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Proof: another dishonest state monopoly

Individuals have to “prove” things: uphill, against the state, state lawyers deflecting penetrating gazes. Whereas the state doesn’t have to prove anything, except by right of arms. I’ll prove it to you (sneer): POW!

kleps defeat facts by ignoring them, the group willing fiction for autobiography
kleps won’t accept as fact anything that would expose them as being in the wrong, make them responsible.

much of civilization is group plagiarism.

King Saul may see that shepherd David gets royalties for slingshots, or, King Saul may see that Prince Sal gets David’s royalties, giving them to David only if there is no Prince Sal.
I wish I trusted in a Judgment Day were the truth would correct false record keeping. But as it is I try to content myself by settling for the truth being the truth. Thieves can prevail only while there are enormous excesses of wealth to commandeer. In the long run any society will learn that it should have paid the piper: when it had the chance: to do so voluntarily.

2011 06 21 There’s no use appealing to kleptocrats’ conscience: any more than there is to appealing to missionaries conscience: kleptocrats, like missionaries, nearly all of them, don’t have any conscience. They don’t know that they’ve stolen, that they’re still stealing: that everything they do supposedly to help you is most likely further stealing! Seeing their own evil is against their faith.

2011 07 19 Do any polities other than kleptocracies have the concept of legitimacy? I can imagine cavemen feeling comfortable around their cave but I can’t imagine them making speeches about how God or the People gave it to them.

I import K.’s klep sb file:

Oh, yeah: people used to do that; but we’re enlightened, we’ve reformed

Kleptocracy’s Siren Song

2006 01 12 The kleptocracy is not responsible for anything it hasn’t officially declared itself responsible for. Thus Caiaphas, having been promoted for his administrative abilities with human rabbis, has no responsibility for understanding a word said by any actual Messiah, the Royal Society must understand Newton but need not have a clue what Faraday’s discoveries imply. The English-speaking judge need not be aware of any testimony presented by the Hungarian-speaking accused.
Unless the aliens tell us how to save ourselves in a paper that can be corrected by any state-trained English teacher, we have no responsibility to learn the content of the message.
And will deserve what we get.

2004 03 24 Any of the materials that follow may become their own module, get merged with existing modules, precipitate unanticipated mergers, unanticipated modules, or remain here: notes generally on the subject or related to the subject. (What’s main channel and what’s digression is not always clear) (and will never be equally clear to any two individuals).


I go into the Louvre Museum. I steal the Mona Lisa. That’s wrong, right?

What if I leave a cheap poster of the Mona Lisa behind in its place? Will that make it OK?

What if I kidnap your virgin daughter? How about I give her back? deflowered, pregnant, with a black eye? What if I take her living and give her back dead?

In other words, the thief should not be the one to determine appropriate compensation. But that’s what power is: the right to determine fair compensation. For government to be just, shouldn’t government first have to prove — to all, no exceptions — that its’ capable of accurately assessing values?

The draft board drafted me. They stole my time and energy and service without my consent, the society coerced me. The society offered no proof that it understood the value of my time or service: $90 a month. Do you think that’s accurate? fair?

Kleptocrats have no shame.

Actually the draft board (and army, and society …) stole more than two of my years: first, I knew it was going to happen. So instead of living free before it happened, I lived in fear. But that was nothing new: I’d lived in fear and helpless rebellious disgust since I first knew that the school board and its society were going to send me to school: for my own good, of course: for the good of all.

At what point did society demonstrate to me that it had any authority to determine was good was? (And who were the morons who’d misinformed me that I was free in the first place? Had I been born a slave, would I have any of these totally inappropriate values?)

But, in the case of the draft, the effects of the theft continued even after I was discharged: I lived in hatred, resentment, contempt … Ditto with the school.

Once upon a time people lived in groups: a dozen, a hundred, two hundred. That fifty or a hundred people would also think they knew what was good, right, fair … But in a small homogeneous group I would in all probability agree with them: Oh yes, Marduk the Devourer is god alright. Oh yes, I mustn’t touch my penis, I mustn’t see the neighbor girl’s tits …

That comes with being social creatures. How many of us are ready to switch survival strategies with that of the spider? You can eat whatever you can grab? You don’t owe anything to anybody?

But clearly, the bigger the human group, the less homogeneous, the more preposterous — and intolerable — its self-complaisancies become.

The gringo always has the right of way.

2003 10 28 Guy buys a boom box in a store around Time Square. Five year warranty, loud enough to wake the dead, $49.95. Thing destroys his ear drums on the way home, but by that night even he can tell that it’s stopped working. Goes back to Times Square. There’s the “same” store. Same guy is behind the same chipped counter. “No. Warranty no good here. Bill of sale no good here. You bought from XYZ Imports, Inc. They out of business, bankrupt. This now XYZ Import, Inc. No “s” on “Import” you see. Very sorry.” The location is the same, the inventory is the same, the owner is the same … but the corporation is new. Every day the guy reincorporates. Next door is some other arab who goes out of business everyday: has been for thirty years, all under the one roof.

Now, as many such business as I’ve seen and heard of I know that such behavior is not standard: not in NYC, not in the US of A. For buying boom boxes at least. But that is precisely the standard for governments. We’re not the same “country” that committed countless genocides against displaced peoples and cultures. The United States gave upstate New York to the Mohawk “to live in forever,” then took it back a few months later; but that Unites States is not this United States. The United States traded slaves, kept slaves, tortured slaves … but that Unites States is not this United States. See? It’s a different administration now.

I want to do more with that, but you can see from just that start where it goes.

I invite you to take a moment to follow my reflection on why some essay modules have been located in my “History” Directory and others on the same subject in my “Social Pathologies” Directory. [2003: those directories have now merged.] I repeat: convenience is the only reality of categories

I intend the former directory to show us — short if not sweet — where we come from. The latter expatiates on the associated problems.

For the moment I merely string jottings subsequent to my original effort below. In time they’ll be reorganized and I hope better integrated. Today’s entry I give its own file: Death by Proxy.

2001 07 14 Today I want to repeat something I just added to my notebook on reverse-engineering the school system, but from school as a kleptocratic institution, I generalize to kleptocratic institutions, period.

Kleptocracies manage information. They broadcast; they do not receive. Communication is impossible except among the orthodox (where of course communication is a catch-22: we’ll hear you just fine so long as you say what we’re rehearsed at hearing). In other words, by Claude Shannon’s definition of information as the reverse of the predictability of the signal, there is no information amid kleptocracy’s “information.” Why ask a priest what he thinks: just read the papal bull. A priest who thinks won’t be a priest for long. Ditto teacher, etc. as well as soldier.

My piece on applying the Turing Test to my fellow humans points out that the idea of “democracy” is ludicrous in such a society. I have a life’s time’s correspondence with politicians and bureaucrats to offer as proof that they are immune to understanding what’s said to them. How can my representative represent me if he doesn’t know and can’t be shown what I think?

2000 07 17 A “society” and a “population” are not coextensive. The population is every example of the species in the area under consideration as it would be counted by an alien zoologist with an accurate sense of local species. The society in contrast is a synergy of conspirators (literally: “breathe together”) jockeying to monopolize the resources. Population would include Jews, “Indians,” geniuses, communists, Anabaptists, and terrorists. The alien zoologist would know nothing of the concept “illegal alien.” Society goes through amazing contortions — physical, geographical, and logical — to impose artificial distinctions. School resources for example go to the tractable, the conventional: representatives of the broad top of the society’s
bell curve. School (and university) is the society’s branch for monopolizing “expertise.” Certificates are one glaring example of a monopolistic tool. The broad top of the bell curve of the society’s intellectual capacity misrepresents itself. It says it’s “good.” What it is is “average.” The society doesn’t need to worry much about the lower left of the bell curve: those individuals lack competence. What the society must band together like pack dogs to protect itself against is the lower right of the bell curve. That’s where the geniuses, the revolutionaries, the saints are. And the society will misrepresent them every time: excluding the Jesus, the Abelard, the Luther, the
Darwin note the Einstein.

Trouble is: some portion of the persecuted turn out to be useful: after some crisis in the society. Then that future generation of the society claims them, takes credit, acts as though it had supported them all along. Can’t acknowledge that they’re the same-old same-old.

Now: I am not suggesting that unsocialized species are smarter than socialized. On the contrary: it’s socialized species that breed the brains. We have to be “smart” to master our complicated mating procedures. I am not suggesting that an individual living in a band of men is smarter than an individual cooperating with the pack. I say all this to make one point: the band can foul only a small part of the biosphere; the super-zoo pack has already fouled much of the whole thing. And now we’re going to go and foul more of the universe. If we succeed, we’ll foul nearly everything before nature catches up to us and we discover too late (too late for everything) that we weren’t fit after all.

There’s a note I have to make that applies throughout much of this home page, that I believe I’ve made but haven’t yet repeated much, linked to all relevant sections: I associate “Jesus” with Socrates and Einstein. Our knowledge of Einstein’s work has an ample measure of objectivity. Socrates we know primarily through Plato, and why trust him? Jesus we know only through the gospels. Almost nothing in the story can be verified. That’s OK so long as we recognize that it’s the story I’m referring to, not a set of facts. Ditto Socrates: Socrates is a set of stories. The logic of stories has (or should have) a higher status than fact. Einstein is a set of stories amply supported by facts: the very best kind of story. Thus, when I refer to the martyrdom of Jesus, I am making a true point about society, not a true point about Jesus: who, for all I know, was in truth another charlatan.

Darwin alone among this group knew better than to allow himself to be socially ostracized: he decided against publishing Origin in his lifetime. He let us ostracize him when he was no longer around to be inconvenienced by it. Wallace forced his hand, he was already half-way toward being an aristocrat (his family had plenty of money and prestige), his theories found a few supporters secure in the pack … Society never got to gang up on him as a homogeneous whole. While the death threats against Einstein are now only publicized by Stephen Hawking, they were real at the time.


1999 09 28

Food & Decoration

Kleptocratic civilization exploits that part of the universe it can reach for its own perceived needs. The needs overwhelmingly reduce to two things: food and decoration. Both are pursued to destructive excess. We all see a young man’s lust for a ‘Vette as a phallic accessory corresponding perfectly to the young woman’s breast implants. What about his lust for a vice-presidency in the company? What of his later lust for actual Presidency? Isn’t it more of the same?
Sure, natural good looks and health may get your more than your “fair share” of pussy, but how much more pussy can monopolizing 90% of the worlds resources get you? All the pussy in all the mass graves won’t bring us back from extinction.

1999 09 28

Reason & Justice

Kleptocratic civilization has mastered the magicians switch of associate thing for actual thing: certificates for ability, for example. A lawyer passes a series of tests. He is thereafter forever deemed reasonable. He’ll have to get caught and convicted of a real blunder to sideline him from the team of magicians assistants. Fine, so long as the majority getting away with murder is all we’re interested in.

How many law students, lawyers, or judges could pass the Wason Test? How many legislators? If they pass it on Monday, could they pass it again on Tuesday? Kleptocracy depends on labels. Label it once and you’re done. This kid is a moron, bury him. This kid is brilliant: train him as a magicians assistant. Of course once Kleptocracy has decided to elevate the moron Einstein to the genius Einstein, we all have to pretend we knew it all along. Otherwise we’d be morons, and that can never be allowed.

Cybernetics made FLEX possible (the only institution a reasonable anarchy would ever need). We ignored it to wait for the loud, expensive, and power-poker internet. We could have bypassed the liabilities of what we’ve allowed done to our media till the same could be done to cybernetics. More advantage for the already advantaged. But there’s still something that cybernetics could do for justice.

You want to know the truth about something? Scrap your list of Nobel Laureates, pension off your lawyers and judges. Create a virtual court room. Anyone can wire in. A question is put. Evidence is presented. A program is the referee. All virtual presences may offer to vote: not twelve jurors, six judges … six billion potential juror/judges. But first, they must answer correctly a Wason question: two part multiple choice. What & Why. Those who answer correctly get to vote on Question One.

Question Two. Same thing again. And so on. 3% of the population may vote on Question One; 3% and a fraction on Question Two. The referee tracks the extent to which it’s the same “3%.” If it varies too much, something’s funny.

Then another program analyzes the results to rate the reliability of the vote. 20% for conviction? Let him go. 50%? Put him on Probation. 70%? Post a bond against future revelations of error, but drop the guy on Devil’s Island. (No damn jails, see?) 90% Post a bigger bond and bury him in lye.

1999 09 28

Kleptocratic Revisionism

In the late 60s I read the NYR devotedly. Most brilliant organ I’d ever come across. So brilliant, so unconventional, so right about everything. After a couple of years I couldn’t stand it any more. I realized that though some NYR authors were right in advance — Chomsky, Illich … — most NYR authors were right after the fact. Suddenly they had the goods on Woodrow Wilson.

Kleptocracy all over. The Jews killed God, we never would. In 1840 we traded slaves, in 1940 we never would. In 1840 we killed indigies, in 1940 we never would. In 1940 Hitler’s Reich killed Jews. Naughty, naughty. He killed faggots and Communists. Silence, silence. If we followed the unpublishable press, we’d learn that we still kill indigies, still break treaties, are still kleptocrats. Turn our back on genocides we’re not ourselves commiting but that we don’t see advantage in opposing. Why run all over Bosnia while blinding ourselves to the Amazon? (It’s not clear to me in Bosnia whether we’re opposing or participating in the genocide.)

At the end of the Middle Ages the Humanists caught the Church faking Biblical studies. Six hundred years later people still run to see the Pope as though he meant anything not criminal. Doctors ignored Walter Reed till they reversed themselves. Doctors keep the power to oppose or ignore the next Walter Reed, meanwhile taking credit for Walter Reed.

Imagine an elk losing the battle against the younger elk but keeping the harem with a police force? That’s us. US.

1999 10 08

Kleptocratic Civilization vs. Life: human organized fake vs. evolved, Pleroma compatible Creatura real.

Nature, god, is the “parent.” Metaphor, I know, but what can we do? Mother, father … depending on your social conventions, one or the other choice of “lie” will do. Freud’s Band of Brothers steal from the Father. Genesis’ Cain and Abel were brothers whose way of life was lethal to the other. One gets pissed and kills the competition. Killing to control is different from killing to eat. Eating is the goal in both cases, but the later is a higher order of complexity than the former. Higher orders of complexity are always a dangerous step toward chaos. Life thrives at the edge between order and chaos. Any step in either direction is a gamble: playing with fire.

The victorious Band of Brothers now claim the “legitimacy” of the earlier Brother become Father. They want to keep their position of advantage. They want to steal more, have more land, more food, more women, beget more little Brothers … They organize to cheat. Each Brother would become the magician holding the fake prop and saying it’s real, control the labeling devices. The Band of Brothers form governments to fix the game, count the take in the dark, skim the take in the dark, issue false labels. They spawn institutions that are all part of the mislabeling-skimming system: churches, schools, court rooms …

Some Brothers see that the mislabeling system is doomed. For purely selfish reasons: preserving the genes closest to their own: that of their Brothers, they train themselves for honesty, for the truth, for reality. Copernicus, Kepler, Einstein, Abelard … Jesus (in the Story of Jesus) (what the “real” Jesus had in mind we can’t know) …

Jesus says, Be like the lilies of the field.

Now: look at those who tell you about Jesus: in church, on TV … Is the Pope like a lily of the field? is Jerry Falwell? Was King Herod?

Why was Scotland deforested before the 12th Century began? Why did Americans have so much of North America deforested within a hundred years of Banding as Brothers? Why is what’s happening in the rain forests now happening? Because every tree can tell the attentive what any lily can tell them, what Jesus told them … But when it’s repeated in church, in school, by the pope, by the teacher, the message that comes across is, Look at me, counting in the dark, skimming the take, cheating … The “box” (property) I hold is a “real” box (fake, rigged) … Tell lies like me and perhaps one day to too can count in the dark, mislabel, stand on a podium …

Kleptocratic civilization is a dangerous step toward chaos. It’s chief characteristic is its habit, its police- and military-supported-habit (its prize mis-label), of calling nature “chaos” and chaos “order.”

Civilization may have already killed us. Dead men walking, too stupid and bedazzled by mislabeling to know it yet. Any corrective measure we take now may be in vain. Even so, I still say we should try. Show the fossil record that we tried. Too late, but in the end, we wanted life, order, lilies, trees, and ordinary predation, killing to eat …

The Brothers should disband.

Kill your own prey; Not kill everything in a Kansas City abattoir.

Learn the hard lesson: Yes, the game can be fixed, but not profitably.

2000 04 28 A module I am anxious to write will deal with civilization and its kleptocratic governments as compulsory fraud. Till I get to it you may email me your suggestions including your imagined refutations. Though till you know what I’m actually saying, it will be hard to refute it. If you’re a kleptocrat, it won’t matter. Kleptocratic refutations need have nothing to do with logic or truth: just with fooling the jury.

2000 05 11 Today it occurs to me that Kleptocracy should perhaps be its own directory here: important enough to graduate from both my History and my Social Pathologies directories. Like an oak tree gradually clearing its own space in the sun. (04/04/2003: Instead, I just poured it all into Society!)

Today it also occurs to me to emphasize this point: Notice, speaking of proxy, that everything in kleptocracy is second hand. “God says” typically comes from Moses or Jesus. “Moses says” or “Jesus says” typically comes from a book; or a rabbi, or a priest. Is the book Moses? Is the gospel Jesus? Is Moses God? Christians say that Jesus is, but it’s insane to be compelled to believe on the Christians’ say-so. When God has spoken to me, he never said “Trust Moses”; “Trust Jesus”; “Trust the Pope” … No names, no positions were mentioned. Actually, nothing at all was “mentioned.” But communication it was just the same.

People living in a band each hear what the guy walking in front of them, or the guy guarding their rear, says. He may be wrong, he may be lying, he may be old, blind, crazy, perverse … but it’s him you hear saying it. You don’t have to read about it in the paper, hear it on TV, have it written as “history.”

A parallel comment I already made many times here, under Magic and other rubrics: in science, you get to examine the evidence yourself, repeat the experiment … Where you can’t examine the evidence because the evidence is rare, precious, degradable, corruptible, at least the list of possible challengers is world wide. You can’t look at Lucy’s bones but Prof. Svenson can. And Prof. Svenson is a link in the middle, not at the end of a chain. In kleptocracy, the epistemology is always identical to the epistemology of the Magic Show. The magician will examine the evidence for you … in a back room … with his cronies. If the magician lets you examine the evidence, he holds it while you do so. He controls how you examine it. And when you get close to finding the secret flap, he pulls it away with any of a dozen prepared cover stories: “Some of these folks are paying baby sitters” … Or whatever.

How is it possible that we see the fraudulence of King Herod’s Jerusalem, the Sanhedrin’s Temple, Galileo’s Pope’s inquisition … without seeing that our own government, our schools, our universities have the same medieval structure? “Medieval”? Hell, medieval is recent. It’s been going on a lot longer than that.

Now people living in a band behave the same way. Only it’s individuals, not institutions, making decisions behind your back. When your mother spanks you for breaking the cookie jar, there’s no appeal. You have no lawyer, no detectives to hire. But even if your mother claims infallibility, her claim stops at your front door. You can always cross that threshold and run away. I’m not saying that running away is safe; only that you can try it. Maybe the fire is better than the cooking pot: you might roll free of the fire.

Yet in the modern world it’s wall-to-wall, border-to-border, kleptocracy. Where would we run to? the Kalahari? There’s no commons left. We’ve sat with our thumb in our eye while it’s all been stolen.

Kleptocracy is the price we pay for our illusions of safety.

Kleptocracy rehearses us in the mantras we need to make the illusion convincing. A little kid saying he believes in Santa Claus is just cute. Who cares about the quality of a toddler’s statements? Hundreds of millions of people all madly shopping on Christmas Eve though is however as close to proof as a desperate people wish to come.

2001 03 08 Community … kindness … honesty … love … integrity … intelligence … What significance could these words and words like them possibly have in a kleptocracy? Are they trophies we wear on our belt like headhunters? Trophies stolen from snuffed cultures? starved thinkers? last year’s genocide?

2001 09 04 Kleptocracy is based on the (demonstrated) belief that one group can coerce a larger group.

It makes little difference whether the coercion is claimed to be for the larger group’s good or not.

We tag the panther, take a blood sample: “for his own good”: but the panther will try to bite us regardless. Domesticated animals, like civilized man, will not. Indeed, they will cooperate whether they believe the claims about their own good or not. Correction: it’s rather that they will believe the claims in direct proportion to the strength of the coercive weapons of the smaller group.

I don’t believe the smaller group has the right to coerce the larger group. I don’t believe the larger group as the right to coerce the smaller group. I don’t believe in coercion.

If cosmic accident drops a comet on my head, any ideas I have about the rights of the cosmos are irrelevant to its power. Same with the idea of God. If he’s going to hit me with a lightning bolt, it won’t matter what I think his rights ought to be. I won’t waste my time telling Genghis Khan he has no right to torture me or to rape my wife, enslave my children. Somehow I do though waste my time trying to reason with kleptocrats. So I’m an idiot. So what? I even waste my time trying to communicate with kleptocracies’ “citizens”: as though they were capable of communication. Well, it’s my life. Or seems to be. So far.

2006 05 19 My No Fingerprints: Evidence vs. Truth piece has God say,

Paul, we want them to have it: put it where they can steal it.

It’s painful to remember any samples of the many times I’ve said things to deaf ears. I love it when something I’ve said does come back to me. Funny thing is, it regularly comes back to me without the speaker having a clue where they got the idea. Indeed, my perceptions have come back to me from someone who hadn’t understood a word I’d said as though it were now their wisdom and that I was incapable of getting it! My wisdom returns to me with me cast as the dunce.

I can’t afford to mind: at least they finally got it: or some part of it.

It happened again just the other day. I’d quoted Ivan Illich’s Medical Nemesis to a friend. Indeed, I’d had her read the first paragraph aloud. I emphasized Illich’s stat that the health industry was the number two killer — world wide, just after heart disease. A week later, just the other day, me again referring without respect to doctors, she brightened, said she’d recently heard, on the news, or read in a magazine, that doctors were the number two killer, after heart disease. OK: that’s Illich. But I told her.

I reminded my friend that I’d had her read Medical Nemesis‘ opening. No, no: she saw it on TV.

In other words, she had believed it.

Once again: getting credit is of small importance; making the difference is what counts: in evolution.

I like to imagine Judgement Day as a time when familiar royalty reports are compared to God‘s. Souls which are embarrassed may proceed to heaven — to continuing life; all other must descend to the scrap heap.

2016 02 06
Two Sets of Books (Not to be confused with double entry bookkeeping)
Think of the universe (as physicists have come to) as a record: the universe is a record of itself: what it did, what triggered it, when … Civilizations interpret the record, make mistakes, impose flattering fictions … The interpreters are forever at war: Eddington trying to measure light bent by gravity around an eclipse, the results being ambiguous, the physicists imposing a reading: just like priests of any sort. God says this or that, the Jews write it down: self-flatterers repeat it: till the congregation repeats it wrong.
Eddington had wanted access to records not kept by priests, but he and his bellow priests then revised the record: unconsciously/consciously to suit themselves. So: resample. Then resample again. Meantime, truth tellers hang from the dungeon wall.

2006 06 26 Kleptocracy depends on those unqualified to judge agreeing to do the judging,

on those unqualified to keep records keeping the records,
teach teaching,
vote voting,
think thinking

Schools cut intelligence off at the ankles, promote highest those too stupid to see it (or too selfish to admit to seeing it), then trot them out as the best and the brightest.

On the one hand you have the school coordinated in punishing accurate map formation and the press applauding the school.

Everyone, nearly everyone, has to be dishonest.

Guest Entry: bkMarcus

San Francisco: The Golden Gate Bridge is losing money. The Transit Authority raised the toll. The Transit Authority also installed voluntary contribution boxes for pedestrians.
I love that bridge. I’ve never walked across it, but if I did, poor as I am, I’d throw in a coin. bk says he’d throw in a twenty if he could.
But there’s been an outcry. People have objected to what they feel is an image of the bridge with its hat in its hand.
Ah, I said, So people prefer coercion over voluntarism.
Right, bk said. Appeals to cooperation are read as weakness.

Would Christians rather be Christian under Christ with the sword or under Jesus without the sword? My appeals to the public at FLEX were all for voluntary contributions. So that was my mistake: I should have stood over them with a machine gun. (But if you have to stand over people with a machine gun it might as well be to rape, rob, and murder them; certainly not to help them.)

(Then nothing would have changed but the face of the killer. So what? if all is lost anyway?)

Notes to me Develop Leadership
Develop Conditioning
Kleptomaniac Contest: who can poison the universe fastest? Prizes to all losers, highest prize to the most destructive (with no participants honest or intelligent enough to follow the decisions: must be made by God, shared with no one: no witnesses: but God alone.

2016 02 06 Today I create a file, KlepQueue, to string Kleptocracy posts from before my arrest and censorship of 2006, 2007 not yet resurrected. The plan then will be to separate, edit, further develop those old posts.


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Seems to me that some modicum of honesty is requisite to intelligence. If we look in the mirror and see not kleptocrats but Christians, we’re still in the same old trouble.
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