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Velocity Differentials

Ready … Set … Bang! Standing at the finish line for the one hundred yard dash we saw the runners adjust their feet to the starting blocks, lean forward, their shoulders over the starting line, their feet and hands still … Continue reading

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pk, the Dancer

South Side High School, Class of ’56, named me Best Dancer. Age sixty-nine, deciding it was time I met some women, I began attending the Highlands Senior Social. I hadn’t danced in more than half a century but I somehow … Continue reading

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Who (Or What) Is pk?

first drafted at in 2001 My living intellectual hero billy mac There’s no “thing” without a setting, no individual without a culture. I can’t say what “I” am without first saying what “we” are. We are kleptocrats. If you’re … Continue reading

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Spiritual Portrait

from Personal / TopPageArchive 2004 Father’s Day Jarred Lightning Catfarmer sent me this image for the first Father’s Day after I’d adopted her as a (spiritual) “daughter.” Image by Chisel Vision / On the card she wrote: … Continue reading

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pk Questions

What if? What if this whole universe is some other universe’s toxic waste dump? What If questions are the soul of science fiction: imagine something familiar, then run a variable through it: What if sunshine came from the center of … Continue reading

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No RePay

/ Stories / Business / Business Associates / Note: I put this up hurriedly, now I’ve added a better introduction to pk stories for this blog, and am adding other stories. Bear with the inadequacies of this one, I’ll try … Continue reading

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Truth Quotes

collection begun at 1998 09 18 People demand their right for self-delusion, particularly when the truth is ugly. Piers Anthony Swearing “to tell the truth” does not make the truth tellable. As scarce as truth is, the supply is … Continue reading

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