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I’ve always made up words. Doesn’t everyone? I believe that most coinages of the schooled, the conventional, are accidental: unconscious. I don’t doubt that I do that too: but in addition, I invent words deliberately. A writer, you know.

  • ampurp ambiguity of purpose
    portmanteau coinage, concerns institutions more than individuals
  • asecist a (as in “a-theist”), sec– (as in secular), and –ist (a being related to a particular circle of faith)
    Thus, in the context of this word asecist, belief or disbelief in God is irrelevant compared to belief or disbelief in man and man’s secular institutions.
    Never mind God. My relationship to God cannot be communicated to secular kleptocrats. What’s relevant is my emphatic disbelief in man’s ability to veto nature. (I don’t believe God has that ability either!) I am an atheist with respect to human-supervised political solutions. It’s Communism, and New Deals, and New Frontiers that I don’t believe in.
    Neither do I believe that any of these things can be rationally discussed, the irrational always have the authority to interrupt, to mislabel, to incarcerate … to murder, while calling it something else.
  • cartamania Literally, map – crazy: the tendency to institutionalize map / territory confusions (and other related symbolic smearings: concept substitutions, metaphors where the figurative aspect of the form has been forgotten (or is deliberately overlooked) … God for truth, church for God, government for order, law for order, police for safety … had modules on cartamania which in time I’ll try to recreate below. See also my piece on Description vs. Thing.
  • Christianity related Cry-stianity
    christiaprimity, crixity, Chris-tianity …
    Cross-tianity (that’s Shaw’s, but I use it.) (His didn’t take either.)
    How about ChristianF? for failures at Christianity!?
  • henogamy loving one woman: at a time
  • klepbot the robot the kleptocracy mass-produces to overwhelm and replace humans
    portmanteau coinage
  • macroinformation information related

    In 1999 many of my coinages came to concern information:
    metainformation (as a single word)
    macrodecimal got censored by the fed along with and all my domains.
    Meantime: macroinformation combines information with the prefix macro- on analogy with the macro-universe of the scientists: the universe perceived by the mind: a mental construct, and a social construct, not objectively verifiable. Synergistic information, interpreted information. Complex information generated by frictions among logical types.

    Meta-information: information orthogonal to data: data, meta data, metainformation, macroinformation

  • zanzibuster the practice of feigning thought not to stimulate thought but to put all disputantional candidates to sleep
    A portmanteau coinage combining Zs (as in cartoon for “sleep”) with filibuster: politically motivated time wasting.
  • I’ve coined plenty of portmanteau words: I’ll list such as I can.


    My word coinages in school, college, graduate school met with three classes of reception: my coinages were 1) not noticed, 2) rejected “not a word”, 3) or recognized, appreciated, applauded. Maybe a Judgment God will quantify those for us. It would be nice to have stats, graphs … to have the stats be true!


    About pk

    Seems to me that some modicum of honesty is requisite to intelligence. If we look in the mirror and see not kleptocrats but Christians, we’re still in the same old trouble.
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