Mrs. Dan

Nova Scotia part time: Mrs. Dan

Janet Lynn in Nova Scotia

Jan poses at her one hundred thirty year-old bayside farmstead: Broad Cove, Nova Scotia.

Jan married her high school sweetheart, Dan: essentially the only guy she had ever dated. Dr. Dan was a geographer, a cartographer, Ph.D. Syracuse, taught Salukis at Carbondale, Southern Illinois. Dan’s father, a surgeon, obstetrician, owner of the Irwin hospital in Queens NY, delivered Jan into the world. When Dan proposed his father reminded him: “I saw her first!”

Dr. Dan addresses colleagues
The late Dr. Dan

I complain every time Jan gets her hair cut. But now I see clearly: she looks best with her hair short! And is best where she is now: a couple of pounds lighter.

2015 06 18 Jan called this morning to declare that she woke up realizing that today was her sixtieth wedding anniversary! Now she’s on her way to the pool to swim, arthritis crippling her recently, glooming our moods, chopping our activities short. All is 1000% when she tells me that to celebrate she’s taking me out to dinner tonight.

Jan, My Love

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