About Thinking Tools

Thinking Tools is a reference to how Gregory Bateson opened his book Mind and Nature (1979).
He tries to share his priceless tool kit with us. So do I: his tools, our tools, further development of his tools (and our tools). A kit of thinking tools is one of the first things I tried to build once I opened a personal home page.




2011 08 23 I was illuminated by Gregory Bateson’s “Every School Boy Knows” chapter in 1979. I’ve been using Rudy Rucker’s phrase thinking tools since his book was published.
I offered the world a low cost low tech internet in 1970. The society stole my ideas without credit, without royalties, over the following decades. Kleptocrats decide who they’ll pay what: if God has an opinion, I don’t know who knows it.
I went on line with the government, military, universities stolen internet in the early 1990s. I made a personal presence in 1995, began adding Thinking Tools in 1997.
I’ve been mostly unpublished all my life, actively censored since 1968, blackballed since 1969, sabotaged since 1973 (if not before). I was finally arrested in 2006, officially censored by a US court in Feb 2007. The judge, abetted by my host, destroyed the 4,000+ files at pk domains (which I loosely call “K.” (for Knatz.com).
By 1999 I was trying to restore key K. files at a series of blogs: now I’m moving all such blog resurrections to pKnatz blog and will work at resurrecting the rest so long as I draw breath and can upload to a modem.

Science itself is overdue for a spring cleaning.





Truth & Reason was pk’s first “essay” at pk’s first first such home page. It launched my distinction between Teaching files and Personal files. That folder had grown to around one hundred fifty modules by my arrest in 2006. The fed censored me: but my devotion remains: to the possibiility of intelligence affecting human survival, to the teachings of great scientists, like Bateson, great teachers. The state can destroy information, just as the state can coddle information. But however the state throttles this and that intelligence, it has not yet completely killed intelligence. In a world of pavement, there’s still a blade of grass: so far.

My Subject Is

I’ve been trying to rescue my Thinking Tools first. I began putting them at a blog, which Google then censored. I put them at a different blog (also a Google blog) pkTools. I’ll continue to (though I’ll likely then move them all here!) But today I compose a new thinking tool: and put it here! on intension, mind, and location.

2011 10 13 I’ll revise this post into a Thinking Tools notes repository, then edit it.

K. Teaching Thinking Tools

About pk

Seems to me that some modicum of honesty is requisite to intelligence. If we look in the mirror and see not kleptocrats but Christians, we’re still in the same old trouble.
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