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Some of my personal stories, victimized by the purging of, have been getting retold at blogs. I’ll here comment on the (and other pk domain) organization of such stories.’s Teaching section, the main section, illustrated all pk modules with stories, including pk stories. But then the Personal section also began telling pk stories for their own sake: with an exception: my school stories got told first. And I didn’t put them in the deschooling section of my Teaching folder; I put them in an autobiographical folder: pk’s early Training: both church and school. Over time I rethought that. This deschooler didn’t just want to abolish compulsory schooling, after creating a cybernetic data base of community resources so a free market could replace state management of the population. Ivan Illich had talked of Christian needing a convivial society, not a manipulated society. It wasn’t enough to abolish state contrivance: we needed to live like human beings, like Christians. We needed to reverse our descent into kleptocracy. My school stories were illustrations of only one type of non-convivial manipulation. They went hand in hand with my church stories, my army stories … The state (fed) arrested me, jailed me, censored me. But back home I started revising my organization: I wanted my school, church, army, bureaucracy … stories in one place: deschooling related. The stories had been in either of two places: Teaching or Personal. Now they were in lots of places. Cleaning house can be a mess. Now they’re further complicated by getting reposted. The fed censorship really messed us up: as it always does: the more so since the slave citizens don’t even know what their owners are doing to them, to their saviors, to scientists, to artists … The state displays false heroes before us, and schooled morons can’t tell reality from staging. Anyway: bear with me as I reorganize. Again: the school stories, those I’d already told by 2006, are now retold at InfoAll. Some personal stories are told at IonaArc, some retold at PaulKnatz: all blogs. Right now I’m most anxious to tell more church stories. I happen to be the deschooler, but Illich’s convivial society must be just as anti-church as it is anti-school, anti-medical industry, anti-military … I’ll tell a few church stories here, or return here and say where I’ll be putting them. But understand, in advance, they’ll all illustrate that churches have about as much to do with God, or with Christ, as schools have to do with wisdom or knowledge or information, or as government has to do with public will. Very little, if not nothing. And what little there is is perverted. One reason I no longer rush at quite the same pace I did before my arrest, is I’m increasingly convinced that it was too late in 1970 when I founded FLEX, it’s more than too late today. Still: I have nothing better to do, even if it’s too late to help you. Jesus was probably too late two thousand years ago. Still, there’s nothing better to do than to imagine how he might have helped us had we not sabotaged him.

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Seems to me that some modicum of honesty is requisite to intelligence. If we look in the mirror and see not kleptocrats but Christians, we’re still in the same old trouble.
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