Civilized Conditions

Mission: to argue that civilization steers resources away from the unorthodox, assuring its bias, its mortality, by blinding itself to the actual range of possibilities

Any state of existence may impose conditions: how can a star exist until a universe has matured enough for matter to form? How can sentience develop until a biosphere has already evolved a rich complexity of non-sentient life?

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And in the universe of sentience, you can’t go to Harvard until a Harvard exists for you to go to: and you don’t need to go to it until it’s already existed long enough to establish a track record. …

There’s no point in objecting to games having rules. You don’t have to play chess; but if you play chess, then you need to know how to use the king, how the pawn moves, how the knight …

An individual meets conditions: an individual must find resources, find shelter, food … a mate: then a group. The group will than have it’s own conditions: can team work develop? are you good for the team? If most Yankees are six foot, and you’re seven foot (or five foot), how good a team member will you be?

Civilization is the result of this society and that society fostering the survival of enough individuals for form cities: to store abundance, to permit leisure …

I’m for civilization to the extent that civilization fosters leisure; I’m against civilization in every case where it, the civilization, decides what my needs are without consulting me. I want leisure to make my own choices, not have leisure imposed on my by a group of priests, or bureaucrats, or teachers, or prostitutes … telling me what I must do with my leisure. The prescription is always to serve them: the priesthood, the whore house, the Congress. It’s worst where, most ironic: that is, where your absence of choice is masked as “democracy.”

I would like one political representative that I’ve ever had to show me one thing I’ve written or said that he understands. I want him to show it before God! with me allowed to also speak! What modern democracy could survive such conditions?

We’re a captive passive helpless audience so hexed that we call everything by the false names of the mislabelers: all for the sake of obscene wealth and corrosive leisure for the alpha-civilized.

I don’t want the right to chose between Ford and Chevy; I want to be able to walk or bike or drive … or try to fly. I want to drive, sure; but not if driving means that there a roads blocking every place I might want to go. In NY I can taxi to the airport and fly to Miami, but I can’t walk to the Hudson with a cane pole: not without getting arrested: if I don’t get run over.

Humans chose. Humans made the wrong choices, thousands of years ago.

It’s like the theology of John Milton: you have Free Will, until you make the wrong choice: after that, you’re the damned, you’re a junkie, an addict: there’s no such thing as freedom.

Only the saved are free.

I’m not free. I tried to be free, I tried to offer you freedom too. But you would have had to cooperate: with the saviors, instead of with the war mongers.

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Seems to me that some modicum of honesty is requisite to intelligence. If we look in the mirror and see not kleptocrats but Christians, we’re still in the same old trouble.
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