Living Economics

The human species was born along the edges of African savanah: primates come down from trees, the trees receding anyway, the grasses advancing, this former ape learned the opportunistic feeding habits of eating whatever came its way. We survived, we flourished. The savanahs slowed their colonizations; we accelerated ours. Some of us left the savannas, learned to exploit other environments: now we’re sending stuff off the planet!

(Nigel Calder joked that the grass had used us to spread its seeds, now man is about to take the grasses into outer space! We think it’s us; but it’s the grass!)

Anyway, the grass puts seeds here and there. If there’s water, light, no major disruption, the grass grows, spreads, grows some more. And so does Adam, and Johnny Appleseed, and Eve, and Florence Nightingale. There are people in the artics, even if there’s not much grass there yet. Men have stood on the moon, now women are in orbit, husbands and wives smooching from orbit.

This is all great, and I’m for it: that part anyway. But something else happened too. Something went wrong.

sketch of elements to follow:
nature provides resources for whatever can get at them; culture rechannels nature: so the king gets the water, the pariah gets none: Caesar controls the water, Jesus gets vinegar on a sponge. God is supposed to own the water, but priests who say they speak for God, railroad Jesus.
My Free Learning Exchange, 1970, was intended to use cybernetics to offer civilization a return to nature: unsupervised information. The Augustuses can’t have that, the owners of stock in the Fortune 500 can permit a free market: the free market rhetoricians too have to sabotage any real free market possibilities. Humans indelibly wear masks they have no title for. Misinformation trumps information: but not for long: nature will win in the end, or, life will fail, done in my (false) sentience.

Anyway, pk, since college has never been able to make a living, have a career, not get kicked in the crotch. pk since FLEX, 1970, has cooperated in not making a living: in order not to pay any taxes to the war machine, in order not to let Hilary get a penny in alimony (or child support — the kidnapper should not be able also to fleece the bereft!) I’ll get it it, and more, as I can.

Living will come to be seen as a play on the English, Church of England, meaning: sinecure given to the orthodox.

About pk

Seems to me that some modicum of honesty is requisite to intelligence. If we look in the mirror and see not kleptocrats but Christians, we’re still in the same old trouble.
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