AnarChrist! Wow! How come I only just thought of it this morning, hugging my sweetie, too far into pk as long-distance-race-writer to sleep.

Few labels fit me, but anarchist suits: to the extent that I don’t believe in government coercion. I don’t believe in government supervision, government licensing, government interference … I don’t believe that Republicans have a right to legislate, but not Democrats. I don’t believe that neither Republicans nor Democrats have a right to legislate but that Communists do, or Hitler, or bin Laden.

I don’t trust God to legislate; not when the only words of God we have come through generations of priests who’d never read Tolstoy, (who have a history of using faith to silence those God talks to directly): and who wouldn’t know how to copy a laundry list accurately.

I believe that small groups have a right to protect themselves; not large groups. I believe that individuals, and families, have a right to supervise the young; not states, not nations … and definitely not churches. … I believe that in the long run all we attempt must be viable in this universe, or we’re deluding ourselves. (Correction: all we attempt must be viable in this universe, and we’re deluding ourselves.) Evolving society to the point where we can live viably without coercion (and without kleptocracy!) is our only honorable activity. In this area only the saved are saved, even though we fail. I’m not trying to save me; I’m trying to save your grandchildren! or their grandchildren.

Jesus failed, but Christ may yet succeed. It’s entirely up to us.

And the word, concept … koan … “Christ” has stretched and stirred my mind all of my mind’s life: from somewhere in childhood, since whenever I developed a mind beyond that of a cricket.

Remember, or know, learn: my modules making this point got destroyed along with everything else by my censorship, and my thoughts were already proscribed, since childhood, but especially since university, especially since teaching at colleges and universities: Jesus is the name of a man, there have been many Jesuses, go to Spanish Harlem, you’ll find hundreds, thousands. “Jesus of Nazareth” refers to a man, named Jesus, who lives, or lived, or was born, or spent significant time … in Nazareth. Christians mean one particular man: the one they title Christ. Note, again, it’s a title: like “President,” or “Mahatma” … or “Sir,” or “Lord.” (It means anointed one. It means … whatever the user means it to mean.) It’s meaning would be richest to those who know Greek, especially the Greek of the authors of the New Testament: gospels, epistles, and related documents. I’m sure a knowledge of other ancient languages active around the Middle East two thousand years ago would additionally help … But get this: for pk, “Christ” is redolent of the meaning “savior.”

The New Testament is full of contradictions: any rich culture is. So: while we’re still not too far from the beginning let me visibly admit: one thing about Jesus, called the Christ, called Jesus Christ (as though it were a conventional first and last name), is that he is associated with a Kingdom of God. Kingdoms are not known to be anarchisms. I least mind being called an anarchist. I see Jesus Christ as an anarchist: in direct contradiction to all this talk about Kingdoms, and about God as a boss, an owner, an autocrat … a disciplinarian: a god with a temper … Jesus, in the stories, seems to side with the ordinary man, against the priests, the rulers, the bureaucrats … the kings … the goddam gods!

In the mouths of superstitious kleptocrats “Christ” means, I’m right and you’re wrong, means My god can beat up your god, means Your land belongs to me, and to my fellow Christians … means, God loves me, so I can torture you, castrate you, enslave you

Bear with my draft … the prose here here read better reordered.

I’ll also get to my other coinage of this morning: cyberChrist.

But let’s back up and concentrate on Christ meaning Savior.

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Seems to me that some modicum of honesty is requisite to intelligence. If we look in the mirror and see not kleptocrats but Christians, we’re still in the same old trouble.
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