Institutions Quotes

Those who see the Institution’s ass are beneath the Institution’s notice.

These are all pk quotes, I’ll dispense with the pk blue below.

Initially institutions serve their announced purpose: to comfort the dying, to distribute alms, to train the young … to monopolize the water hole …
Next institutions spend more and more resources on growing, on amassing privileges.
Finally institutions’ purpose is to sniff out reformers: strip them, discredit them, shove them down the memory hole.

The purpose of power is to correct experience with authority.

A people too dishonest to be intelligent will have institutions too unintelligent to be honest.

Institutions: The substance erodes, the pretense remains.

Institutions transfer responsibility from concrete individuals to abstract individuals.

Institutions know how to bloat but not to mature.

Our institutions degenerate to protect our parasites, not us.

It doesn’t matter what the new pope says or does once the old temple has crucified the recent Jesus.
And it won’t matter what the next pope says or does
so long as the recent Jesus’ followers have yet been silenced.
(And so long as there’s a Caesar who has a Pilat (or a Herod who has a Caiaphas) who can have Jesus tortured, no matter if the Caesar was “elected,” the whole society will still deserve what it has: doom: damnation (deforestation, pollution, a population bomb).

When the institution is caught cheating, that should be the end of the institution.

Individuals don’t have the same standards as institutions.

Institutions are how a group pretends that the precious can be preserved, the ineffable uttered, the divine communicated to the profane.

Supporting the same institutions that led us in lies yesterday will not lead us to the truth today.

The public, lazy, far from bright, or honest, allows its institutions to buffer it from rigor, from intelligence, from honesty. Thus religion, science, government will all be riddled by fraud: and the rest of the biosphere can rest easy, knowing that whatever damage we do, we’ll be gone soon. Soon enough for the survival of anything else that we care about? Too soon to tell.

Kleptocracy: not just government by theft; government by the institutionalization of theft

Institutions are so that the robot priests of the diseased society rule. Thus resources flow only to those with the disease.

Human institutions rely on human suggestibility for their claims.

Government: the Institutionalization of Interference

Institutions, whatever the pure single-mindedness of their innocence, by their early adulthood are run by politics: and politics are never run by the fair-minded: politics are manipulated by the manipulators: the kleptocrats, the cheats.

Institutions assure conservatism of ideas. The idea of god cannot be intelligently discussed in an institution of theists, the idea of anarchism cannot be intelligently discussed in an institution of politicians, the idea of independent learning cannot be intelligently discussed in a school. The possibility of independent thought died as human populations exploded.

Institutions express the character of the people tolerating the institution. If the people are not free, liberal, literate, then the institution will not be free, liberal, literate.
The Church will not serve God unless the people already serve God: which we have long known perfectly well people do not do.

‘Lis (in the Larsson novels) looks weird, but is really resourceful; our institutions look resourceful but are really self-doped.

Society defends itself against reform by being too stupid to understand the proposals.
But maybe not: since kleptocracies don’t just igore such proposals; they block them!

One function of human institutions is to vie for unverifiable claims: God gave Canaan to the jews, God gave the New World to the whites, God gave America to the Protestants … The king gets his authority from God, the king gets his authority from the people … the murderer got his authority from Macbeth …

Cheating and institutions go together like ham and eggs, like man and society.

The society wills itself blind to many an injury.
Many an institution’s perpetuation depends on three blind-deaf-dumb monkeys.

Institutions all cooperate or they would have no budget.

A purpose institutions have in common is to set the bar in plain sight regarding which fictions we must believe about ourselves: we’re the good guys, the water hole is ours …


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Seems to me that some modicum of honesty is requisite to intelligence. If we look in the mirror and see not kleptocrats but Christians, we’re still in the same old trouble.
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