pk, the Dancer

South Side High School, Class of ’56, named me Best Dancer. Age sixty-nine, deciding it was time I met some women, I began attending the Highlands Senior Social. I hadn’t danced in more than half a century but I somehow got myself onto the dance floor, with a partner, a woman celebrating her eighty-seventh birthday! and, one step at a time, let my muscles remember what they used to do: to cheering crowds. The boss, Ahn, asked me to assist teaching the line dancing, then to take over the line dancing. (That put me in the middle of a civil war: the Social proved to be a divided entity.) I proposed teaching classes on the ballroom dancing as well.

pk at a Senior social, dancing with a non-senior

Soon I was called The Dancer.

This past season, 2011, I’ve been teaching line dancing at the YMCA: and now I’ve formed the LineDanceAlliance.

About pk

Jesus symbolizes institutions' stagnancy of learning: the temple didn't get it, didn't want to get it. The whole society still doesn't.
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