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At the top of the page you see a picture of me fishing with my grandson. Just below that is a menu of menus: Home, Teaching, Personal, Quotes, About K.

That menu ran wild recently. I’ve now fixed it: but don’t trust it too far.

The “Teaching” and the “Personal” are the two major organizational categories started with.

Categories are for convenience:

Those categories are more fuzzy than strict. Categories mix. Most of my didactic stories have a personal element; my personal stories imply lessons. Allow for weirdnesses to evolve, especially within the vast / Teaching / Society / system. I group some modules as Social Epistemology / Semiotics: other modules, certainly related, may subsume under / Semantics: and that under Social Survival. Much but not all of the contents could have been grouped under either.

Don’t be surprised to find pk humor in the logic tree: For example, theological considerations come under / Social Epistemology / Cosmology. Below that an essay my be grouped under / Religion or under / God … Lessons, challenges, are hidden in such jokes.

On Categories

We can’t think without divvying-up experience: us, them; you, me; plant, animal; sacred, profane; saved, damned …

We do this without any proof that we’re very good at it: other than our impression that we’re here after all, so we must be getting away with whatever we’ve done.

Don’t over-reify them.
Take them not too literally.
(But don’t take yourself too literally either!
We’re passing vibrations, some prettier than others, some just silly.)

K. was structured by folders. K.’s appearance was structured by frames. The top frame quotes something, the bottom frame emphasized the binary divisions: between personal and teaching. A left hand column offered menus. The main frame showed the primary text for the location: this frame as it were.

We get into trouble if we make handy categories into a series of Procrustean beds: chopping off any parts that don’t fit.

I just posted a story about my sister, Beth. I began to post it in my K. / Personal / Stories / Chronological pk / kid / logic tree. Then I started to add other Beth stories. So I link the story from the menu under / Stories / FamilyFriendsEnemies /.

On the same subject, K. stories: any K. module might tell stories, some of them, many of them, were pk stories: I figured in my own story, I was a character. Other stories were about Lincoln, or Genghis, or Abelard … not me at all; except in that I’m telling them, and you can tell a deal about me by the fact that I’m telling them, and how I tell them … !

Make smart use of categories, don’t allow them to block thought. My Sunday School teachers taught us epistemology: without using the word. He may not have know the word. He encouraged us to develop an awareness of why we believe what we believe: I know that Jesus rose from the dead because the Bible offers witnesses

Such can be categorized as religion. Such can be categorized as philosophy … epistemology … reason … evidence …
It could be categorized as pk biography. I tell of JFK’s assassination as how it impinged on me! It’s not about US, or history, or the presidence; it’s not politics; it’s me!

And that’s fine: so long as I see that’s it’s you too: and JFK, and Jackie K …
What happened (or didn’t happen) to Jesus concerns all of us.

How do categories nest? Is science a subset of philosophy? Is theology a subset of cosmology? Can we have a theology without having a cosmology first? Can we have a philosophy without first having an epistemology?

Am I a sub-set of god? Is God a sub-set of me?

Whatever I think, what will you think? Is it sensible for humans to talk about thinking? Or are we just monkeys jabbering?

I created the category, Cosmo-Theo. today as a hint that cosmology and theology are inseparable, no matter the thinker’s atheistic complacence. We can’t think, can’t talk, without some sort of assumptions about the nature of being, the universe, mind …

2011 04 18 K. frames were “designed,” then evolved, then were redesigned, then evolved some more. And of course HTML was changing, both by design and by evlution, while K. (and I) changed. Now I love the potential of’s categories and pages: I’m using both to try to evoke K. But I’m fumbling and stumbling with it as I do so. In time it will be great, will streamline, be efficient; not yet.

Parts get written at one time, in one place, by one mind: mine; but then another day, another month or year, another part gets written: and may get inserted somewhere without the two getting properly married. Could we live and work forever, all would get smoothed; as is, there are bumps.

2012 11 19 The logic tree of K. was meant to be significant, macroinformational, not its own Procrustean bed. But how WordPress (bless it, & thanks) handles categories and how my K. handled categories is different: I’m thinking of removing the top categories from my posts, still showing the leaf, maybe the twig, but not the tree. The tree will show in the Path at the top of appropriate posts, but I’l remove it from the Categories category.

2013 12 20 Social Epistemology Categories Note

(’s Social Epistemology folder was hugely important. How do we know what we (think we) know?
How well can we trust our thoughts? or Kant’s? or Shakespeare’s? How well can belief be tested? What’s real?)
This section will be something once the files are here and once the menus mature! gotta be reordered!
The categories are somewhat arbitrary, overlap. Any one module may fit several of the taxa.

I’ll try to make time to code K.’s logic tree of categories here: the logic, the branching, is all important. K.’s main division is between “teaching” and “personal.” Of course it’s all teaching, and, as the Godfather explained to Michael, It’s all personal!
I put God as a subcategory of Cosmology which I put as a subcategory of Social Epistemology: that does not mean that it’s of minor importance compared to my personal story about when I was in grade school: you gotta understand the original divvy.

about K.

About pk

Seems to me that some modicum of honesty is requisite to intelligence. If we look in the mirror and see not kleptocrats but Christians, we’re still in the same old trouble.
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