pk Questions

What if?

What if this whole universe is some other universe’s toxic waste dump?
What If questions are the soul of science fiction: imagine something familiar, then run a variable through it:

What if sunshine came from the center of the earth, not the sun?

Does kleptocracy have any vital function (other than self-perpetuation)?

What ecological role is played by parasites (like governments, for example)?

Were a biosphere to be ruled by a single sentience, what would be lost by eliminating parasites?
Is that a question that can be thought through? or does it require experiment?

Intelligence is evolving. Human intelligence is evolving. But so is human stupidity: which is evolving faster? Better? Which will “win”?
I’ve tried to work for intelligence, but, so, by experience, my money is on stupidity.

pk asks of pk (& pk Suggests that You Ask Yourself)

Are you glue?That is, do you hold the society together?
Are you Hans with his finger stopping the leak in the dike?
Are you a conserving force?Or are you solvent?
That is, do you unbind the knots?
So that evolution can comb out a tangle or two?
YesI serve the biosphere.
But I also serve the Void:
Within which the biosphere is an imposition
A temporary moment’s indigestion.

Our Bodies … Our SelvesHow is your property “yours” if the state can coerce you to sell it to widen the road?

How is your salary “yours” if the state takes it from your employer before you get it and helps itself to x%?

How is your baby “yours” if the hospital drugs you, won’t let your husband near, takes the babe from you and hands it to a nurse who takes it to some other room …?
How do you know what they’re doing to it?
Even if they just cleaning the blood and such off of it, do you really need your baby cosmeticized before you see it? before you hold it?

It’s well known that just-borns bond with the first thing they notice. No wonder we’re all forever running back to the hospital, to the doctors, the nurses … We think they’re our real mother!
I have yet to tell the story of how I asked my full-term wife’s doctor why circumcision was automatic even where the parents weren’t Jewish. (I was given no choice in my own circumcision: I have no idea what my benefits are: if any; what my losses …) The doctor mumbled a non-answer. Why should he have to answer to me? I’m just the father!
The doctors own you at birth, the schools own you as a toddler, then the army … then some goddam corporation.

2008 03 12 I haven’t done much with this file since it’s inception: if I find time I’ll rethink it, probably relocate it: but meantime here’s another question or two:

Can the species outlive this pathogenic society?

Could the species outlive this solar system? this universe?
I’m not at all sure we should try.

About pk

Seems to me that some modicum of honesty is requisite to intelligence. If we look in the mirror and see not kleptocrats but Christians, we’re still in the same old trouble.
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