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Magic, our Father

Magic: the Origin of both Politics & Religion 1998 06 06 Sir James Frazer’s The Golden Bough presents that great anthropologist’s history of magic. That history includes the history of religion. By a small extrapolation, it is also a history … Continue reading

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Homeostasis Scrapbook

Recreating (censored) / Teaching / Society / Social Epistemology / Homeostasis Homeostasis: a complex set of natural laws by which the average protects the average. 2011 07 26 If you’ve got a good genotype in a stable suitable environment, … Continue reading

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Recreating (censored) / Teaching / Society / Social Epistemology / Homeostasis @K 1995 Homeostasis, The Mean That is: The Mean Gangs Up On the Extreme Introduction Core to pk’s teaching: Living systems automatically, consciousness immaterial, strive for balance. Consciousness … Continue reading

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opiate entertainment

Entertainment: Our Opiate Marx famously said that “religion is the opiate of the people.” I can’t imagine even a pope failing to agree with that: at least in part. Religion is a complex set of things: I myself have used … Continue reading

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Flag Day

Conflict seems to be a constant in the world, certainly in human society, certainly in politics: politics being groups maneuvering to control the musical chairs game of grab the scarce resources, don’t share except with this or that nefariously cooperating … Continue reading

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Recreating (censored) / Teaching / Society / Social Survival / Family / @ K. 2004 10 30 Mom, the Hero Mom, the Sacrifice Mothers Day on its way: Mission: to appreciate motherhood (Naturally, this is a beginning. I’ll do … Continue reading

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Skull Tax

In 1974 I was running the Circle Gallery on Madison Avenue, a few doors up from the Whitney Museum, a few doors down and across the street from Southby’s Parke Bernet. Somebody from TV land asked me to provide an … Continue reading

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Velocity Differentials

Ready … Set … Bang! Standing at the finish line for the one hundred yard dash we saw the runners adjust their feet to the starting blocks, lean forward, their shoulders over the starting line, their feet and hands still … Continue reading

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pk, the Dancer

South Side High School, Class of ’56, named me Best Dancer. Age sixty-nine, deciding it was time I met some women, I began attending the Highlands Senior Social. I hadn’t danced in more than half a century but I somehow … Continue reading

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Who (Or What) Is pk?

first drafted at in 2001 My living intellectual hero billy mac There’s no “thing” without a setting, no individual without a culture. I can’t say what “I” am without first saying what “we” are. We are kleptocrats. If you’re … Continue reading

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