Persona The Universe of Personhood Humanity, for example

Formerly I called this basic existential set Humana. First, I didn’t distinguish it, not out loud, not at Macroinformation: I just added Sentiens to Bateson’s category of Creatura. I want to distinguish the world of awareness from the world of ahem instinct: and I further subdivide to emphasize the necessary fuzziness of borders, and, importantly, to avoid human chauvinism. I wish to divorce my thinking from any assumption about human exclusivity: the same as I wish to avoid assumptions that life began first on earth. I don’t say it didn’t; I say we don’t know: and there’s no reason, other than parochial vanity, to assume it did.

Persona may have any number of “moons” made of green cheese.
Pleroma may have none.

(Cheese, green or otherwise exists only in Creatura/Sentiens(/Persona) anyway;
Green cheese moons may be abundant in Pleroma/Creatura/Sentiens/Persona/Pathologica.
Pathologica: the set of mental things that have no possible correspondence in Pleroma or Creatura)

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Persona is the universe in which we have ideas about our nature, our individuality, our importance … Platonic Forms … or absence thereof.

In Pleroma, “we” “are” matter/energy. It’s in Creatura that we are alive. Still, in Pleroma we can burn, get radiated, blow up … So what? so can anything.

It’s in Creatura that we “want” to stay alive, not get burned, blown up.

Only in Sentiens are we aware that we may in future get burned, blown up.

Only is Persona do we think it’s “wrong” that we should get burned, blown up.

While I work on this I enclose the note as I first scribbled it:

Pleroma, Creatura … far older, more stable than Sentiens, Persona. Pleroma seems always to be there, here. Creatura takes no vacations that we know of, though on earth, life has been nearly erased more than once. But Sentiens? like a ghost. sometimes there seems to be awareness. Persona? When my wife kidnapped our son, was I living in Persona? If I were living in Persona shouldn’t there have been due process? Shouldn’t someone have paid attention? put us both on trial?

Oh, there are trials galore: just in Creatura. But for Persona to be valid, not just illusion, shouldn’t there be some review process? If the shaman gang up and convict Newton of blasphemy shouldn’t some god step in and demonstrate that the shaman had no idea what they were dealing with, were not proper members of Persona?

I believe that Persona is just beginning to get established: as a subdivision of Sentiens: which is just beginning to get established. We’re living in the attic of a house whose ground floor is not yet installed.

Now the concept of macroinformation fully applies.

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Seems to me that some modicum of honesty is requisite to intelligence. If we look in the mirror and see not kleptocrats but Christians, we’re still in the same old trouble.
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