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Irish Justice

The English lord asked the old Irish peasant standing in the muck in his field, “If you could have anything you wanted, anything at all, what would you wish for?” And the old peasant fixed the Lord’s eye, and said: … Continue reading

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Church as Cheat

Churches represent themselves as liason between man and god. We certainly see humans supporting a church as theirs; when do we see the god identify the church as the god’s? Sure the RCs say, “This Church is the Bride of … Continue reading

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Napoleon’s Chicken

Napoleon worked hard, Napoleon worked late. His mother didn’t say, “Diner is at six: be dressed with your face and hands washed.” Napoleon wasn’t told by the chef when to be ready for the chef’s masterpiece. Dinner wasn’t for the … Continue reading

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Solomon AD

The Temple of Solomon, in the Year of Our Lord Judeo Christian Kleptocratic Hypocrisy Institutions represent themselves by a mythos that might have applied yesterday. The Jews talk about a convenant between God and Abraham; the Jews do not add, … Continue reading

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One day in 1970 or 1971 the section of Broadway I happened to be walking on was between the subway kiosk and Fordham University. A fragment of conversation between two academic looking guys reached my ear: “Oh, that’s sort of … Continue reading

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Sustainable Living

The plant lives in an environment where the plant finds what it needs to live without moving much: light, moisture, nutrients, maybe some oxygen … Animals add locomotion to the formula. Humans move all over hell and gone thinking all … Continue reading

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Kleptocracy: the crime that keeps on stealing. We didn’t just steal Sutter’s gold: we killed his cattle, scattered his family, destroyed his crops, stalled his new mill. Then we, by judgment of a US court in San Francisco, said that … Continue reading

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