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Module initiated 2004 11 15 had offered plenty of earlier views of pk; this image was something new: a symbol of itself. Now, 2004 11 15, I add another (verbal): is kin to Ireland: an out of the way place that without help from the outside world, amid efforts from the outside word to the contrary, attempts singlehandedly to preserve civilization: the good kind, not kleptocracy. Our centralized institutions of (mis)information — the government, the Times, the media, Harvard — are very handy when they get things right. But when they get things wrong, as they do in so many essentials, the truth has no chance.

When the Christian world, under Rome, was plunging into the Dark Ages, Irish monasteries preserved records elsewhere being lost, ignored, edited. Saint Patrick in the Fifth Century, Columba a century later, established respect for Christian learning. The island of Iona was one center. While the world went to hell, certain standards were preserved in Ireland. (Note: my map shows me an Iona on the west coats of England: national and cultural boundaries are not as clear as we sometimes think they are, and my own history isn’t always perfect.)

It’s not that Rome didn’t keep records. Today the government, the schools, also keep records. But we don’t keep the same records. Our records don’t show the same picture.

It could be that no records are needed. At Judgment God will tell us the truth, and that will be that. We’ll believe him; or not. All will be over in any event.

Ah, but what if God would be pleased if at least one accurate record had been kept somewhere? What if the trillions stolen by kleptocracies, if all the power of life and death enjoyed by governments, were as nothing compared to one smile from God for one accurate record preserved in the face of a range of behaviors from indifference to hostility?

That’s what pk gambles on: and Kdot is a primary place where he does it.

About pk

Seems to me that some modicum of honesty is requisite to intelligence. If we look in the mirror and see not kleptocrats but Christians, we’re still in the same old trouble.
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