Sentiens The Universe of Awareness Homo sapiens, for example

Information, any difference that makes a difference, complicates as we move toward complexity among the universes distinguished here. Photons radiate Pleroma, the physical universe: that’s information. In Creatura, the universe of life, the louse climbs a tree, smells no blood passing below, and drops off to try another tree. The louse takes no-information over timet to be a trigger. No information = information. Rain falling on a seed in a fertile setting has a different effect on the seed from no rain. Rain on the seed in an infertile setting has a different effect, and no rain over timeprolonged has a still different effect.

Creatura is Pleroma multiply-intensified: in multiple dimensions (including multiple meta-dimensions).

Where a creature has a brain stem / nervous system complex enough for feedback, for multiple-referencing, something new happens. Information takes multiple leaps into informational complexity.

Note: We get the term Pleroma from Gregory Bateson. Creatura is Bateson’s coinage. Sentiens, Persona, Pathologica … are pk’s coinages: Bateson inspired.

Right now I’m just creating files in which to gather notes on information at different levels of existential complexity: Pleroma, Creatura, (Gaia,) Sentiens, Persona. These rooms are yet only partly furnished.

2006 05 24

Sentiens seems to be a late developer within Creatura. Both physical and organic complexities need a bulk of experience before awareness emerges.

Astronomer Fred Hoyle saw cellulose amid the star dust, light year long strands of it.

Men have long seen mind in the universe but science has yet to.

But then science is even younger than Sentiens.

Pleroma is oldest and most extensive. Creatura is less old and less extensive: unless we’re wrong about that too. Sentiens is I believe just getting started: has a lot of growing, catching up, to do.

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With Sentiens the concept of macroinformation begins to apply.

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