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Give it back to the Indians.

We killed the Indians, we degraded them. The mugger can’t return her purse to the woman he raped and murdered in the alleyway. But: the mugger could give the purse to the first poor person he encounters: or to Donald Trump. But he shouldn’t keep the purse or its contents himself!

That’s my politics in a nutshell.

It’s way too late to compensate me (or the public) for compelling me to go to school, for having illiterates grade my literacy, for not publishing my writing, for interrupting and misrepresenting my scholarship, for repressing my offer of digital librarianship of public data, of a cheap (and PC-free) internet – then stealing and perverting the ideas as this internet … Five billion dollars wouldn’t do it, not fifteen just for having jailed me … not a dozen trillion to the public for having … unsexed it, deracinated it … the school system putting vegetable pods in the closet where we had had children in the bedroom …

body snatchers
Invasion of the Body Snatchers
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Decades ago Bucky Fuller told India that people who would live in a post-imperial world should take out citizenship in India: an ex-colony, (one not itself noticeably then itself colonizing). That set the temp for my follow up: give up kleptocracy, not by giving the land back to the Indians, returning democracy to the Five Nations, restoring California’s gold to descendants of Sutter; but by living modestly, by observing nature’s limits … by respecting our potential for conviviality!

That’s Illich’s word: he wanted us to be Christian: by which he meant: live like human beings (not like muggers, rapists, murderers … devils).

See pkKlep blog.

Kleptocrats control God in the Church. “God” there is an artifact of kleptocracy, God there has no will of his own: he’s male, and an owner, an autocrat as he’s told to be. But what about god in the long-run universe? The universe is not in our power. May it never be: or we really won’t have a chance.

Kleptocrats control what the schools say evolution is; but not what evolution actually is.

Give it back to the Indians.

Notice the imperial implications of the diction: “give.” How can one give what one doesn’t own? Return it to the Indians? Yield it to the Indians? Concede it to the Indians?

The thieves rhetorically put themselves into the decider’s position: blasphemy in any Judeo-Christian context: but Jews and Christians are kleptocrats from way back. (We know that the Christians took the Jews’ God: no the Jews did not give God to us!) (But, as I’ve said before, it wouldn’t surprise me if the Jews hadn’t stolen their ideas of monotheism in the first place from some poor people they were trampling on.) Prior to Judgment, God actually running Judgment, how can anyone possibly know who owns anything anyway?


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Seems to me that some modicum of honesty is requisite to intelligence. If we look in the mirror and see not kleptocrats but Christians, we’re still in the same old trouble.
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