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For several months now my IonaArc blog has carried News posts with a new one starting each month: as I’m inspired by anything newsworthy. I’ll carry on that tendency here, first specializing in science news.

STOCKHOLM – Arctic ice is melting faster than expected and could raise the average global sea level by as much as five feet this century, an authoritative new report suggests.
The study by the international Arctic Monitoring and Assessment Program, or AMAP, is one of the most comprehensive updates on climate change in the Arctic, and builds on a similar assessment in 2005.
The full report will be delivered to foreign ministers of the eight Arctic nations next week, but an executive summary including the key findings was obtained by The Associated Press on Tuesday.
It says that Arctic temperatures in the past six years were the highest since measurements began in 1880, and that feedback mechanisms believed to accelerate warming in the climate system have now started kicking in.
One mechanism involves the ocean absorbing more heat when it’s not covered by ice, which reflects the sun’s energy. That effect has been anticipated by scientists “but clear evidence for it has only been observed in the Arctic in the past five years,” AMAP said.
The report also shatters some of the forecasts made in 2007 by the U.N.’s expert panel on climate change.

pk comments:
I began “teaching” global warming as part of my English class (subsumed under rhetoric) at Colby College. You can date it within a week or so of Lamont C. Cole’s NYT 1968 Magazine article, Can the World Be Saved?
Cole did not say that global warmning was a fact, and neither did I. He said it was a possibility, and that we should think twice before jumping off cliffs with our eyes closed: and so did I.
I still say it. But communciation is impossible with kleptocrats, academics, experts committed to burning every candle at every end: while pretending that they’re exampling human reason.
If they do, I sure hope God doesn’t help us: just laughs, as we slide down the long slide.

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Seems to me that some modicum of honesty is requisite to intelligence. If we look in the mirror and see not kleptocrats but Christians, we’re still in the same old trouble.
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