Pleroma: The “Physical” Universe

2013 11 29 I get the term Pleroma from Gregory Bateson, I mean his meaning however I develop it. But now I see that the term is an old one, related to gnosticism, meant “a fullness”.

I take Time (with Existence) as an ur-set. Time doesn’t exist within space; space exists within time.

We don’t and can’t know how many universes exist in Time. I we know a bit about one: ours. Energy manifests in Pleroma. Some energy manifests there as matter.

Information, any difference that makes a difference, manifests in Pleroma. Light, spin, thermal activity … everything counts. If it makes a difference, a physical difference, then it’s information: Pleroma information. No one has to hear the star collide with the star or the comet hit the planet for the stars to collide or for there to be an impact crater.

But there is no abstract information in Pleroma, no information as symbol, as idea. Pleroma is pure territory. The word, these sentences, this file … are all in Sentiens/Persona (with Pathologica necessarily mixed in); NOT in Pleroma, except in the sense that abstractions can’t emerge without territory, something under their feet: Pleroma. There is no letter “A” in Pleroma, no Shakespeare, no Mozart.

Pleroma, as actual territory, is unutterable.

2006 05 24

Pleroma seems to be the oldest, most widespread, most stable … of the principal existential estates (all within Time and Existence).

Astronomers are making strides toward figuring out its age and extent.

(See my corresponding statements for each of the others.)

My next comments apply to the universe of life: Creatura.

Is there a species of macroinformation that applies to Pleroma? I don’t know. I suspect so: but have no time or attention to devote to the question now.

Note: I’m writing around among these categories. Something about Persona just appeared in the file on Sentiens. These are all first drafts: and scrapbook style, may continue to accumulate inconsistencies. I edit as I can.

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