz was far more liberated than Beth, or their sisters.
more later

Understanding Jesus
2016 11 27 Has there ever been a church that understood what Jesus said? Wouldn’t we have to be able to interview Jesus to know for sure? Wouldn’t Jesus’ opinion carry more weight than any church’s opinion?
And wouldn’t doubts remain reasonable until unswered? Wouldn’t any church have to have a litany of answered doubts, all voices being heard, 100% accuracy, no mistakes?
The questions branch and flower: Has there ever been a church that understood what Moses said?

Vary it: Has there ever been a priest that understood what Jesus said? Has there ever been a believer that understood what the priest said?
Sure, when communication is rough and ready, and top down. To be reasonably sure society would have to be level: sort of a contradiction at the outset. And “reasonable doubt” would have to be infinite. God’s opinion and mine and yours would have to be identical in all cases.

Umm, I don’t think so. So what we need instead is verticality: we need authority. The Pope has to say if Giuseppi understands Jesus or not: without Giuseppe being allowed to speak. without Jesus being allowed to speak.

What Jesus Said
Of course we’d have to have an infallibly biblical Bible: we’d have to know incontrovertably what the red letter text said: no errors. Every branch of ever church and ever emmber, every priest, every worshipper (and every devil’s advocate) would have to be on thge same page with every word the same, no ambiguities.
As is, you can’t get a Baptist to agree with an Anglican, both ready and anxious to murder the Catholic.

There is no uniform Bible, never has been. What there has been isntead is a lot of ignorance and intimidation: agree that I’m right or I’ll torture you.

2016 11 24 OK, it’s nice to be liberal: on some things. lots of things. but everything?
I just had a negative reaction to learning that the Wachowski brothers have changed their names to Lily and Lana, wear dresses and so forth. Can society afford costume as misrepresentation? Can we support a devil who dresses as Jesus? or a Jesus who presents himself with cloven hoofs? what do we think of men who don a dress to enter the girls’ locker-room?
Should a society that demands honesty from the serfs be lax in its own honesty?
Shouldn’t a pope be prepared for torture if it can be argued reasonably that God hasn’t communicated anything particular to him? Maybe none of us should wear any clothes at all: let the breast speak for itself, the dick, the balls …

Innocent Until Proven Guilty
Union head says officer innocent until proven guilty
Private persons, citizens, are (or should be regarded as) innocent until proved guilty. (The idea of proof is inevitably a bit glib.) I’ve said this before but not recently: the opposite should apply to members of the state: president, judges, cops should be regarded as guilty until proved innocent.

Ready to Rumble
2016 11 13 At the Senior Social Center (where I danced 2007 to 2009) the group would stand and salute the flag, stand and sing an anthem … Guys at the table behind me, egged on by Lois, would crouch behind my ear and hiss, “America! Love it or Leave It!”

Now, last night, Jan and I stopping by AmVets to greet our friend Lora, karaoke singer, were exposed to the most ghastly karaoke singing I’ve heard: one guy sang lyrics threatening to stomp all non-orthodox patriots.

Jan saw no threat in it; but the whole last several months have shown a nation not just ready but anxious to rumble.

Then Jan and I watched the New York, 1951 chapter of Brilliant Minds. A black American musician of the period tried to explain what it was like for a black jazz musician to visit a city and a country where talented blacks were not only welcome but honored; rather than expect to find themselves hanging from the tree branch, in a country blind to lynchings: look cross-eyed, get lynched, no one does anything about it.

Now that I’m old and getting blinder by the day, can’t do meaningful work anymore, I’m getting chicken over things I used to be brave to: brave way beyond any point of insanity. I really don’t want to be lynched further than I’ve already been.

The Romans
2016 11 12 K. for some time now, decades has cited my son, bk, clarifying my, pk’s, Christianity. bk hit the nail on the head when he observed that for most people, the Christians are the Christians. For me though, “We’re the Romans!” Exactly right.
Today basketball wonder Greg Popovich is quoted on the election: “I’m a rich white guy, and I’m sick to my stomach thinking about it,” he added. “I can’t imagine being a Muslim right now, or a woman, or an African-American, a Hispanic, a handicapped person. How disenfranchised they might feel. And for anyone in those groups that voted for him, it’s just beyond my comprehension how they ignore all of that. My final conclusion is, my big fear is — we are Rome.”
Note one thing though: the Romans are not famous for claiming that they were the good guys; only for proving that they were the most powerful. They were killers and thieves, appropriators: they’d steal your industry and run it for themselves: they claimed to be favorites of Mars, god of war, not Jesus, son of peace. The kleptocrats seize the media: then everything published, everything taught, was a lie.
I sure love Popovich.

Election Day
2016 11 08-09 Hillary Clinton failed to become the first female president of the United States, her campaigned was dumped for Trump’s. Now we’ll find out if Trump is as evil as I say, while we will not find out if Hillary is as evil as I say. Take one fork, you never know what would have happened if you took the other fork.
I’m fed up with seeing both of them. I suggest that we let Emelia Clarke stand in for all public figures. Emily Browning could take a turn: And Emma Stone. And Natasha Calis. Amazing how many irresistible girls we get to see in the world at overlapping times.
Male subs wouldn’t be too bad either: Leonardo de Caprio, Johnny Depp, George Clooney. Oh, and give Mo-ne Davis a turn at being president. We want a woman? that’s the girl to try.

My mockery of bleached Hollywood faux virgins morphed to porn stars and now a standard icon on network / cable, namely Marilyn Monroe, Houston, and Megan Kelly, has moved to / Media /

Opioid-Horse Horrow
2016 10 30 There were at least 433 fatal overdoses in the state last year, the third highest per-capita rate in the nation. And in New Hampshire, the worst-hit city was Manchester, with less than 10 percent of the state’s population but nearly a quarter of the fatalities.
I say for the zillionth time: when junkies overdose, why can’t we just leave them? good riddance to bad rubbish?
Certainly a people should study to be healthy, to be disease free, addiction free; but those who don’t make it, fuck ’em. Nature will fix everything: just get out of the way.

Cubs’ Turn
2016 10 30 Jan and I have been watching the World Series, typically the only baseball we watch all year: together that is: Jan may watch a bit more, keeping up with her daughter’s love of the Cardinals, and an occasional other team, player, or manager. Anyway, she said this morning as we agreed the Chicago Cubs weren’t doing too well, that it was the Cubbies’ “turn” to win. Do we really want sports where turns are taken? Or do we want quality to rise and be rewarded? I point out that survival of the fittest society is completely different from the take-turns society.

Bo Beads
2016 10 26 White Teen Sent Home From School for Braids, Dad Blames ‘Racism Against Their Own’
Remember when 10 came out? Bo Derek with her hair in braids and beads? I thought aty the time, Ah ha! Here’s another thing where “white” kleptocrats are stealing from “blacks”! That was my first impression: but I don’t really know. In Quest for Fire Rae Dawn Chong, love her to death, wore junk in her cave woman hair: bits of shell and so forth. Maybe European cave women did too: then, and since then. Still: it’s American blacks we’ve recently seen braided and beaded: Venus Williams in not too distant memory.
Anyway, why can’t girls wear their hair anyway they want? so long as it’s non-infectious. Bald! Mohawk! We have a right to protect outselves from cholera, but not from black esthetic. There, maybe we kleptcrats have no right to wear “Mohawks”. One thing about blacks in America: the exploiters wanted them alive, exploitable: we were stealing their labor, not their land. The Mohawk we stole their land, after promising, in writing, not to.

Nix Aboard
2016 10 26
Veteran’s trained dog barred from plane. Was this the same airline that wasted the time of a physician volunteering help in a crisis?
The stew called for a doctor. A doctor stepped forward: black, female. No, no, said the stew, we need a real doctor. The Temple will always prefer the cheating rabbi to the Jesus looking askance at the fraud.

Daily Brubeck
2016 10 23 Jan and I have been having an exceptional time with things relating to the movie Laura. I’ve loved the tune since junior high, didn’t know till this week that the song didn’t exist till the year following the release of the movie. The execs discussed using Duke Ellington’s Sophisticated Lady as the theme. A commission for a new tune won out. David Raksin was commissioned as composer. Very simple, repeats and repeats, 1944. 1945 Johnny Mercer took the melody in hand, inventing lyrics: lyrics reminiscent of the Ernest Dawson esthetic mentioned in the movie. Now, all my life (till recently) my mind has been a Sargasso Sea for music: melody, harmony, lyrics. This and that flits around, goes in my head, registers, stays there. So why after a week of having Laura as an ear worm do I still have trouble with the lyrics?
The “sense” is amorphous. Explaining why would not be easy, but I may try someday: technical, grammatical and prosodic examination. “Misty light” indeed. “The laugh that floats on a summer’s night.”
But when I listened to Brubeck there were no lyrics, no Mercer, and no Dawson.

Laura Diminished
2016 10 25 One thing I notice: Laura is replete with diminished chords: a minor third followed by a minor third and a minor third. Extra minor as it were.
Also, the rhythmic linking of triplets is very modern.

Junk Foul
2016 10 22 Late October, baseball sure, but basketball! Last year Jan and I watched every Golden State game televised: went crazy, loved it, were well rewarded: until the playoffs: where Draymond Green’s misbehavior cooled even our adoration of Stephen Curry. I humbly propose: Draymond be given the benefit of the doubt for past fouls to the junk, but be presumed guilty for all future fouls below the waist. The Warriors should not accept victories won through such negative sportsmanship. All the other starts should make it clear to Draymond: they love him, they love his intensity, his skills, but they will severely penalize behavior that puts their team in the slammer. Draymond, behave.

Signing Bonuses
The Pentagon is coercing veterans to repay bogus signing bonuses. Sure: if they’re bogus. But the assumptions should be on the side of the veterans, not the Pentagon. If the Pentagon made fraudulent promises, the Pentagon should be put out of business, the government should be liable for the Petagon’s misbehavior. rewrite later

Laureat Correspondences
2016 10 22 Dylan remains silent on his prize: but there’s another news item that reminds me of another anti-social fuck you over the shoulder Novel Laureate: someone filmed a postal worker dumping bins of mail in the woods: William Faulkner worked for the PO once: and he was said to have just thrown the mail away.

2016 10 19 The Crime That Keeps On Criming
Imagine that at least a feature or two of Christianity is true. Imagine that there’s a Bible. Imagine that there’s a God as author of that Bible who steps forward, identifies himself, all scientists and philosophers in the world accept the identification, and now God validates a part or two of the Bible as his and as true. But imagine further that God distinguishes accurate parts from fabrications. Imagine that God produces perfect Biblical scholarship: this part is mine, this part is fabricated. This fabrication has deluded this that and the other Bible readers. The fabrications x, y & z are noxious crimes.
Church m, n, & o repressed honest attempts to read the passages, God was paid no royalty for the original, God was compensated no penalty for the forgeries, the victims of the crimes, the deluded Christians, havn’et been apologized to … Et C, et c, et cetera.

So did it: there’s crime, and parent crime, and ur crime, and meta crime. And meta crime and more meta crime.

OK. Ready? Here’s the part I love: the Churchs continue trying to interfere with God’s presentation. God finally simply shows that the churchmen are simply insane, not responsible for their lies, and simply purges them. In front of all.

Meantime: how many Christians are in hell for one millenium, two millennia … paying compound interest on the crimes?
You owe the bank a penny, for two thousand years. The debt is a penny plus interest, plus penalty fees. Two thousand years ago you owed a penny plus a penny. Then, one thousand nine hundred and ninety nine years ago the penalty became a dollar, so the debt was a penny and a dollar: and a meta-penalty: 1¢ + $1 + $1,000 = $1,001.01. That was January 1. January 2nd it’s …

Now lets say you have a lawyer and she’s arguing that the rabbi at the Temple is actually responsible for the $1,000 part of it: you owe the 1¢ and the $1 and the 2,000 years worth of $1 since then but the rabbi owes the $1,000 and all the $ns since then. You owe an eternity in hell but the rabbi owes an eternity in hell to the nth times another m.

Never mind. I’m not a mathmatician, neither am I an accountant. But it’s not I who has to produce the bill; God will do that. I believe. I hope. I wish.

Meantime, God is multitasking. Some gofer continues with the fines and the penalties and the math, God introduces new crimes every second. and new meta-crimes. A related one, going by so fast it could be overlooked by a nonparticipant (of whom there are none), the Nazi defrauded the Jew of his piano in Berlin: the Nazi owes the Jew $10,000 for the first second and $20,000 for the second second, and a gazillion since then … but the additional charges and penalties are being introduced faster than Turing could follow. Meantime, the Jew himself is being penalized and meta-penalized … and the American lawyer who was tring to explain in in second 4.00n got totally distracted when his own family got sabberjabbered for debts to the Cheyanne.

Alleged Rape
2016 10 15 Headline today: “She says she was allegedly raped.”
I understand it if the media report that a woman says she was raped. I understand it if the media announce that a woman alleges that she was raped. But what does it mean if the woman alleges that she was allegedly rape?
It means that the illiterates have taken complete control of the corporations, the media, the centralized state. Goody, it means that we’ll all be dead before too long. Terminal illiteracy.
Literacy was invented to give the priests an upper hand in making sure that Jesus gets crucified. They already had the upper hand, now their upper hand was really upper.
Not only did the University of Paris make sure that Abelard’s ideas could not be discussed a thousand years ago, the scholars who wouldn’t discuss it remain in total control of education.
Too bad you don’t know what I’m talking about. Waste of breath.

Help! 911!
2016 10 14 Houston 911 operator accused of hanging up on 1000s of calls
I’ve told at K. and repeat here my account of my first and only 911 call, early 1960, 911 brand new at the time. I was walking on Riverside Drive around 116 Street. I saw a kid, Hispanic, jimmying the butterfly window of a VW bug. I found a pay phone, dialed 911, Jabber, jabber the 911 voice said in Spanish. I made several attempts to report the situation. When I asked if anyone there spoke English, she hung up on me.
So: if I ever believed in the police’ ability to handle anything, which I didn’t, it didn’t last long.
I believe criminal incompetence and bestial rudeness is the best we’re capable of, and the people controlling quality are always Macbeth. And there’s no one but Macbeth to tell about it.

Btw, at that time I spoke hardly two words of Spanish, but shortly, in the army, I would learn to command a little bit of Spanish. So my 911 call must have been made in the very early 1960s: I was drafted 1961 to 1963. Anyway, look up when 911 started: that’s when it happened.

Nobel Dylan?!
2016 10 13 You know when I first read about Bob Dylan winning the Nobel Prize? The very early 1960s! The author was serious in taking Dylan seriously, but basically it was written as something preposterous. The author wanted us to take Bob seriously. I did. And I didn’t think he’d ever win the Novel Prize, more a criticism of the Nobel Prize than a short measure of Dylan.
I’d already known Dylan for a couple of years by the time that article was published: by then I was prett solid in dislike. I liked Bob Dyland as Woodie Gutherie, as another Jack Elliott; not as “Bob Dylan”.
And he was so damned standoffish. Worst of all: I tapped him on the shoulder? touched his collar bone! No flesh! Creepy.
2016 10 22 This morning Yahoo reports that Dylan has still made no public response to the award. He performed in Las Vegas, sang his songs, and made no comment. He’s got a real talent for pissing people off; I may become a fan again: as I was in 1962.

Victorian Modern
2016 10 13 Mr. Turner has young Queen Victoria stroll into the art gallery. Price Albert walks a few steps behind her, much more of the court walks behind him. Queen Victoria makes fun of the Turners. Insults them. Prince Albert etc. chuckles.
Just before he dies Turner tells Sophie Booth that he saw the Crystal Palace being erected (1851), crystal panels ascending to the clouds. In the art gallery, for years by that time, other artists of the age invent explanations for Turner’s developing, morphing style: his eyes are going bad, he’s loony …

Turner was the first artist to go modern before, long long before, anyone knew what that meant. Everyone knew what Albert was doing when he substituted engineering for art; no one knew what Turner was doing: perhaps including Turner!

I gotta say more on this, meantime here’s a word or two up.

What I gotta jot while I’m thinking of it: previous to last night and watching M. Turner I knew nothing about Turner’s life. Of all my favorite artists Turner is probably the one I can to admire most slowly. I was fifteen when I first saw Monet. I went crazy. After that, Met, 1953, I saw lots of Monet. When I strolled through a room with Turners they didn’t register on me any more than the Constables. I didn’t notice the pre-moderns until I was saturated with the moderns. But I certainly recognized modern architecture: the Eiffel Tower.! Meantime: Turner was hardly like Van Gogh, selling nothing. Turner painting since he was a toddler. He drew in his father’s barbershop. His father put the drawings in the window, they sold, all of them sold, always. Tutner never didn’t know commercial success. When he was inventing modern art, while people were insulting the work, they were still buying it: at higher and higher prices!! Amazing.

Anyway, notice the time periods. Turner died in 1851. His radical stuff he been on view, in royal collections, in John Ruskin’s collection, for a decade or more. Intellectual taste and public taste was splitting but hadn’t yet sundered. Then again: Turner turned toward “Impressionism” (and toward “action” painting way before those movements occurred: but: he’d painted in styles that looked more conventional to the public before he went crazy: the public knew there was a skilled foundation there, whether or not he was losin his eye sight, losing his mind. Like Rembrandt! Rembrandt got famous got rich: then got infamous, then could no longer feed himself.

Before I go away, to be back later, I say: in the 1840s the British public would never have dreamed that the day would come when the public and the academics wouldn’t give a shit what Victoria thought about a painting: art and culture had not yet deviated: or, they were deviating, but no one noticed.
Oh: also gotta say: Timothy Spall did a great job depicting Turner. Good cast overall.
And I’m tickled to be learning more about British (and English) history than I ever imagined. As in English major in college I knew more than most, but nothing compared to what Anglophiles knew. Even when I married an English wife I was still relatively ignorant by Anglophile standards.
It fits with my current streaming of NetFlix stuff: I’ve been steeped in Welsh, Cornwallian, Irish … Scots, Icelandic, Danish … Viking …

SC Allegations–abc-news-topstories.html
2016 10 14 “When a teenage gunman allegedly opened fire outside an elementary school in South Carolina last month, a horrifying scene unfolded, detailed in newly released 911 calls.”
Astounding! It was last month and the shooting is still an “allegation”, not a fact?
The media have always been illiterate, but never like currently. It isn’t the existence of the shooting that has to be kept in doubt, it’s the identity of the alleged shooter.

Comic Book Theology
2016 10 10 In the Christianity of my childhood God will judge us, infallibly, when he gets around to it. In the meantime: he knows: good from evil. Etc.
Actually that’s easy, because good is whatever he likes, bad is whatever he doesn’t.
God can call Judgment whenever he wants to.
If we see Superman kicking the crap out of robbers as they flee the bank holding bags of money, most Christians know that God has Superman’s back. Superman doesn’t need a court system or an edifice of law.

Real Americans don’t need science. They just need to kick ass. Like in the comix.

I was seldom good at assignments in school, but now that I’m an old man, a veteran daredevil, it’s a marvel, I’m nearly infallible. My son recommended some Marvel titles I’d never heard of. He suggested that I should know Jessica Jones and Luke Cage but that I should know Daredevil as a prerequisite. It’s tough, I really despise much of it, but I’m being religious in obedience. Two things make it not easy, but a pleasure. That Rosario Dawson dragging her aches and pains around the blind guy’s apartment. Oh, Jesus: any second now she’s gonna put her jug against his face. Her bottom is going to engulf him. If nothing else I’ve learned something about that astonishing actress’ career: I’d heard she was spotted by a photographer as she sat on the stoop of a brownestone in the Bronx, in Brooklyn, some damn place with lucscious Hispanics. But now Wikipedia tells me she was a Disney kid: don’t you have to be discovered before you’re on Disney? not afterward. So: she was discovered, then she was discovered again. I met her in Men in Black. Yowie. Also in that same franchise I met Vincent D’Onofrio. bk already was a fan from some TV thing: told me to be alert.
I was. Anyway, marvelous as some of the cast looked in Daredevil, all the characters were hateful. Enough of that, stop right there. I’ll limit my comments to satiety with comic book theology: namely the infallability of comic heroes, Superman, Batman, Tarzan, in identifying bad guys. Instead of saying Hay, some doofus in a cape is assaulting those gentlemen coming out of the bank, we say Oh goody, Superman is pulverizing the crooks.
But no, I’m not done. I must note further that nations are like comix: we know who the bad guys are. We know who to bomb, who to commit genocide against. We know whose natural resources to steal by treaty, we know how to enslave the people to dig in the mines for us.

When I was a kid I scoffed at Catholics who believed that their Pope was infallible in some areas. But in WWII I knew infallibly who deserved a nuke up their heinie.

Anatomy Wrong? Never Mind
2016 10 10 Trup talked about grabbing girls by the quim, and, if they, the men, are a star (like him), getting away with it. Now women are telling their stories of being physuically and semiotically disrespected. Except, having been denied knowledge of the world, and of themselves, having had their vocabularies pruned, nothing offered in place of it, they don’t know how! or, they get it wrong. Pathetic. One poor woman recalles being at a party and her ex-boyfriend, grabs her by the hair, and, his other hand under her skirt, grabs her by the “vagina”, and carries her, kicking and screaming.
I’m reminded of the joke about the Jewish taylor winning the princess and half the kingdom by hoisting her greased self onto her horse. All other suitors had failed. The taylor is asked how he alone was able to hold her without her spitting out of his arms like a watermelon seed.

“Have you ever picked up a blowling ball?” the taylor asks.

Funny. Now we picture it, vividly: he’s got his thumb up her ass and his pointer and ring fingers in her twat. Two of his three fingers are in her vagina, yes, but if you have to say he’s grabbing her “by” anything, what he’s mainly got hold of is her “vulva”. The meat of her pussy is not her vagina. Her vagina is an empty cavity, a sluice tube. He’s got her by the vulva: that’s her lips, outer lipe, inner lips, her clitoris …

Why don’t women have their vulva in their vocabulary? Because the culture has forbidden them to identify and name aloud (or whisper, or mouth), their pleasure parts.

Why? Because in this culture women haven’t been allowed any pleasure.

Christianity isn’t quite as severe as Islam: in Islam the vulva is cifcumcized away, flushed down the drain. We don’t want women who know how and where to get it on, to get off.
And men don’t know what to make of it when they do: I just saw a porn where the porn whore kept talking about “jerking off”: and I realized, she didn’t mean me, she meant her: she gets horny, she “jerks off”.

Seductive Sinatra
2016 10 08
Claims clusters of romances, erotic partners for Old Blue Eyes. Once upon a time Sinatra was my favorite male singer. He still is, I guess. And I flipped out when he turned from clubs and vinyl to movies: thought his From Here to Eternity was the cats pajamas. Sinatra was one of the pop & jazz disks that fell onto my turntable the most often on my most Marathon love night. Jackie and I climaxed again and again, whetting our palettes for diner: seven complete times I screwed her, until the cops came with complaints from the heighbors. The cops were very impressed, they’d witnessed plenty themselves. Anyway, Sinatra fell to the turntable again, and again: Songs for Swinging Lovers was the album: Bud Powell came along second. So: I was vulnerable to Sinatra worship. Fortunately Mario Puzo cured me before I was humiliated by Old Baldy.
Puzo told funny stories about Sinatra threatening him with physical violence in Las Vegas. Apparently, writing his fictional singer in the Godfather, Puzo had guessed right about a couple of Frankie’s success secrets: Sinatra must have thought the inside of his head had been burglarized: hacked. Betrayed.

So: in the 1950s I was vulnerable, by the early 1960s I was cured. Sinatra was a magician with his voice, but not with his pecker. I had him way beat.

Blondie’s Blond
2016 10 08 I’m about to watch Blondie’s New York. I’m going to be alert for a specific something: it just occurred to me, and now I’m going to check it, test it: Debbie Harry of Blondie isn’t just blond, she’s Bert Stern’s Marilyn Monroe deadpan frizzed and teased blond! Loaded with significance, which I’ll get to if I live long enough, at least kick the subject off.
It’s a great great image, greater than anything Mayilyn or Hollywood ever did with it.
OK, now I’m on record for saying so: let’s see what develops.

Marilyn Monroe, Bert Stern
thanx daringtodo

Not that one actually, but I’ll find the one I mean: Circle Gallery published it in the 1970s on different papers: black on silver, gold on silver …

Blondie's Debbie Harry
thanx biography

I’ll find a better pic than that too. In an emergency they’re close enough.

By the way, looking for that one I stumbled on another I did not expect:

Blondie's Debbie Harry with boob
thanx pinterest

Is that adorable? On the small side but utterly cute. That girl is a showman.

Foxy Knox Wurst
& the Science Police
2016 10 03 I’m very proud of my ignorance of much of popular culture. I don’t gad after every rumor about Trump, or Clinton, any more than I did about Kennedy or Nixon or Ike. JFK “caused” a traffic jam on Long Island in 1959 or so. I was delayed, and I hated him for it: but then I already hated him, on principle before I ever heard of him as a specific individual running for president.
Funny thing is, depending on your sense of humor, sometimes I’ll gad after a rumor decades, or centuries, after it’s gone stale for others. For Instance, I’m just watching a documentary on Amanda Knox. It’s my first dip into the story. I swear to you, I knew nothing, except that there was a story: American girl tried for murder in Italy: gets off, then doesn’t, then does …
Not only do I not want to know who JFK is, or Nixon or Stalin or Caesar, not only do I not believe in any of the myths of “America”, I don’t believe police are competent to establish fact-A or fact-B …
Here’s my view: Civilization is a sorry business under the best of circumstances. We couldn’t tell Jesus from Pilat two thousand years ago, and we still can’t. But no matter how “wrong” a death-by-murder is, crimes committed by police, by journalists, by politicians in investigating said murder are worse. Cops told Amanda Knox she had AIDS! They made it up! How are they still allowed to be cops?
Because lies, malignancy are par for the course.

Or: they are cops, stay away: warn others.
Media frenzies are evil: don’t add fuel to an explosion.

2016 10 08 I just scribbled a bit more on the subject in my Thinking Tools / Reason / Evidence post: and still have a it to add. The cop who butchered the Italian Prosecution’s case against Amanda Knox seemed like a nice enough guy: so what: does that gibe him a license to lie, to bungle, to torture, to mangle lives in the name of Justice? He got prmoted! reminds me of the drunk at the helm of the Valdez. Instead of being convicted to slow torture for murdering the planet, bozo was put in charge of teaching SafeTy for EXON.

another point coming in a sec

Who’s Who
2016 09 27 Answer me this, think about your answer:
Did Pilat know who Jesus was?

Should knowing who Jesus was have been a requirement for the job?
Did Tiberius know who Pilat was? Ditto, ditto: etc., etc.
Herod knew who Pilat was: did Pilat know who Herod was? Was “local king” good enough? or should Pilat have known that Herod was a Jewish king? Should Pilat have know that there was a contention specifically between Herod and Jesus as to who was the king of the Jews?
If the US wants to help Israel does it matter whether the US helpers know who Jesus was? or Herod? or Pilat?

Let me ask a different question: Does the Roman Catholic Church know who Jesus was? Infallibly?
Did the Roman Catholic Church know who Ivan Illich was? when they defrocked him?

What would happen to the world if God decided that these questions had important answers? and that people should be held accountable for the truth of their answers?
Just the first one, for instance: Did Pilat know who Jesus was?

One more bonus question: did my PhD committee know who I was when they were interrupting my answers to their questions? Should they have known?

Never Surrender
2016 09 25 Back in the 1940s, WWII just over, I heard about the Japanese soldiers in the Pacific who fought on, not accepting Japan’s defeat. And then there was one: a hero not just to me but to the whole world. And today there’s a feature:

Generous No Face
2016 09 22 If I hadn’t fallen in love with Beauty and the Beast (Cocteau) as a kid, with City Lights (Chaplin), Shane (Hollywood) would I be watching all the other kinds of “movies” I do today? Not likely. bk gave me a box of more than 100 cassettes a couple of decades ago so he could catch me up on some of the movies I’d missed sacrificing my life and family to deschooling, then to a stupid criminal business, then to writing still more: as I’d written all along, since 1948. But the movies Netflix offers have chanced, expanded. Now it’s not just Casablance, and Ikiru; I get movies on English castles, Irish castles, the Irish rebellions, the English suppressions … King This, Queen that, Jack Johnson, the Civil War … Now I find a cooking show every bit as great as I used to find Bunuel to be, or Goddard. Last night I watch a Woman with No Face: surgeons cut two aggressive tumors from a young woman’s face. The tumors had eaten her eye, her nose, the top of her mouth: were starting in on her brain. We saw her pretty enough and vial, then we see her looking like a Picasso. Anyway, the head surgeon explains all as we go along. Of course it’s a great movie for him, as he and his team of surgeons worked for “free”. He was careful to explain: he forewent his normal fees, so did his peers: but they didn’t volunteer the hospital’s time and equipment, the wages of the rest of the staff. The surgeon didn’t get paid, at least not by that patient, but the janitor did get paid, by that and other patients: they didn’t coerce the nurses to labor for free.

Imagine the Wheel of Fortune promising a Mercedes Benz as a prize, then explaining that there’s no salesman’s commission, and the CEO has foregone his profit on that particular car, but the union labor still gets their $1,000 per hour and their vacation pay and their SS deductions …

Before Custer Crazy Horse and his fellow braves could give a feast, and even let the women and children attend, but not charge any cowrie shells, no eagle feathers, not from the chief, not from the child. But once we’re living ina full-blown kleptocracy, no one can “give” anything without cheating somebody.

Imagine a free day of school. Does that mean you don’t have to go to school? does it mean that the teachers don’t get paid? that they get paid half-time? or the staff? does the prinicpal get paid? Does the school board?

Imagine walking into WalMart and there’s the Campbell’s Kicking Krab Bisque: $2.99. Imagine the price label subdivided: x% for Campbell’s, y% for Sam: m¢ for rent, n¢ for taxes, p¢ for administration: q¢ for the stock clerk, r¢ for the warehouse guy, s¢ for the checkout girl t¢ for shoplifting … Don’t forget the kid who gathers up the carts in the parking lot, chases around the neighborhood for more, sweeps the floors, the lot, the basement … Now imagine that the stock boy says I’ll forgo my 2¢ in this particular case: I think the girl is cute, I’m flirting with her …

Dress Code
2016 09 16 I arise around 7, put on the coffee, crank up the Mac: check my email, let Yahoo sift some headlines for me … This morning there was a jam of headlines about girls not admitted to their school dance for “inappropriate” dress, girls sent home over leggings, girls sent home over absence of leggings … Once upon a time it was clear: the Temple gave you Commandments, supposedly passing them on from God: the Church told you how you could dress, what you could say … how to pray. But then supposedly we got rid of the church, practicedd genocide on the natires and formed a “republic”: declared ourselves “free” … I understand where Roman Catholic schools get their school uniforms: now tell me where secular schools get theirs. In fact, tell me where secular schools come from in the first place. If we’re free, when did we get yoked with schools? When did the schools tell us how to dress? make us go, then not let us in?

I’m 100% in favor of kleptocracies embarrassing themselves with contradictory claims. It isn’t as though anything humans ever said made sense. Nature had provided us with air, water, food: or opportunities to find food, made shelter, find mates, raise young … raise more young. Now we don’t find food, we’re not allowed to find food; we have to buy food, we have to get a job and get money to buy food, to buy shelter, to buy a woman … to rent children: to pretend they’re ours while we’re told what to do, while they’re told what to think, say, believe.

So: I wanted to say some of this, and link to one of the half dozen stories Yahoo offered me at 7:30 this morning. But now it’s 9. I go back to Yahoo and there are no such headlines, ther’s nothing about dress codes, dresses, leggings: girls showing or not showing their legs, their hips, their boobs, their ass … No, now the headlines are all about football kickoffs, new rules, Belichek this, Tom Brady that. & hIller: Clinton diseases …

You can vote for whomever you want, so long as they’re an ill-mannered blowhard, or the wife of a presidential pervert.

One thing is clear: it’s not my fault. I offered us a cybernetic free marketplace with my Free Learning Exchange, 1970. Had the public given FLEX money, the state’s power to tax could have weakened. We could have formed a real social order, based in freedom: free information: real choice instead of forced choice: we could have voted for any of 300,000,000 individuals, instead of the Donald or hIllary.

Don’t blame me. Hey, that would make a good song!

Amelia Earhart
2016 09 13 Jeez will you look at Amelia Earhart!

thanx ibtimes

I’m glad we’re finally put together some traces of her disappearance. We knew she wasa great woman, a great pilot; now look how striking she was!

Ryan Lochte Chances
2016 09 13 Ryan Lochte and his mother and his sponsors want him to have a second chance. Was his first chance really a first? Hasn’t he been sponsored all along? Hasn’t he been subsidized in way-beyond-average comfort? I don’t know, but somebody with a journalism budget could look it up and argue it out in detail. Didn’t he have a TV show? Did you have a TV show? I didn’t.
Actually I did, The Free Learning Exchange, 1971 ff, Manhattan Cable: but it cost me to have it. I infited the world to pay for its own internet, I paid in the meantime. I’m still paying.
Well, when God shows up, all will be corrected. That’s the theory anyway.

Ashamed to Be Naked
2016 09 12 First Contact, Lost Tribes of the Amazon
Naked natives see clothing, they want it. They do not want to go back into the forest, naked. Genesis is uncannily echoed. Make sure you read Jared Diamond on the subject, perspective New Guinea.

Naked Horror
2016 09 09 There’s a headline today that Facebook did an aboutface with regard to the “nudity”: re: the famous photo of the Vietnamese girl running screaming naked from the napalm on a road, amid other children, and soldiers. Facebook has, or had, a policy forbidding nude pictures: somebody posted the picture, Facebook deleted it, then reversed field, allowed it back.

I had one rule in graduate school, if the professor forbids it, find a way to do it where the professor won’t notice, will approve disobedience, will declare WW III … My teacher in this was familiar, or should have been: America, freedom, jazz, modern art, modern lit …

My specific teacher was Charlie Parker. Bird said “You can do anything.” Lester Young, the Pres, the first great musician I ever saw live, visiting Birdland at age 15, was quoted in Downbeat to illustate Bird’s rule: Bird’s rule against rules. Of course there are rules, but it’s hard to say them right. Anyway Bird said You can do anything: Lester said, Well, except for … and I wasn’t a musician so I don’t know what he said. But Lester said one night he was listening to Bird and along cam the situation that Pres would avod, and Bird waded right in, and Pres said, Yes, you can: in that circumstance it worked.

I didn’t know what they were talking about, except in genearl terms: freedom. Find a way to make the exception work for you.

Well, my grad prof who always ticked me off, challenged me, was Max Patrick: drunk, queer, loud, vulgar. He said Don’t this and that. Therefore I did this and that, showed him there were circumstances where I was right. But he never discussed it with me, just gave me an A: or was it an A-? Suggested that I submit the paper for publication.

Isn’t that funny? I don’t even remember what the rule was!

Web Narrator
2016 09 09 “No one said there was anything wrong with being gay, so why did it take so long for XYZ to come out of the closet?”
What? Where has this insanely wrong omniscient narrator been?
Who writes this drivel? Community College flunk-outs?
I know one thing: they’ve got an editor encouraging them.
The flunk-outs might write it, but without the editor, without ad sales, few would see it.

News Abortion
2016 09 08 For twenty-one years now I’ve posted hints at on what a pain in the ass I’ve always been: since grammar school at least. The school wanted me to study “history”: but St Paul had already taught me that human records are not to be trusted. And Thoreau had taught me how to be snooty about it: You study the Times; I’ll study the Ages. Obnoxious, right? Still, a lot of truth in it: for a twelve year old kid anyway. So: 1938 till 2016 I don’t trust media (including media I had trusted: the Bible for example!) The internet changed that, and chanted it some more. When I founded FLEX, 1970, my idea for my (Ivan Illich’s) world’s first internet, was that people were invited to declare themselves as a resource. Anyone could claim anything. The claim wasn’t censored, wasn’t edited against truth. Quality contgrol would come from the similarly uncensored, unedited response of the public: Joe Blow says he’s a great physicit; Joe Blow’s student Suzie says all Joe Blow did for her all day was look up her dress; but Albert Einstein says Joe Blow is a great physicist. Get it? Caveat emptor! No censorship, no licensing: let people trust their sense! whether their sense is trustworthy of not!

1995 the Pentagon’s plagiarized internet addicts me for a while. The Pentagon and CERN ought to owe me a trillion dollars in back royalties plus penalties by 1995, but I’m not expecting to receive a penny: not a penny more than John Sutter or Crazy Horse or Tesla. I keep mum, and read Yahoo. I hate Yahoo, but I read it. And here twenty-one yars later I still read it; but less and less so: I hate it so much more than formerly.
But never more than this morning. Some woman says she’s leaving her second husband to be with her girlfriend. She wrote a book, a best seller, when she left her first husband. I don’t know what, that’s not what I’m skimming it for. I watch the female news presenter say Go, Girl, good for you, and then see the male presenter pick up his cue: Go, Girl, About time! Good for you?

Saint Paul: HeavyWeight BullShit Champ

When I was a kid, reading St. Paul, knowing, correctly, that Paul’s glib rhetoric was an easy path to influence, success, a following, an income … Paul was telling us what “God” wanted, and Paul’s churches would beat us all over the head till we confomred. … The churches told us to marry: and stay married. No matter how miserable your lives, stay married. One male marries one female. One female marries one male. He owns your ass, he can order you about, even beat you a little: and you don’t have to like it but you do have to take it. Stay married!
Now the media are telling us: Leave one husband, leave another husband, it doesn’t matter what you vowed: Now you’re queer? Go, Girl.

Cultures change. Cultures have unfathomable algorithms for how to change. They do or we’d all be the same, forever, except we wouldn’t live that long … But where the hell did this Let’s all celebrate dykes come from?

Trouble is, I’ve already kind of learned how to negotiate my way around Yahoo! If I leave, I’ll be lost. So fuck me, I’ve long been lost anyway.

It’s not as though anything makes any sense.

St. Paul PS
St. Paul’s the heavyweight for two millenia. Not only are a couple of his epistles forgeries, but they’re made up out of whole cloth. It isn’t that there’s a know Pauline epistle that the NT’s epistle is hoping to pass for; there’s no such epistle, none known anyway. It’s not Paul, and he’s not saying Paul’s things. Double bull, double dishonest.
Did I say that clearly? Not clearly enough. Make an effort: you cannot overplay the deceit. Like Nixon: don’t assume small mistakes, honestly intentioned; no, assume maximum fraud, maximally defractioned.

Witches: as Social Cleansing

Yesterday I watched the doc Witches: a Century of Murder: Sixteenth-century witch hunts crossing the border from Scotland south to England, then crossing the Atlantic west to Salem: Dr. BigHipped Blond the presenter. King James didn’t just translate the Bible, he wrote about witches, urged reason, caution, to no avail. The presenter, Scottish strawberry-blond, sincere, is aghast that people could burn people as heretics for no better reason than rumor and superstition. Believe me, that’s still the case: I know, I’m a social outcast, I’ve seen society bend its own rules, hypnotize itself to think that murder is justice.

The form of torture used to extract confessions from accused witches is close kin to the form of torture used in recent decades by American military / intelligence to torture Muslims re: ISIS: waterboarding.
The “witch” in the history was old, ugly, poor, had only one leg, no friends, was cantankerous, lived on social charity. So: the people paid for her keep and got cursed for thanks. How do you get rid of such an unpleasant expense? Torture her into confessing to witchcraft!

Eighty year old man the same. His case was trickier since he was deemed a man of God: church deacon, reverend, some damn thing. With him they “swam-a-witch”: near drowned him. The torture is much like the epistemological ritual in which Germanic tribes determined guilt or innocence: drown you: if your body sank, the river received you, you were innocent; if your body floated, nature’s waters rejected you, you were guilty. Swimming a witch depended on the idea that your body accepted / or rejected “baptism”.

The trick is to see that people — Teutons, Scots, English, King James … Salemites, Americans — see themselves as “rational”. A riot.

The one-legged old woman got visited by her neighbors who stripped her naked, cut off her hair, finally found the “proof” they wanted: a mole, an age-spot on her genitals: sure evidence that she had slept with Satan, was in league with the Devil.

One problem we’ve all got is there are a jillion sects, Roman Catholic, screaming Baptist, still that claim that the Bible is true, literally. The Bible says to kill witches, the Bible treats witches as “real”, how can anyone deny it? and also hope for heaven? “Reason” has no ancient book promoting it: on the contrary. Murdering witches after torturing them, that’s what has “authority”.

2016 09 05 I used to flatter myself that I was exceptionally good at multitasking. I still do. At the same time I freely admit that it’s unlikely that many of us are. That driver going by with a phone to his ear, the woman drying her nail-polish as she signals left: cancel her insurance, charge him triple, don’t write liability for them, not at the standard rate.
I remember specifically the first time I ever heard of multi-tasking: oh, not by that name of course. It was a couple of anecdotes about Saint Thomas Acquinas: famous genius. Yes, I don’t doubt that he could out-multi-task many another (including many another genius / saint / etc.) I also bet he’d have done better had he not tried to pray while writing a letter while solving the Sudoku for the day. The second such guy I ever heard identified was John Philip Telemann, the Baroque composer. He was a good one, a very good one, very prolific; but he wasn’t Bach: he wasn’t any of the Bachs! I heard he could write a concerto while babblind on the phone: that’s a joke, there were no phones in his day. Simple to say: he could multi-task.
Recently I saw a study. The subject swore he was extra-good at multitasking. They showed him driving and phoning at the same time: they also showed him not seeing the Stop sign, not hearing the fire truck …
Better than average? Good, but that’s still not good enough. Stop trying. Pay attention: to one, or two, not three things.
When I was a kid I’d watch my mother watching us and she drove. She had to put the brake on, she’d reach across improvising her arm as a seat belt. Of course we had no seat belts in 1946, none in 1956 either. Even at age eight I wished my mother would drive and not also try to be a seat belt. I don’t doubt that she doubled our danger, not our safety.

Bent Spear
2016 08 28 The military had nukes on the loose, and no one knew, certainly not the military!

No matter how much evidence the fed corrupts, it’s still the fed.
Incompetence disqualifies the underling, not the boss.

Anybody in the military who should have known where the nukes were, when the nukes got moved, when the nukes failed to get moved … anybody in authority who knew anything shouldn’t resign, shouldn’t be allowed to make promises; they should have the nukes shoved up their ass, and more nukes shoved up the ass of their families, their senator, their judge.

We’re morons not to take taboo seriously.

Katrina ’16
2016 08 16 Floods in Louisiana, not the first floods we’ve heard of, yes?
I don’t know much about Louisiana, I’ve only been there once: drove across it, zroom. But I do know one thing that we shouldn’t have needed Hurricane Katrina to teach us: Gulf Coast Louisiana, delta Louisiana, is very low, some of it below sea level.

So is the Netherlands, but with a difference: the Dutch know they’re at risk, and they know more or less what they’re doing. Well, maybe some of the white folks in Louisiana know what they’re doing too: they put the n-s, not the whites in the middle of the floods. Other than that, the powers of Louisiana look like Faulkner’s Snopes family.

No, that’s not fair. Louisiana has something else going for it, making it one of the great places on earth, floods or no floods: New Orleans! Creoles! jazz! food! sea food! gumbo!

If we want to plan how to treat global warming the people who developed the Gulf Coast are the very people to trust our future viability to. We’ll be ten foot under water and call it sunshine.

No, wait, there’s something else: I bet the bass fishing is as good as it is here in Florida. And that’s something. I’d love to kayak into the swamps and just stay there. We’ll all be drowning, I’ll be catching bass.

No, wait, I have another favorite thing about Louisiana: the Louisiana Purchase. Thomas Jefferson wrote some of the greatest rhetoric about independence, equality, government; but he bought half the continent from Russia without consulting congress! He could’a built Baton Rouge!

Underwater? Nearly underwater? Just give it to the Army Corps of Engineers.

I should be careful when I insult engineers, my uncle was with the Engineers in Korea, 1950s.

2016 08 16 Died August 16, RIP anniversary.
Elvis didn’t drink! didn’t smoke! But boy, he took a lot of pills!
When Elvis wiggled on TV I was already famous (locally) for how I wiggled on the dance floor: obscene, even I was embarrassed. But now, 60 years later, I remember Elvis wiggling on TV with great fondness. Must have been somethin, in Memphis, in those years: Elvis, Johnny Cash, Jerry Lee Lewis … If I hadn’t loved jazz so much, and therefore despised and resented the rockers, I might have paid more attention at the time.

2016 08 16 The girl diving for the finish line beat the girl, Felix, running for the finish line. When I was on the high school track team I was taught that running was faster than diving. Should all the runners now be able to sue their traditional coaches? Shouldn’t all previous medals have to be returned? the medals melted down, worthless?
I’m reminded of how the flat track photo finish was explained to me in 1961 when partner Dave and I were selling reproductions at the track: the camera aperture was a slit, a thin line, locked onto the finish line: only something touching the line registered. If you fell down one inch short of the finish line you were not on the photo. Fall down one inch short and the crowd sees you but the photo-finish does not. So: falling would count, but only if you fell over the line. the danger would be in missing it: safer to run, not fall; though falling might win.

But now I don’t believe anything of the kind. And I have no confidence that God gets it either.

Bridge Rock
2016 08 08
This link references the injury to a woman from a rock dropped on her car from an overpass. Yeah, lady, I’ve been there. As a freshman at Columbia, NYC, 1956, I joined the crew team. We practiced on the Harlem River. The boat house was on a north Manhattan shore. Our race courses finished around Yankee Stadium, we’d rest in the lea of Giants Stadium, some famous realestate. Every day brought one adventure we could all have done without: we row under the brige, where was it? 155th St? Kids lay in wait for us. They’re drop rocks as we were forced to run their gauntlet.
I don’t remember anyone being killed, or blinded, or concussed. The coach didn’t arm his launch with a rifle to shoot the kids before they could attack. The coach would tell us, sheepishly that he’d reported the behavior to the cops: what else could he do?
One thing we could have done just occurred to me: we could have sent the freshman crew to row under the bridge while hiding the varsity crew in a van on the bridge. The kids prepare a rock, the varsity erupts from the van: drops the kids off the span instead of their rocks.
A kid thrown from the bridge, getting his neck broken, would, I guarantee, have squelched bridge-rocking as a form of fun.
I’m enjoying thinking it a bit through. We crewmen were eighteen to twenty-one or two. Some of the varsity may have been twenty-two. I was 5’8 and weighted 132 — except for race hour, when, as coxswain, I would do sit-ups in the furnace room till I’d sweated away ten pounds: I raced at 122 — but the oarsmen, the heavyweight crew went 180 to 220 or so. These guys played football at 230 but rowed at 180: gigantic thighs would reduce to toothpicks, relatively little of the leg used in rowing. The kids dropping the rocks were what, maybe ten? twelve?
The last several days I’ve been deliciously watching Tales of Irish Castles. I know a fair amount of British and English feudal to medieval history. Irish history I know as a minor subcidiary, more myth than history: so I’m loving it, learning more of the presence of the vikings than most would have guessed. In simple, the Saxon pushed aside the Celts, the Normans conquered the Saxons. The Vikings held Dublin, used it as their ship yard, but don’t you dare wander into the bulk of Ireland. It could we like dancing across the mountains of Colombia with your dick in your hand. You wouldn’t have a dick very long. Ireland was feudal anarchy. Mmm, mmm, good. Chieftains killed chieftains, killed women, killed anything.
The Anglo Normans ventured into Ireland, sweeping all before them for the first dozen miles. After that it was every Lord for himself: the Anglo Norman lords would make a nice tidbit for the Irish wildmen. So the English built their castles, and hid in them, ruling the bit they had.
So: NYC was like Ireland. Some of Manhattan was like the Irish pale, English lords ruled safely there. Spotted here are there were the institutions to grow Enblish law, English order, institutions for secular priesthoods like we at Columbia were studying for. Across from the Columbia boathouse on the Harlem was the Bronx: don’t even mention it: that was like the bulk of Ireland: anarchy. And on the 155 Street Bridge, awaiting their sport-prey, crouched the kids, Manhattan kids, Bronx kids, wildings, maimers, with nothing to do with English law or NY order.
So, pre-law or pre-med or whatever we yeomen were at Columbia, throwing kids from bridges was not our normal activity. We’d row, we’d try to win, sometimes we did, more often we lost, we’d sigh, go home, get drunk, study; we didn’t eat the other crew, nor did we get eaten: English law. But don’t think the Irish with their Gaelic chieftains had anything to with English law, except to suffer under it: fool, just go west another furlong, leave the English behind. There’s no English law there, Irish law, maybe.
You wanna see Irish law? See Quest for Fire.
Meantime I look forward to watching Tales of Irish Castles again, with Jan when she comes back from Nova Scotia. Hey, that’s Celtic too!

2016 10 06
Kids threw a Target store cart out an upperstory window and injured a woman in the parking lot. She’s suing, not the kids, but Target! and she’s about to collect. Why? What did Target do? Sue the kids, maim the kids. Throw the kids from the window.

“Group” scribble moved to “Rebellion” scribble.

Jesse Owens Anniversary
2016 08 03 Jesse won four gold medals. Hitler explained that African people were primitive, that’s why they won. Physical superiority was proof of inferiority: blacks should not be permitted to participate in games that they’ll win.
It’s as rational as anything else Hitler said, wasn’t it?

Indebted Nun
2016 07 15 Girl goes to college, takes on debt. Now she wants to be a nun. Fine, says the convent, but pay your student loans off first.
If the culture wants us to attend university the culture should pay us to attend university, not in-debt us.
I read an article the other day about someone who did well in college, “earned” a internship. Uh, they worked full time, maybe worked well, maybe worked hard, but earned nothing! What? Imagine the Warriors calling Steph Curry and saying we want you to be back-to-back MVP for us: we’ll earn billions; you’ll earn nothing, but we’ll say nice thing about you in the paper, until we decided in stead to call you a Commie, or a Terrorist.

(I wound up ranting this. Rant is what I expected, but I’d wanted a good rant, not a rant rant. Oh well, I’ll work on it.
What would Jesus do? Supposedly God instructed his son Jesus what to say to the rabbis at the Temple once he got to Jerusalem for Passover. He got arrested by priests whom God had not personally instructed in heaven. Jesus got torturned, murdered. What was his salary? Or did he have an internship?
I earned lots of money throughout my boyhood, throughout college. Then I was drafted. Then I went to grad school. NYU gave me a fellowship: meaning, instead of owing them $1,000 to abuse my brilliance, they’d give me $500.
What if Steph Curry’s internship promised him $20M a year for five years: he had only to pay $10M a year to get it.
I started Columbia in 1956. I was drafted in 1961. I started at NYU on my PhD in 1962, at first getting only slightly into debt. Years slipped by as I found no one who understood my reading of Shakespeare’s Sonnets. I took my first teaching job in 1967: my first “educated” income: $8,000 per year! Eleven of twenty-five of us in the department got fired for standing in silent proest on the chapel steps once a week. I got blackballed beyond 1967. I got blackballed permanently: by refusing to budge.
If Jesus arrives on earth with special training, should the Temple be able to crucify him without paying off God’s tuition first? so damn angry, I’ll add later.

Defacing the Holocaust
2016 07 10 wikipedia has an article on a pogrom in Poland, Jedwabne. The illustration depicts a stone monument: all black:

I bet I know what happened here: it happens all over the world,
whereever there are stone monuments. someone wants to take an ink
rubbing: copy the relief image. They should press the paper onto-and-into the surface, then ink the paper, then remove the print: leaving the stone relief intact. But
they don’t; they ink the stone! then press the paper.

Incompetent sentimentality. Imagine going to the Lincoln Memorial on the Mall and immolating yourself: set fire, leave a stain. Kilroy was here.
But there’s no way to guard every grave
stone, every memorial plaque …

Value Over Time
2016 07 10
“Bernie Palmer, sold the rights to this picture and others for a mere $10 not realizing they’d be worth much more money in years to come.”
This Yahoo author knows the photographer’s motivation from 1912? wouldn’t “how” he knew or didn’t know that be more important news than that he took a pic and sold it? The kid is starving in Bangladesh, he finds a crust of bread, he eats it. If doesn’t matter that the crust might auction for $1M in 2016; the kid is starving in 1912. It’s a fact that the photographer sold the pic for $10; what he may have been thinking is pure yellow journalism bull. I used to read the Times, now I read Yahoo, and it’s totally degenerated: airheads, female airheads, pretending to wisdom.
When my wife threw away all my Mad comics, carefully saved since 1951 or so, I knew they were valuable. I didn’t throw them out: she did. She didn’t care that they might become even more valuable: she hated the idea that her super intellectual husband saved 1950s comix.

Jig is Up
2016 07 08 NJ poisoned the well of the national data base with misinformation from the 1980s. Florida warned me in 2007 that the NDB had a flag against me. I’ve been writing to Trenton every since, to no avail. My licence came due for renewal in 2013. FL refused to renew: even though the bureaucrats had heard my explanations. Trenton just kept sending notices of myriad fines and penalties. So: I’ve been driving as little as possible, as carefully as possible, in full knowledge that if I got stopped, a cop could throw me away and lose the key. But the cops have always been able to throw critics and artists and inventors and saints and geniuses away.
Well, Thursday, it happened. The cop pulled me over. I handed him my expired licence and a fat envelope of correspondence with NJ / FL. He handed it right back to me, didn’t open it.
I asked the cop to accompany me, driving, to my house where I could park the car till all this was resolved, or I died, or they lost m in jail, or something. He said he wan’t a “baby sitter”. He left me parked in the direct sun in the hottest part of the hottest year. No irony, no humor, no sneer of Nazi sadism.
A little luck followed though: I was pulled over on Home Avenue, just off Sebring Parkway, headed downhill toward Faith Lutheran church, conspicuous on the north shore of Lake Jackson. I locked the car and walked to the huge compound occupied by the church, poked around, did find Lyle, the pastor. Said I needed a Good Semaritan. He drove stick. His secretary followed us to my house. I’m home, alive, at my house, an important livesaver aboard: DTP equipment: now I can scan and edit again. I’ve been on a lifeserving emergency, and got smacked.

The kleptocracy knows it has power; what it can’t imagine is that it will be judged: if there’s a true god. And if there’s isn’t, then fuck us, it doesn’t matter what we do, what lies we tell, how many saints get martyred. While I’m here, edited pix will continue to get added: photos of me, of Jan, friends, etc. And pk art.

Fair Trial
2016 06 21 I don’t expect a fair trial in the US:
anymore than I got a fair test at university,
any more than Jesus got a fair trial in Jerusalem.
I don’t expect fairness form humans, no more than I expect them to understand the concept: no matter who explains it. I don’t believe humans will understand what God says at Judgment.

Rights in Kleptocracy
The central characteristic of kleptocrats is to claim credit for the rights that they deny. They destroy freedom, say they grant it: say that no one has ever granted it better.
What better example is there than school? They coerce attendance, claim choice.
Sincere kleptocrats believe that they really have bestowed the freedom they’ve sabotaged.

State Sale
To sell you down the river.
Mark Twain understood it perfects, Heck wanted to head west. Boy we used us that freedom fast.

Disney ‘Gator
2016 06 16 The news has been saturated with it: an alligator snatched a two years old boy on a freshwater beach near Disney, his parents present. After intense searching the boy’s body has been found, intact.
A couple of dozen years ago I gave the tram tours at Highlands Hammock State Park, Sebring FL. The ‘gator population along the South Canal was very high. Early afternoon, in most weathers, at least a couple, maybe dozens, would be spottable. If I can get my scanner back working, I’ll insert a picture of a ‘gator swallowing a ‘possum. It took a series of days. I’ve watched a ‘gator trying to swallow a big catfish that hadn’t proceeded gut-ward for than an inch after three days. Critters are good at swallowing; critters are also good at not getting swallowed.
My point is: a gator will grab any small animal, drown it, then leave it. After several days of ripening the corpse will be much more swallowable. Lions, hyenas chomp and swallow, gorillas chew and chew. Alligators let it decay, then swallow. They never bite off a piece, then chew.
The world is already far too tame for my taste. It’s convenient for us that so much of nature has been denatured. But what’s the long term cost? already too high. You’d put your kid on a leash in traffic; well, freshwater beaches in Florida have traffic too. I’d rather have ‘gators in Florida a grizzlies in Alaska than another billion two year old boys. Sorry for that specific kid, but I don’t want life to be not tough.
What if those parents took a two year old on an African safari and they were out in the grass. Would they leave their kid to play alone? among the lions?
If the gator doesn’t want the two year old he can come after me. I’ll rassle him. Me. I’m so weak these days I can’t even open the cap to a water bottle.

PS The alligator in question was caught: and “euthanized”. Did he get a fair trial? Did wee have his fingerprints?
I’m glad there are humans on earth. I’m glad we’re as smart as we are. It would be interesting if we were smarter. Maybe we’ve already crossed the line where intellience becomes a liability. Maybe we should pray that God isn’t too smart either: boy, is it easy to outsmart yourself.
How smart can we be though when our right to prefer ourselves to all other possibilities is so automatic? But look at God in the Old Testament: he prefers himself to everything: and demands that we also prefer him: to all else!

See for yourself the parallels with the kid Invading the mountain gorilla’s space not long ago. Once we’ve claimed 99.999% of everything there ought to be one used-tissue of space left that is inviably the lions’, the gorilla’s, the ‘gator’s: No, you can’t come in here: and if you come anyway, you won’t be rescued.

Zoos shouldn’t permit any visitors who doesn’t sign six million documents attesting to what they understand and will be held accountable for.

But it’s the animals own fault: they didn’t trim us to size two million years ago. Now they can reap.

Shooter in Orlando
2016 06 Guy shoots a hundred or so people at a gay bar in Orlando, half dead, half wounded. Big Media and Big Government label it “terrorism”: meaning Muslim, meaning IS: meaning poor Asians, the people with our oil so inconveniently on their land. We knock them down, step over them, go ballistic if they try a retaliatory swipe at our balls while we’re standing over them, and go utterly insane if they attack one or two of our buildings.

Homo-hatred, the motive that would normally be advanced is pushed aside. Next thing we all know everyone is participating in mass moments of silence, we’re blubbering about how the fags and lessies loved everybody and each other. When the fed took a nation of racists and forced them to let little black girls into the white schools and to let black men sit at their lunch counter, what happened? When I first drove south public roads were filled with trucks with gun racks, KKK signs: where did those Kluxers go? How did they suddenly all go silent when Martin Luther King is memorialized?

America advertises itself as tolerant while still lynching at Nazi rates. (Instead of dangling from tree limbs the lynched these days may just be jammed into prisons.
And never forget, the Nazis start off lynching queers and Jews and Commies, but they always wind up lynching queers and Jews and Nazis! Percentage-wise Hitler was killing more fellow Nazis at the end, fellow political cell mates, than Jews. A Jew was a dangerous thing to be, but so was a Nazi! Thugs always wind up killing their brothers: like princes.

(scribble chaos, I’ll edit)

Once upon a time the sheriff led the lynch mob; these days the lynch mob is all the sheriff and his deputies.

Note just below an example of the cops destroying suicide notes: when the cops are the librarians for family messages, there is no family, only state.
Good. That’s how I want civilization to commit suicide: by civilization taking overe 100%, till civilization is all we have left, there are no alternatives. And so civilization strangles us

Did this Orlando shooter want to kill queers? or get them eulogized? The shooter is dead, himself shot. Is he turning cartwheels in hell? Are they of joy? or frustration? or are they cartwheels in paradise? replete with virgins? Straight virgins?

The truth isn’t up to the truth; it ain’t up to facts. There are no “facts”, not when the sheriff and the ad agency are the fact gatherers. Not when the sheriff and the ad agency are the same team as Big Media and Big Government, not when they control the writing.

Global warming isn’t global warming; it’s whatever Dupont, Monsanto, the cops and the Times say it is: controllable, controlled. It’s exactly how Stalin counted the votes, and gee, surprise-surprise, found that everyone had voted for Stalin! Or almost everyone. Hell, make it unanimous.

There will still be fingerprints on the gun, but not in the police records. And cops, run by authority, will never understand evidence, argument … hypothesis …

Faith in human testimony is pathetic.

Anyway, notice: Big Media and Big Government are paving the route to Muslim genocide.

If they’d exterminate every religion and every secular superstition too (capitalism, communism, democracy, socialism …) I’d be cheering.

Help! Police!
2016 06 11 A Chicago Woman Wrote a Last Note to Her Parents Before Dying. The Police Destroyed It.
Our institutions fuck up. That’s natural. But then there’s still there!
FBI lab is caught cheating: how come it’s still there? Nixon’s White House was caught lying, cheating; Nixon isn’t still there but the White House is, the FBI lab is … How? Why?
I just read a pundit advising that there would soon be rioting in the street? How come there isn’t rioting already?

God is supposed to step in and clean everything up? Where is he?
But not me. I don’t want centralized top-down solutions: I want civilization expunged. I want people to be free or to be dead.
Or: I want the earth to lie fallow. Then any sentience still around could begin to see what happened.
My ideal world will have no civilization, no cops, no Stalins. And God would have to behave himself. But not because I say so. I don’t want to be the top; I don’t want any top.

Where is He?
2016 06 14 We don’t know where God is. He could be in my room right now: how would I know? or you know? or the priest know? Where do we get the arrogance to assume that we know what God is doing? or saying? or what God looks like?

Infallible Machine
The idea of Judgment is full of holes (maybe just as many as the idea of God! I used to believe that God would present himself, we’d all recognize him, that all quarrels about details would evaporate …
No. God would have to identify himself: infallibly. How? I have no idea, I’m not God. Goverments, states are not competent to have an opinion. Churches are as irrelevant as a political party with no election coming. Science has nothing to say: unless God teaches us what the saying should be.

Here’s no probelem: before you could prove anything about a God you’d have to have first proved a series of things about cosmology, semiotics, theology. Is there a God? Is it this God? Just one of him? or three? How can you be sure?

I would like to be a cop at that hearing. I would like to have an infallible weapon that would instantly evaporate doubters. This Jehovah isn’t good enough for you? You want an Allah instead? Pooft. You’re gone, never to return. Understand, I’m not making the judgment, I’m just holding the gun. The gun goes off, I didn’t pull any trigger. The truth is the trigger.
I would like to hold the gun until my arm falls off.

Above I scribbled “God is supposed to step in and clean everything up? Where is he?” That’s a joke, of course, and one with it’s own flaws. How do we know he hasn’t? How are humans competent to know whether or not judgment has occurred or is occurring? Monkeys shouldn’t supervise the philosophers.

Knocking the Teacher
2016 06 03
English teacher gets laid with 13 year old student of hers, nearly daily, with his parents apparent approval. Ah but she’s been arrested.
Wait a minute: if it’s OK with the 23 year old female teacher, and OK with her 13 year old student, and OK with his parents… whose else’s business is it?
Ah, the law. But ask yourself: what makes it the law’s business? I don’t see that it’s the Pope’s business, or God’s for that matter.
No, no: law is something imposed on us. Might makes right.
No, wait: start over: let’s start with the assumption that God does have the right and the power to legislate: adult English teacher cannot fuck teen boy. Period. OK. Now let’s ask a different question: how does God communicate this law to us? and why should we care? What if we worship a different god with a different law?
Back to square one. All the gods should have it out, duke it up: establish hegemony. Then you would know who, what law, to obey. If Genghis Khan trains babies from the cradle[: do what the Khan says or get shellacked, then we’d know where we stand: I obey cause I don’t want to get shelacked. The second Khan’s back is turned, then I’m free again.

2016 06 08 Body Recovered from the Mouth of an 8-Foot Alligator in Florida
What right do we have to the contents of an alligator’s mouth? Shouldn’t the arm of the law stop at the ‘gator’s mouth?
I see that the state can keep food from going into my mouth, and the blacks’ mouth, and the Cherokee’s mouth; but should the food at least be mine if I can get it into my mouth? Seems to me.
Related: boy falls into gorilla cage, zoo shoots ape, not trespassing boy. Grr.

But there is no reasonable solution. Maybe there was 30,000 years ago, 15,000 years ago, 3,000 years ago, but not longer. Elephants, for example: humans deal ini patches of territory; elephants relate to continent scale swaths. The elephants were doomed the minute humans got away with thinking that they could regulate this, that, and the other thing continent-wide in Africa, North America … Asia … The elephants, the bison, didn’t kill us before we could get that far, now they’re screwed: the corpse in the ‘gator’s mouth belongs to the human law, not to the gator who’s labored patiently to get the corpse there in the first place.
I seduce the girl, but her quim belongs to Genghis, even if it’s my wedding night.

The only hope is to hope that someday there will be a Judgment, and that God will kick it off by proving a) that he’s god b) that he’s smart c) objective … m) right … x) has the might … z) legitimately owns everything.

If God owns everything then he doesn’t even owe us proof. He can just stomp us, the best of us, any of us. We have no rights, unless he gives them to us, and if he’s given them, then he can take them away too.

Ratifying Models
2016 05 30 I used to assume that communication not only could take place but had taken place: Jesus had come, the Romans missed the boat, but we had got the boat: we got it, we were saved, we knew that we were saved. Now I think that we all missed the boat, but are too stupid and too dishonest to know that we missed the boat. I don’t believer we even know that there was a boat: that the boat could go, that the boat did go. The trouble with Christianity is that Christians think that they’re Christians. They’re not; they’re the ones who missed the boat: who forced the boat to be missed: Christ killers pretending to be Christian.
I used to think that witnesses to Judgment would understand the Judgment. The thieves would say, Yes, I’m a thief. The murderers would say, Yes, we murdered: murder was wrong, we were wrong, and now that’s why we’re in hell, we deserve nothing else.

Diamond Dealers
2016 05 25 Article –
– reports that chain jewelers’ customers are complaining that the diamonds they bring in for servicing are not the diamonds they get back. The dimonds they get back are lower grade diamonds, or are some diamond imitation; not real diamond. “A rep for Signet, its parent company, said that any complaints are “minimal” compared to their huge number of satisfied customers.”
Oh, that’s nice. Not every customer complains of theft, only some customers. The customers who don’t complain outnumber the customers who do complain: and this is a democracy. Imagine Bill Cosby’s defense team arguing that the number of women Cosby didn’t drug/rape outnumber those he did: therefore, he’s innocent!

Hounding Hillary
2016 05 14 Clinton may get bumped out of getting nominated to run, cause she’s a crook: she & Bill were crooks: Bill was a crook and she’s keeping it up. … But is that fair? Aren’t they all crooks? Aren’t crooks what we insist on?
Maybe she’s getting bumped out just because she’s a woman. But at the same time I see women running everything, everwhere: and in Brazil at least, getting impeached for it. Man oh man, I wish the women’s libbers who marched all over me trying to speak, to communicate in 1970, 1971 … could see all these women in fancy clothes, and then in jail jumpsuits.
I’d like to have seen Nancy Reagan in a jail jump suit: Nancy Orange.
But you know the image weakens as you go back in time. Mamie Ike, what was she? Just a drunk, no?

We daily prove our innocence by failing to understand the charges.

Bureaucratic Infallibility

I still have a question though: if your birth certificate says you’re female, will your birth certificate continue to say you’re female no matter how many scientists prove to how many bureaucrats that you’re male?
It’s ridiculous for humans to make “truth” judgments while remaining fallible. Without God present, there are no facts: no possibility of correct birth certificates.

I’d go along with the bureaucrats provided once God showed that they were wrong, even once, they apologized, reliquished all power, had their property seized, by God, of course, and were enslaved for the rest of the universe to pay back hardships caused by their wrongs.

When Lincoln reimburses the Cheyenne, that’s when I’ll believe the US legitimate.

There’s always one problem: what would Lincoln reimburse the Cheyenne with? The only property, the only cash, Lincoln has is stolen.

Celebrity Morons
2016 05 11 Marvelous, some clown associated with something titled Duck Dynasty uses ignorance to resolve difficulties: he says men should use the mens room, women should us the womens room. Sure, if telling male from female were easy there would be no problem.

My solution is of course to stand aside, let everyone duke it out, till no one is left to form a majority.

Human Institutions
2016 04 24 Ivan Illich taught us that institutions may start out semi-divine but they typically wind up serving the evils they were intended to combat: the military endangers us, the pursuit of money impoverishes us: school combats illiteracy to a point, then school supervise literacy into illiteracy. The more money is spent combatting illiteracy the more illiterate we’ll recrudesce to.
Illich became famous, then the Church tried to dump him. Illich became even more famous, even rich from his own income, screw the church with its stipends: so the Church defrocked him, its most famous priest.
I followed Illich, I founded and ran my Manhattan version of his cybernetic data base internet. That is, I offered it as cybernetic, but never received the funds to make it so: meantime, Maureen and I ran it the best we could, off Hilary’s $5/hr job, using 3×5 cards and our version of divine love. I get a reputation, then I got assassinated: sabotaged, impoverished, slandered … arrested, jailed, censored: while the state stole our, God’s, Jesus’ internet: perverting it the way the states pervert everything: politics, markets, religion, freedom, wealth. Wow, the perversion of wealth!
Anyway, no one has ever understood what I’ve said or written for five consecutive hours let alone days.
Still, I repeat: institutions may get born as semi-divine, but they inevitably degenerate into evil.

In 1971 a FLEX visitor, volunteering to help, then backing away, fleeing, asked me why bother if correption is the inevitable result?

Because, you fool, causes and consequences can’t be judged in this life. Facts are forever out of reach. We need to achieve a corner of heaven to even see the problems. Meantime, the Times, DC judge for us, train us in their blindness. What do you expect in a culture guided by evil?

Charity: just recalling Philomena, and The Magdeline Sisters. The nuns take in the pregnant girls, then enslave the women while they sell the babies. The

Homeostasis: Liberty Stuns at the Gym
2016 04 23 Phys Ed students expelled from gym for provocative outfits, for toned bodies:
Laws should be clear. Laws should be administered by people who demonstrate ability to understand the law. But no, the law is always enforced by brown shirts, by drop outs, by dunces who not only don’t understand the law but don’t understand the concept of understanding.
“Those who know best” is how Melvyn Bragg’s sarcasm goes.

Some school somewhere, some “university”, tells the girl that her toned body is making the others uncomfortable! Censor Marilyn Monroe because you’re not Marilyn?!
On Long Island in the later 1970s I joined a Jack Lalane’s. I’ll never forget my first coed exercise class. A short distance away a nicely shaped blond was stretching. She wore leotards and panties. Thing is: the paties were worn over, not under, the leotards. When she stretched, the panties were lifted away from her body by the stretch. One, at least I, could look deep into her snatch!
Most of the participants were female. they ignored her gaping beaver. What about the other guys? Don’t know, they were busy, or were keeping mum: don’t make waves, keep that cuny, it’s a precious resource.
Later, dozens were jamed into a jacuzzi, I left: the loner, the left out: I was in my upper thirties, they were in their twenties. I was too old, to alien, to be welcome at the orgy. They didn’t have to throw me out; I left on my own.
But I’ve never forgotten that girl. My, how I wanted to tell her how much I loved her channel. That’s not a subject it’s easy, maybe not possible, to be frank about, to be honest. Can’t be open about being open.

Reprehensible Decision
2016 04 08 Tyler Summitt’s affair with Louisiana Tech player disgraces his mother’s legacy
Tyler Summitt is, or was, apparently, the coach of a women’s basketball team, Louisiana Tech. His mother was basketball coach, apparently successful, there’s talk of her legacy. Apparently Tyler knocked up one of his players.
The article says, I quote, “His decision to have a sexual relationship with a player he coached is, at best, a reprehensible decision.”
pk comments on the diction, the illusion that knocking a woman up was an act of reason: a decision, with logic, cause and effect: that knocking a woman up resides in the realm of social responsibility.
Churches make inferences about reason, logic, responsibilty … free will. So do courts. So do universities. Etc. Notice: what those inferences are change by the decade if not the year, if not the hour.
I’m not defending the guy, he may be screwed now. I’m not defending his mother, or Louisiana or Tennessee. I’m mocking the journalism and its glib shallows about behavior: humans: institutions, with their dead end logics.
What should we do? kill the guy, the player? her baby? Should the university prescribe and enforce an abortion? Maybe men shouldn’t coach women: or maybe women’s basketball is full of lessie ralations too. Which is worse: hetero pregnancy? or lessie seduction?
I’ll tell you, leaving humans in charge of the grading of decisions is the worst sin.

Had my Free Learning Exchange been encouraged to develop there wouldn’t likely have remained any university basketball programs: there would have been no mothers coaching, or sons. Anybody could knock up anybody, and God would judge. As God will judge anyway. Please hurry.

Science Scare
2016 03 29 Another Climate Alarmist Admits Real Motive Behind Warming Scare

Another Climate Alarmist Admits Real Motive Behind Warming Scare

I’m glad I’ve lost this war, that I’ve fought on the losing side: market economies propagandizing without regard for truth, survival, reason; just profit, the lies so easy: just say anything, the human species asleep, seemingly at the wheel, but actually just comatose, steering an illusion of the marketcrats.
Easter has come: and gone: again. Gone, always gone.

2016 03 28 Worshipers feared for their lives during Easter Mass at St. Pat’s
People attended Easter mass at St Patricks Cathedral. The mass was interrupted by protesters. A guy with a bullhorn and a camera strapped to his chest confused worshippers who thought the camera with its flashing lights was a bomb.
Back in 1970 when I founded and was running the Free Learning Exchange I was in routine contact with radical Catholics including radical nuns one of whom got her picture on the front page of the Times getting dragged by police out of St. Pat’s! St Pat’s was a regular target for protest, for publicity.
I loved that nun, I saw her several times. I’ll never forget her whispering blow job jokes in my ear. Neat gal.
Remember: easrly Christians worshipped in hiding, they met in catacombs. Christianity was not a daylight religion. Is any true religion ever a daylight, open air religion? If you’re not persecuted then you’re almost certainly one of the persecutors: have the might, the arrogance of Constantine behind you.

Compulsory Atheism
2016 03 14 scribble now, edit later
Emperor Constantine ordered members of his empire to convert to Christianity. That was the fourth century.
Anyone interested in truth, philosophy, theology, cosmology … should have refused: compulsion and truth don’t go together.
Later that century a mob of these “Christians” stoned, flayed, murdered Hypatia.
Think about it: Hypatia here is the Christ figure; the “Christians” the kleptocrats, the order takers, the antithesis of God etc.
Here we are in the 21st Century, still taking orders, still combating truth, philosophy, theology, cosmology.



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Seems to me that some modicum of honesty is requisite to intelligence. If we look in the mirror and see not kleptocrats but Christians, we’re still in the same old trouble.
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