K. Progress Archive

I keep updating the K. Progress post. I just cut of the growing tail and nail it here: till I can edit and delete old stuff.

Mission: to blog
to use pKnatz blog to recreate pk’s fed-censored domains, which I’ll symbolize as “K.” (for Knatz.com, the biggest of five).
to use WordPress Pages as menus
to translate K.’s old HTML, to recode links as the targeted files are resurrected
to cross-reference with additional links

2011 07 21 attention will focus on a menu for posts at pk’s IonaArc blog, prior to moving the posts here.

2011 07 19 I’d posted to pk blogs, I’d tried to remount censored files at those blogs, now many of the titles are linked to menus here where I have some control over Categories for posts and which Page-menu the post links from. See pk Online for progress moving blog posts.

The greatest number of pk posts are at IonaArc and have been since 2005. Those will next get read into a menu here, then the rest of the posts at IonfoAll and at Macroinformation. Then I’ll recreate the rest of poor persecuted Knatz.com. Then pKnatz blog will function as all of pk: domains and blogs.

2011 07 15 pkKlep blog files are now here in the form of links in the menu, ditto pkTools: actual files then to relocate. School Stories all done, Quotes files mostly moved … pkTheo getting done …

2011 07 12 Hold everything: I’d been resurrecting K. modules here, one at a time, and interspersing that activity by moving pk blog posts here, one at a time; but no: now I’m linking pk blog posts here via the appropriate Page menu, or a stab at which Page menu is appropriate. I’ll still want to move everything and resurrect everything, and go fresh from here, while doing it; but this menu link construction is exhilerating.

Of course the fed should have to pay for all this, including providing me with a staff (and a Caribbean full of adoring females as partial compensation), but meantime just getting links up here is exhilarating.

Old updates go to a K. Progress Archive.

2011 07 02 I’ve developed two menu systems here. Mature they’ll be mutually independent: either system will get you to modules by category, by sub-category, by subN-category. Had I realized I was being ambiguous preparatory to being properly redundant (two eyes, two ears), I would have developed one, then the other. But I didn’t; and you have to put up with not yet independent systems.
But: learn the system (it should be (near) obvious): a hierarchy of menus and sub-menus link from the K. Structure link at the top of any page (or post) of the blog. Right under the top graphic (ferns) selectect K. Structure: the beginning of a logic tree with open up: K. Personal, K. Teaching, about K: all hot linked, taking you to the main submenus. Once in a menu or sub-menu you should find the beginnings of the other system: duplicate links to further-sub-menus.
You have to be skilled with the mouse to stay on the logic tree, keeping the links hot.
At some point system two becomes easier, and necessary as well as convenient.

2011 07 07 A few K. folders have now been moved here either completely or well along: pk school stories, modules on institutions … Quotes are well along. Macroinformation is complete in some of its sections but no where near complete as a whole.

2011 06 29 Now all of InsTic blog, institutions posts, are moved here: that’s one whole K. folder! 392 K. files here (some new), 3,000 or so more to come: then we’ll be back to 2006!

2011 06 25 Wow! All my school stories from Knatz.com are now here, and linked through a menu! Heroic effort, how futile isn’t up to me. I’d planned to move them to InfoAll.org; when K. got censored (and I got back out of jail, and the FBI let me have my computers back, only slightly sabotaged), I did recreated them at the InfoAll blog, but now there’s here: a proper imitation of the original Knatz.com well-begun, if not done, finally.
Lots more to do: still, that’s a foot on a stone.
I repeat my revised intention of now moving posts from pk’s dozen other blogs before resurrected K. files with no blog existence, just ’cause that work can go som much faster: some sort of workable code is already in place. So: more Tools coming, InsTic posts coming: and, more on deschooling, I’ll begin importing the School Purpose posts from InfoAll, then resurrecting the remainder never yet put at IA.

I also intend to revise this entire K. Progress post, deleting out of date announcements.

2011 06 22 Lots of K. sections are now getting moved — quotes, stories, Scholarship sections … deschooling menus … more rapidly than before: but today I will try to bring my schools stories from InfoAll to the HierCon section of stories here at pKnatz blog: where I can organize them by category, by menu …

2011 06 16 I modify a decision I’d made earlier. Over 3,000 text files are online at pk domains in 2006 when the fed arrested me and in 2007 censored my domains. I had mere hundreds of posts at blogs.
Subsequently I’ve been reposting K. modules to pk blogs. Now with this blog I can use the Pages to make menus and the categories to sort things by the proper hierarchy of ideas. that work had started at IonaArc, gotten shared with other blogs, then I’d thought that I’d use PaulKnatz blog to publish some simplification of Knatz.com, so the recreation process straddles several blogs, those two in particular. Fine: so I’d been concentrating on posting things here that had yet been recreated at no blog.
Now I modify that decision, tempted to use posts already proved coded for blogs at PaulKnatz.
I’ll post a new one, move an old one, post a new one.

Meantime, my conception of the page menus improves. As they grow they’ll also streamline.

2011 05 18 I sure am pleased to be getting a few core Macroinformation modules restored, especially since I restored a couple that had slipped through the revision cracks at Mi.org prior to 2006 and my arrest and censorship. Comments on Informational Dimensions and Synergy and Gestalt had gotten made in 1999, 2000, 2001, 2002 that had not yet been imported into Mi.org rewrites: the lastest “chapters” had major elements still missing!

2011 05 12 I’m recreated Macroinformation at a great pace. Most of the existential sets basics are up, now the first of my View pieces, on Paradox, is up too.
What I think I’ll prioritize too will be to import my quote files from pKnatzQuotes blog to here, sooner, rather than later. I’m very glad finally to have them all in one place, but it’s now the second best place, not the best.

2011 05 11 Computer power is great, but: dangerous, especially with Find & Replace, Copy, and Paste. I just found the following nonsense path in several pages: Knatz.com / Teaching / Personal /
No, no, no: those two categories are mutually exclusive. I suspect that in all cases it should be Knatz.com / Personal / and not Knatz.com / Teaching /. Errors happen.

2011 05 10 I’ve mounted two K. / Macroinformation.org folders here now: information definitions, existential estate definitions! information menu

2011 05 04 PM Wow, I’ve edited menu pages for the entire Teaching folder. the same task for the Personal section will be easy after that. Thus, the road network is in place, now traffic can flow, the site fill up, the deposed Knatz.com come back to life. The fed crippled me, but didn’t altogether kill me.

God doesn’t need me or my work to find and hold man accountable: but my work should make it all the easier for him. Once I wanted to help: help solve problems; now I only want to help damn the damned.

2011 05 02 To date I’ve mounted a sampling of Knatz.com (and related pk domain) modules: adding them here as posts. I’d previously mounted some K. modules at other blogs: but now pKnatz blog permits me to use the Pages at the top of the window to offer a nested hierarchy of menus: and categories so that browsers can devise other search methods: make the whole more accessible, the user cooperating as self-guide. Bully. I mounted 94 posts, I added menu links for some. Now I’ve checked all the posts: each has a menu link on one (or more) of the pages!

So: the road network is largely in place. Now the importing of posts can resume: full speed ahead.

Links: K. had dozens of thousands of links, most of them local to K.: cross referencing within Knatz.com. Many of those links will get imported here but I won’t fix them, make them work at pK, this bog, until the bulk of the K. modules are restored. It’s more impotant that the note about the impending assassination arrive before the assassination that that the note’s punctuation be proofed. I’ve told the story, I repeat it: in 19th-c Russia there was a plot against the Tsar, the plot was reported to the bureaucracy, the bureaucracy duly warned the Tsar: months after the assassination had failed!

2011 05 02 today’s task:
Three things I’ll do this AM:

recreate K.’s section on terrorism, now with bin Laden’s assassination all the news;

make a point about trophies requiring mutilations: scalps, gender parts … and culture

make a point about reluctance to accept revolution where the revolutionary stance requires confessing former inadequacies of the society: that’s why we need god, so the fascists can’t supervise the indictments.

previous: I posted this Apr 11. Updated it the 20th, and now again the 28th:
I used to control Knatz.com, make it accessible, fill it with menus, via folders. FTP didn’t care about dates. Blogs do. The “diary” nature of this blog host’s offering is in conflict with my needs: I do the best I can. Right now, having posted a sprinkling of old K. modules, and somewhat duplicated the K. folder hierarchy with this blog categories and pages, I pause all that to copy these posts, as originals, into a new folder on my HD, so I can then make sure all present posts are linked from menu on my Pages, following K. logic! Then I’ll resume adding new material, categoried and menued, the whole function with the closest thing to synergy since the fed destroyed all of my domains. Then: I’ll post what the FBI arrested me for, and you can judge for yourself, the justice of the censoring judges!
(Though that should be icing on an already complete cake: the US promises liberty, but in fact denies it, guarantees No Censorship; then violates the guarantee; while the media slavishly stand idle, except for taking profits.

I’ve now loosely duplicated K’s structural logic here, via a combo of Pages and categories. I’ve sprikled a few K. modules around, so the pages aren’t utterly empty as reconstruction commences. I’ll sprinkle a few more such, then concentrate on filling some of the pages. Once most pages have menus linking most K. modules, I’ll feel I’m half done.

The fed censored me in 2007. The society didn’t listen to me, didn’t publish my writing, freely stole from my speech and my writing though, from 1948 onward. Prior to 1995 I had only my business on line, though having anything online had been my idea, make public in 1970. By my arrest in 2006 I had thousands of files at K: nearly 3,000 of them text files. Once the FBI returned my computers (no longer working properly, no longer networked, no longer coordinated: still I at least again had the individual documents), I began moving to blogs the most important K. folders: Thinking Tools first.
About a third of the Thinking Tools got posted. Most of my personal school stories went to my InfoAll blog, so did some of my church stories. Now though, in love with how WordPress.com helps me to organize categories, perfect for K., I’m restoring a scattering of K. files from a scattering of K folders. K. had thousands of text files: K. had hundreds of subfolders.

I watch the great blue herons get born, fledge, leave the nest. The chicks are born, the chicks grow. In NO time the babies reach say 80% adult size. They’re not adults. They can’t fly. They can’t feed themselves. They can hardly stand up! But they achieve the great blue heron size: inflated, like a balloon!

I want all of K. up, functioning: improved, growing, completed. My in my current steps in that enterprise, I inflate it: give hints toward the scope.


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Seems to me that some modicum of honesty is requisite to intelligence. If we look in the mirror and see not kleptocrats but Christians, we’re still in the same old trouble.
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