I Believe

Module initiated c. 2001

makes pk unique is neither my imagination, nor my intelligence, nor my scientific discipline: it is my willingness to confront

What cannot be discussed in polite society:

Namely, whether civilization has made mankind

Too stupid to live.

I believe

that mankind was a trouble to himself and to the biosphere before the invention of civilization. That belief is based on a lifetime of study: both freelance and academic. That belief is shared and supported by scientists the likes of Desmond Morris and Jared Diamond. To their scholarship I add the belief that civilization, which Diamond more accurately calls kleptocracy, is a trick played on our species by god and nature to get rid of us: fast and final. Give the grab-ass drunk whatever he wants: he’ll kill himself the sooner.

I believe

that “rational” system and “social” system don’t go together.

I believe

that it is highly dubious that mankind will ever invent a system or write a law as reliable or just as those which came with the universe of life in the first place. Life, death, evolution … may be all that any creature or group should ever need. The gang search for advantage will in the long run prove counter productive.

You can believe anything you want; but at judgment, only the truth should count.

I fear

that there can be no political solutions for our predicament so long as institutions truly represent the population base. Self-serving, self-deluded democracy is little better than self-serving, self-deluded monarchy. Church, state, and school all leave us in the same homeostatic theater of illusion.


if we all learned a little reason, a little science …

This is one of several modules that spun off of an entrance page around 2000 or 2001. For a while I located them in an “irony” folder of my personal section; now I move them to Teaching / Society …

Civilization a Trick
Rational System
Hot Frog, Soft Learn

(A slightly earlier I Believe will be relinked.)

All are congruent with the several hundred modules that have been gathering here over the years. Note that the three linked immediately above were written before the current Who’s pk [to be resurrected] piece. Some revision must thus follow.

And while we’re specializing in pk irony, here’s pk’s Will.

2008 06 19 Maybe it’s not as simple as that we’re “too stupid to live”; maybe we’re just too dishonest to use our intelligence wisely.


Douglas Adams
Gaiman Scrapbook
I Believe

About pk

Seems to me that some modicum of honesty is requisite to intelligence. If we look in the mirror and see not kleptocrats but Christians, we’re still in the same old trouble.
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