Favorite Euphemisms

from K. 2001 04 01

  • funeral home
  • public education
  • K. had a number of favorite euphemisms and select oxymora scattered here and there. My Chat / Favorities section linked to several. I’ll try to reconstruct all that eventually, but I launch this post today so I can add a new thought: education itself in the schooled society is a euphemism! First you must distinguish learning from education: learning is performed by individuals as well as by societies, species, ecologies; education is imposed learning: the group determining what the individual must learn: with no necessary respect for what’s true, for what’s necessary for biology … Someone’s agenda gets palmed as what you need (and want)!
    Education is bad enough when the Church dictates it, but we’re wholly lost when the kleptocracy controls the information, the program, the discussion …
    I’m ashamed of myself: in 2001 I was insulting the public, forgetting that the deschooler must in all things insult the society’s extortionists first.

    Learning may be chosen; education is coerced.

    Oxymoron is related: I’ll have to update those too. (Here’s a candidate not previously analyzed at K: one-nation / under-god!
    (What a riot: the kleptocracy’s superstition from last year, nationhood, pretending respect for the kleptocracy’s superstition from the year before last, divinity. Nations replaced gods (with no more legitimacy); then pretend that they’re a continuum!
    (Once upon a time people murdered each other, stole each other’s resources, screaming Baal! or Isis! Then they stole resources screaming Germany! or France! Now we bomb everybody screaming US! Democracy!)

    About pk

    Seems to me that some modicum of honesty is requisite to intelligence. If we look in the mirror and see not kleptocrats but Christians, we’re still in the same old trouble.
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