Solomon AD

The Temple of Solomon, in the Year of Our Lord
Judeo Christian Kleptocratic Hypocrisy

Institutions represent themselves by a mythos that might have applied yesterday. The Jews talk about a convenant between God and Abraham; the Jews do not add, “Oh, and we’ll killed God when he came in person two thousand years ago.” No: the Christians make that accusation. But then the Christians don’t talk about the zillions of time when they’ve done something in the same vein: the Pope put a contract out on Luther: your local priest doesn’t tell you that every Sunday morning, nor your children on Monday.

The US tells about tea parties in Boston, about the ride of Paul Revere, about surviving Hitler; but church and school (and media) are curiously silent about details of the Trail of Tears, about the fates of people accused of whatever during Macarthyism, about quite how many Vietnamese civilians were killed by US action. What’s the estimate? Four million?

Media around the world praise the authoring of World Wide Web in 1988, the US especially celebrating the authoring of social media like Facebook in the 2000s. Yet we stand united in silence about the true and complete origins of the web. Futurists talked about what digital record keeping could and would do in the 1960s. Ivan Illich proposed cybernetic data basing and social networking in his Deschooling Society of 1970: I in 1970 offered to do what Illich said. I asked the public to voluntarily fund the infrastructure: voluntary taxation to replace the coercive taxation of states, a free marketplace for learning to replace dictation by the school board. I offered a free market place in all things: information, education, socializing, markets … A self-funded internet could have reduced the leapfrog power of privlege.

My efforts, though they were celebrated and praised at first, were swiftly re-choreographed. Media, universities, the government, though they know better, remain silent. And the public remains silent too: their ignorance cooperatively choreographed.

No institution can misrepresent cosmology, theology, history … without the utter cooperation of the congregation, the clients, the citizens.

Furthermore, there isn’t anyone, not a four year old, who, in his heart of heats, doesn’t know what we’re really like: that our reality is a social fiction: edited for the elders: and among the elders, the owners.

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Seems to me that some modicum of honesty is requisite to intelligence. If we look in the mirror and see not kleptocrats but Christians, we’re still in the same old trouble.
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