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Governments cannot be trusted with money.

So said a mailer from, recently touting a book by Gary North. I immediately replied, here, Governments cannot be trusted with anything.

I wanted to know whether I should attribute the sentiment (when I quoted it, immediately) to Gary North: or just to So I asked my son, who works, much to my embarrassment, at He responded that all the Mises mailings were written by one Jeffrey Tucker, whom he identified as an anarchist (as am I, as is my son). bk hastened to divulge further that Gary North is not an anarchist and that neither was Ludwig von Mises. He added further that all at would agree with the quoted statement, on money and government, and many, but not all, would agree with my expansion of the sentiment: government cannot be trusted with anything.

Now, what step do I take next? there are so many clamoring. I’ll make a series of statements, any of which could be expanded on for years, decades, any of which summarizes my writing and thinking of the past two-thirds of a century.

  • I do not believe that government can be trusted.
  • I do not believe that government can be trusted with anything.
  • I do not believe that government can be trusted with order.
  • I do not believe that government can be trusted with education.
  • Education is already a perversion of the essential process of learning, degenerating it into a commodity, a commodity to be passively consumed by klepbots.

  • I do not believe that government can be trusted to establish facts, to admit the truth, not even under duress.
  • I do not believe that government can be trusted with money:
  • but money, credit, trade … are the least of my concerns; whereas they are the nearly exclusive focus of the folk at knows vastly more than I about economics, the Austrians may be least wrong in that murky vale, but still, I see them as idiot savants: talented, dedicated, but irrelevant to human survival. They pretend to believe in free markets, they believe that they believe in free markets, but, since they didn’t support my offer of an unsupervised cybernetic public data base: my Free Learning Exchange, Inc., NYC, of 1970, they’re deluding themselves, and lying to you.

    I further believe that government cannot be trusted to fund anything without perverting it. Education? The hell with education: education is obviously fraud, the perpetuation of unearned privilege. Watch out for this one: science: government money, the money itself already destroyed, destroys science: destroys the possibility of science: destroys our ability to learn, to be honest, to live.

    I’ve been put in jail for saying, writing these things. I’ve been prevented from making a living. The klepbots stood idle while my family was destroyed, stood idle when my offer of an internet was stolen and perveted, stod idle when I was arrested, remained idle while I was censored.

    I’d remained mostly unpublished, yet still got censored! How many months have the Mises money radicals spent in jail? Any? (I don’t know: but I’ve heard of none.) Where are their scourge marks, their stigmata?

    Still: the number of sabotaged saviors remains uncounted, uncountable: an extension of infinity.

    (You may not have heard of mine either, or my being unpublished, or my being censored … because those who manage information are partners in crime with government.

    (Who knows how many of these paths I’ll return to pursue another step or two.)


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    Seems to me that some modicum of honesty is requisite to intelligence. If we look in the mirror and see not kleptocrats but Christians, we’re still in the same old trouble.
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