any different difference
a difference where a key difference is orthogonal
The difference that counts is not in the data but in the metainformation.

1 is different from 2. Roman numeral III is different from arabic 4. But 22, a power of 2, is metadifferent from 2.

A circle is different from a square which is different from a triangle. But a sphere, a cube, a tetrahedron is metadifferent from a circle, or square, or triangle.

Duration is metadifferent from width, from length, from depth.

A major second is different from a major sixth; but the dominant seventh is metadifferent from the Root. A minor third is metadifferent from a major third.

A complex organism with testes (male) is metadifferent from a complex organism without testes (female).

Laertes is different from Hamlet, but the ghost of Hamlet’s father is metadifferent from Laertes, Hamlet, and Hamlet’s father.

Extinction is metadifferent from death.

Some metadifferences are different only in the metainformatin because there is no data: no direct and obvious data, such as a single image on the screen or a single word on the sound track. That is to say, in Casablanca Capt Renault’s hypocrisy, his corruption, (not fazing his geniality, his urbane charm in the least, thanks to Claude Reins doing the part) emerges not from any data on the sound track, not from any single thing that we see on the screen, not from the data, but from the whole behavior in the whole context.
Data is necessarily involved, but the data is remote, not on the screen. It resides in the audience: the knowledge of life and the world that the audience brings into the theater with in.

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