NEWS Scrapbook

2012 11 11 Here’s a scrapbook on News, now there’s also a News Monthly, a kind of news scrapbook redated the first of each month, tracking current news:
old bulletins moved to 9/11/2001 (WTC day).

Messianic Bid in NoTrump
2016 07 23 I read remarks earlier comparing Trump’s tone at the R convension with that of tyrants of the past. The post warned that this years crop of Republicans don’t seem ready to agree to disagree, to lose gracefully. No, the talk is messianic, no compromise, jihad, holy war. Not just don’t vote to Hillary; no, arrest Hillary, assassinate Hillary, execute her for treason … I love it. That’s the kind of politics I’ve known all my life. I’d say it’s return is overdue.
more later

2017 10 04

American journalism (like the journalism of any other country) is predominantly paltry and worthless. Its pretensions are enormous, but its achievements are insignificant.

HL Mencken

Campaign Lies
My beloved Jan has been trying to get this anarchist interested in the presidential race for well more than a year here. Last night she had a bit of success: we were already in bed, pleasantly petting. She turns herself off like a faucet and gets up to see if Melania Trump is finally on the TV news, maing a speech, the first speech “ever” from a may-be first lady. Jan is telling me she’s so beautiful, blah blah. Jan is so beautiful: and Jan is the one I was just making love to. Maybe I’d like it if I were in bed with this Melania, but it’s Jan I was just in bed with, it’s Jan I want to be in bed with and stay in bed with and here she is going tomorrow to Nova Scotia and leaving me a singleton: July to October: damn sam. Anyway, I get up, I see Melania, and follow her speech: avidly, I’m very impressed, blah blah.
So this morning I promised Jan I’d look online and see how long it took me to find nude Melania pix: a second and a half. I couldn’t wait to tell Jan: Google searching for “melania trump nude” also produced legions of porn: open beaver shots, black stud blow jobs, ebony ball rubs … then you notice: it’s not all Melania, they’ve switched in hordes of other whores.
Ah, but before I could tell Jan what I was finding, I see accusations of plagiarism!
Hillary is a liar. I assume Trump’s committee tells lies at its convenience. And now it seems Mrs. Trump is about as veracious as Hillary! Plagiarism, on top of lies. But I’m glad I saw it. Now I can mock Jan’s avidity with a bit of actual experience.
It was a written speech. of course it was. Who ever expected that Mrs. Trump would have written it? Did Trump know it was being plagiarized by his team? No, he’s busy trying to rule the world, what should he know. God, it feels like Nixon again!!!

Anyway, I’m very impressed, she read the speech very well, a real talent.

But, quick, review some lies: apparently Mrs T. said she had a university degree. Well, that should be verifiable, even in Slovenia. Meantime there are those who would bet against it. (I lofe the idea of the Trump, the left and right You’re fired-guy, got conned by a model claiming an education.

Oh, quick: speech writers: how about Reagan? Did Reagan write any part of his speeches? 1%? .05%? We want actors, won’t pay anybody but actors, why shouldn’t we wind up with a fashion model and not even an actor?

Meantime, I like her; she can read any script she wants to: so long as no one is fooled. Scuttle Donald the Trump and let’s have Mrs. T. Or why not a coup by a cotillion of Trump females: wives, mistresses, and daughters, please, no parents, no siblings, no off-sprung.

2015 03 10 School teacher placed spy camera in tots’ bathroom. 25 of his students were found imaged on his hard drive. The teacher has been relieved.
Sorry, that’s not good enough. A free people would need the kleptocrats who forced the children into the school, under this teacher in the first place, removed. As usual, we picked on the wrong guy, the easy guy: the criminal system of compulsory “education” remains in place.

Twirl the Drama Queen
2015 01 22 The old guy walking Eugenie Bouchard onto the Australian Open tennis court yesterday asked her if he could give her a twirl. Huh? She didn’t know what he was talking about, finally understood, Awe, Shucks, and she twirled.

Eugenie Bouchar
thanx Yahoo

Now: is that girl adorable? or what?! Any male not paralyzed from the neck down and the crotch up should want to twirl her. I’m a dancer: I certainly want to twirl her.
The press writes about it, they mention it to Serena, Serena is seed #1, Serena, a great tennis player, a great athlete, a new mold for women, period, blabs on and on: apparently the same guy asked Serena if she wanted to twirl the day before.

thanx Yahoo

Notice: Serena’s twirl invitation wasn’t the big story: adorable Genie Bouchard was. Look at that girl!

Did it have anything to do with tennis? No, but who gives a shit? It’s entertainment! Tennis, like big football, like big baseball, is entertainment. And entertainment is advertising-driven, market-harnessed. Fodder for the Fortune500.
People want to be stunned by that cute face, hypnotized by that adorable tush. Serena is a hell of a woman. She looked like Lawrence Taylor when she was sixteen. By sixteen she had knockers that could KO Tyson, an ass that could break bricks, but did the average person want to see her twirl? Dance? Hell, no.

Meantime, Rafa survives an ordeal: with his opponent, his health … a stack of things. He prevails. We already know he’s a hero. We knew it when he was sixteen. Except for the “race” he could have been Serena’s kid brother. The press, people, say, Ah, guts! Yes.
But then Andy Murray has to bitch and moan: he’d needed a medical time out: how come no one groaned on about what a hero the horse-face Scott was?
Because he’s the horse-face Scott, stupid! Bouchard is the cutest tennis girl we’ve seen in years!

Under-Inflated Superbowl
2015 01 21 Everyone’s seen the scandal about the New England Patriots’ under-inflated footballs by now, yes?
Who’s cheating here? the team? the league? the owner? the quarterback? the staff?

I’m betting that the average fan doesn’t know too many technical details: who’s supposed to inflate them? check them? who’s where in the totem pole?
Is it the home-team that provides the balls? Don’t both teams in the same game play with the same set of balls? Thus: if the Patriots provide under-inflated footballs and Brady gets to throw a softer ball, grip it better, didn’t the Colts play with the same ball? also have it softer?

I can understand how time has to allow review as new evidence is presented: results are never official no matter what the officials say, so long as new evidence may appear. That would be true if we were rational, responsible, reasonable. But in this case how come the Patriots haven’t been disqualified from the SuperBowl? How come the NFL hasn’t been disqualified?
We already knew they were all cheaters, have no honor …
When Nazis keep their own score what difference does it make what they say the score is?

I’ve mentioned before and now again remember the World Series where the defensive first baseman lifted the runner off the bag, got the ref’s attention, showed the runner off the bag, showed the ball, tagged him, showed the tag: the moron ref called the guy out!
The whole world witnessed the cheat! the bad sportsmanship!
But the call is up to the ref, not to the replay. That was the case then anyway.
2015 01 27 Less than a week to game day. Now the Patriots’ owner sounds off: demands an apology from the NFL! If that is the NFL doesn’t find something to incriminate the Patriots with! There, see? rebellious, but not a rebel. Wears a Rebel cap but answers the Union draft, all his employees answer to the union.
1968 I remember the student newspaper demanding this and that, then, finally, pleading for this and that: George Washington in training pants.
This clown should pull his team out of the SuperBowl before it’s kicked out, form his own league: one where cheating is open.
But the NFL can’t do that: I said just above, said the other day, that we don’t know this and that procedure; now we do, now it’s all the talk. Some equipment manager says all the teams do it, alter the inflation. The team presents inflated balls to the officials, the officials inspect them, mark them inspected, return them to the team: then the team’s equipment managers deflate the balls to their own quarterback’s liking.
When everybody cheats, when the whole enterprise has everything to do with profit and nothing to do with honor, then how the more dishonorable is singling out one cheater for punishment?
Remember Kubrick’s Paths of Glory? WWI, the French attack the Germans, the Germans repel the attack, the attack fails, the French generals order that three French soldiers be chosen at random and executed for cowardise!
Can’t fault the French: armies have always done that.

Gay Nix
2015 01 14–abc-news-topstories.html
The church schedules a funeral for a married gay, the family is showing a video of the couple which includes kissing on the lips, the church cancels the funeral 15 minutes before the appointed time! Our myths about our illiberality, crucifying God in Jesus, are true all the time! but we’ll never learn it.
At Judgment God will be able to say, “I told you so”: and No One, not one in a thousand, will get it!

Free Samples Trap
2015 01 14
That is awesome: the pitcher plant firms the brink of its death trap giving free samples of its necter to ant scouts. The scouts tell the colony about the free food. But the pitcher plant meantime makes its slope slippery again! Presto, the scouts serve up more of their fellows as victims. That’s fabulous.

Assumption Cosby
We all loved Bill Cosby. Now he’s accused of a bunch of long transgressions. Now Phylicia Rashad says that we’re supposed to presume innocence till guilt is proved.
I don’t believe that humans are capable of proving anything: and if we are one day, like Galileo being able to prove that Jupiter has moons, we’re not the next day: when the Church, the White House, the state, seizes the telescope and assigns it in school. Science doesn’t travel well; kleptocracy travels perfectly: till all is lies, deceptions.
Bravo Phylicia; but:
I do not endorse lumping classes of innocence / guilt. The state should be forced to assume innocence on the part of the commoner, the poor person. The king should have to assume that the plowman is innocent; it should not follow that the plowman should assume that the king is innocent!
Neither should it follow that the Michael Jackson fan assume that Michael Jackson was innocent.
There are at least two distinct categories here. I say there are at least three. Maybe four should be discusses. Five is too many to follow. But it’s more than one!

I loved Bill Cosby from the 1950s onward. His TV show was the greatest thing for families, ever. But do I assume that a man of such fame, wealth, power was above drugging a girl? a series of girls? women? No, I do not.
What I wish is that the second someone is about to exceed a certain income that Jesus appear, as Christ, as Christ with the sword, and say You can have this money; or you can be assumed innocent: you can’t have both. Now, which will it be?

Washed Up
2014 12 03
A British woman finds a block on one beach, then a similar on another. She posts, she receives speculations. One source ship was torpedoed by a German UBoat in 1917.
Meantime some kid in Laos walks into the forest and a mine planted by the US military blows his leg off. We’re all so sorry but no one’s to blame: there’s no responsible party holding any other party responsible for torpedoes, bombs, mines …
I have never understood how German cannot be responsible, even several governments later: or the US.

Bat War
2014 11 08 Wow
Scientists studying a common species of these flying mammals found that the bats, while competing for the juicy insects they call dinner, make noises that “jam” other bats that are using their sonar-like echolocation abilities to zero in on prey.

Sharp Tools
2014 11 02 “There are innocent people in this and there are guilty people in this,” Chessie Wood, 39, said in an interview. “I don’t know how the judicial system is going to figure it all out because they’re not the sharpest tools in the shed.”

Monthly posts are being reverted to scrapbooks. I’ll make a single monthly, feeding a dozen scrapbooks.

News Archive

First With the Worse

I, Ripper

First Law of News

2004 06 17 The most fundamental law of news is unwritten, more than half-unconscious: don’t report anything however true that would embarrass the advertisers or offend the publishers.

2008 05 04 We see what the media show us: how well are we aware of what the media omits to show us?

The car salesman tells you that the bumper is some blah blah alloy, that there are N coats of wax on the outer surface … Does he tell you that the car was in a head-on collision and that now the frame is crooked? due for failure?

The paper tells you that Mrs. So&So gave a gala party, that Ex-Congressman Greene will run again; but does it tell you how Morgan and Flagler and the US pried the Miccosukee off their beach in order to sell that land as “Palm Beach”?

Sometimes stories aren’t told because no one knows the necessary information. And oftentimes what isn’t known is deliberate on the part of someone who does know: or at least knows part, enough to want to repress the rest.

2006 01 18 More leisurely route to same:

What’s the first law of news? Inform the public? Sell newspapers (TV time, etc)? Make a profit? Provide employment for news men (printers, messengers, secretaries, printers …)?

My answer would normally be to “make a profit.” I would also emphasize that there’s more than one kind of profit: that the advertisers have to be happy, not necessarily individually but as a group, the publishers have to make a profit. … Some core part of the public has to feel like it’s “making a profit”: coming out ahead, getting something basic. …

But today I see not offending those who count as far more fundamental. No news organ will report truths too basic about the society. “We live on stolen land, utter stolen ideas …” is a story that will not run. For one thing, it’s not “news”: we already know it. Ah, but we don’t know that Flagler and Morgan, eyeing Florida’s east coast beaches and finding the nicest part, finding that the Mikosukee had been camped on that beach throughout tribal memory, connived with government to drive them off: so Flagler and Morgan could sell other people’s territory as their real estate. Since we don’t know it, that would be news; but you’ll never see that story in the popular press. We all know about Emminent Domain: how the state can take our front yard for a road way. There though there’s some sort of public-interest excuse. Flagler and Morgan teamed with US and Florida coercive powers for Flagler and Morgan. Imagine Emminent Domain now taking your back yard for Donald Trump to build a Donald Trump casino on.

Similarly, it’s news if an American soldier sprains his knee in Iraq; it’s not news how many Iraqis were dining under where the bomb fell. The German people knew something was up, something they’d best not look into too closely, but no Nazi papers ran daily totals of dissidents, gypsies, fags, Jews gassed or shot. The American people have no idea how many Vietnamese got killed when we were minding their business for them.

posting now, but I’ll expand the above.

Newspapers: What’s the point of existing if you always going to get everything so wrong?

I, Ripper

2004 06 17 from

Let me propose a solution to a puzzle that has vexed all of us for nearly three years — since 9-11, actually. The puzzle concerns the sheer ubiquity of dissembling in the Age of Bush.

The crazy claims hit us every day: lies brazen, bold, and breathtaking in their degree of misrepresentation; assertions that are perfect inversions of what is true; claims so implausible that believing them would require a level of ignorance that no one who reads the daily newspaper could possess; analysis so twisted, it is a wonder that anyone could spout it without laughing.

Lew Rockwell

Citing further: “What is startling is how the claims keep coming back, as if the people who promote them have no regard for the truth at all, and have no shame whatsoever about mouthing falsehoods again and again.” Gee. You mean like religion? Like education? Like civilization?

Read the whole article. Rockwell’s “explanation” is good: though I find him inexplicably optimistic. Be sure to see my parallel version of the same phenomena.

2006 07 26 Under Our Skirts, Under the Rug

Journalists who wish to be employed, not just submit material for infinite rejection, like pk, must understand their obligation not to look in certain places, and not to notice anything if they happen to look by accident. It isn’t just twat that the media never display. And the kleptocracy, any kleptocracy, any human government I can imagine, controls which areas the journalists are permitted into in the first place. There’s no such thing as inquiry without borders. The French kings could sort prisoners between those publicly imprisoned and those hidden in the dungeon: so could Stalin: so can the US. When could reporters look where they liked in Guantanamo? in the White House toilet? The woman’s dress, social codes, the woman herself … “say” you may look at my face, you may glance at my boobs; you may not look in my underwear.” Countries have closets, basements … secret archives: and also hidden evidence that no one knows about: not the Pentagon, not the president. But most things can be kept hidden in plain sight. Our own minds do the censoring. No all is transmitted between retina and brain.


About pk

Seems to me that some modicum of honesty is requisite to intelligence. If we look in the mirror and see not kleptocrats but Christians, we’re still in the same old trouble.
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