Roman Salt

The Romans didn’t invent so much as they appropriated, then managed. Take salt as a case in point. The corpses anthropologists find in old European salt mines are Celtic. The Celts refined the business of gathering and distributing salt. The Celts thrived across what we now call France and the British Isles.

So: let’s say that the Celts specialized in salt. What Rome specialized in was military might, conquest, administration. The inventor invents, the pirate then steals, then owns the invention.

It’s the same in religion: the Jews invented a God who owned everything, then the Jews who became Christians invented a God who forgives everything, if we follow certain rituals: then Rome appropriates both Gods, and administers him to those who want that God: and to those who don’t.

An army travels on its stomach. Salt preserves food. Armies carry preserved food. The longer food can be preserved (the more salt), the further the army can conquer.

The US is today’s Rome. Once upon a time, Yankees were ingenious. But now we’re just like the later inheritors of the British empire: salt, and limes, sailing all over hell and gone: stealing, then administering. We’re not Edward Long Shanks, torturing William Wallace, and we’re certainly not William Wallace with his gore-baptized claymore. We’re the effete descendant, the inheritor, the cross-bred retard, the one who’s been to school, running the world.

And God can do nothing about it. Christ inspired saint Ivan illich to invent a cybernetic free market place to replace education, learning managed by the kleptocrats, with free learning: an ungoverned community data base. Oh, no: that would be like Rome letting the Celts sell their salt.

Illich proposed digital banks, serving the people directly. I saw that as the only thing that could possibly pry empire off the people. So I offered the Free Learning Exchange, Inc. Illich came aboard as a trustee. Provide me with infrastructure, I said, and I’ll give you an internet that could, the people willing, obviate our false free markets, replacing them with real free markets. Oh, no.

The US — fed, state, local, institutions, Fortune 500 companies — all ganged up to steal and pervert my Christian offering. Oh, no: not Christian run by Rome; no, Christian meaning not run by anybody! inspired by Christ: our best sense of intelligence for survival.

No, no: Rome rules: and London, and DC. The Celts shrank into the corners of Europe, except for those who are the Boston police.

Just recently I coined a new portmanteau word, klepbot: a robot designed and built to serve the kleptocracy.
Schools pretend to serve learning; actually they just mass-produce klepbots.

About pk

Seems to me that some modicum of honesty is requisite to intelligence. If we look in the mirror and see not kleptocrats but Christians, we’re still in the same old trouble.
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