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Significant difference, inversely related to probability


Information is based in difference. Metainformation emerges from different differences, from constellations of complex difference. Macroinformation is metainformation which sparks in at least several different dimensions.

Complex information fighting among its parts

Difference in another dimension
complex information emerging from dynamic abrasions among categories of data

Macroinformation emerges when complexes of meta-difference collide.

Information issues from difference; complex information issues from metadifference, macroinformation emerges from complex metadifferences, concatinated.

Metainformation is metadifferent: at angles. Macroinformation is multiply metadifferent: and sometimes the angles are perpendicular.

Information “is” any difference that makes a difference; macroinformation “is” any and all of the differences between the data and the information.

Interpreted macroinformation is what we call “meaning.” version of 2005 05 11

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