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god is to everything what music is to sound.

For the hero mortality is deciduous
and falls off at maturity.

Those who see the Institution’s ass are beneath the Institution’s notice.

We daily prove our innocence by failing to understand the charges.

Leave nature alone, it will balance things. Don’t leave nature alone, it will still balance things.

Boundary: the coupling of differences.

A species is a dialogue with an environment.

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Treason is easy, all you have to do is nothing.

Persecutors’ persecutions being “wrong” only serve to goad the persecutors to persecute harder.

Where knowledge is possible, the need for belief evaporates.

Few should expect heaven while Christ remains crucified.

The controlled are controlled to think they’re in control.

The purpose of human society is to crush nature into a beer can and leave it on the beach.

god speaks: man overwrites the messages with noise.
Nature, the universe speaks: man overwrites the messages with noise.
Science speaks: man overwrites the messages with red-taped noise.

Jesus overturned the money tables in the Temple of Jerusalem. Churches turn them business-side-up again.

Way overpopulated, I hope nature gets rid of the bulk of us semi-sentients before nature is tempted to get rid of sentience.

The centers of art & science are distinct; their borders overlap in a blur.

“Reality” is a symbol: a symbol that would impose a world view, elbowing examination aside.

God can communicate with humans only where what God has to say coincides with what humans are willing to hear.

An honest society would repel dishonesty; a dishonest society, this human society, repels honesty.

Secular hypocrisy has already killed us. We’re just too stupid to know it.

Our success assures that the seeds of our failure will spread far and wide.

Religion reflects human imagination concerning the cosmos. Organized religion restricts human imagination concerning the cosmos.

The non-communicants monopolize the certificates of communication.

The court for the Jew’s piano is conducted by the Nazis who stole the piano!

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Seems to me that some modicum of honesty is requisite to intelligence. If we look in the mirror and see not kleptocrats but Christians, we’re still in the same old trouble.
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