Aldi’s Flagrant Foul

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Four times recently I’ve bought prepared food under an Aldi’s store brand and gotten inedible, dangerous food.

One frozen veggy pack chewed down to a mass of fibers like fiberglass: swallow at your peril.
An artichoke salad had husks and hulls chopped in among the edible artichoke leaves: swallow at your peril.
A chicken and cranberry salad concoction had chopped plastic in the food.
A frozen shrimp lo mein dish contained unchewable inedible bits.

Aldi’s gave me my money back on items one and two; but I wasn’t satisfied that the corporation had absorbed my message of what was wrong and what was required to correct it. The syphilitic whore needs to stop peddling, not just return to John his sawbuck.

I didn’t ask for my money back on the salad with the plastic in it. Except for the chopped plastic I’d eaten every delicious bite. I just wanted them to know that their product was dangerous. Some child was going to choke, they were going to get sued, someone would put them out of business, and rightly so: unless they improved quality, met minimal safety standards.

The store “manager” showed me that he entered the return data as a “quality” issue. But Aldi’s register didn’t have provision for details. So I went online and repeated my report. I got back a form email. When I answered the form I got a message saying that mail could not be delivered to Aldi’s return address!

Many a modern business is designed so that feedback won’t reach management. In that case I believe that Aldi’s should be sued out of business.
I hear offer my testimony to anyone whose child chokes on banana peel in the Aldi’s shortcake, or on artichoke husks in the Aldi’s artichoke salad.

The first flagrant foul should be penalized by a point and a free throw, the second, the player should be banned from the league, the third and the league should be dismantled. If there’s a fourth, God should ask how come that species is still in business?

PS. I love Aldi’s for many things. I approve of many of their policies. I just don’t want their food to choke their customers.

2014 10 22 Years have passed since I wrote the above, now I really love Aldi’s, so does Jan, we just shopped there an hour ago: and I have another complaint, one which Jan seconds:
Aldi’s leaves customers to bag their own purchases. Good. You can rent their cart, you can get your rental quarter back when you return the cart, you can buy bags to bag with, you can bring your own bags … Today I wanted just a few things, real quick, I brought the one plastic bag necessary. I arrayed my few things on the conveyor belt, pt my bag on top, said to the cashier, They all fit in here. I didn’t have a cart. Normally the cashier has a cart already at the register before you arrive with yours. I don’t think that’s the best wway to do things but it’s not worth fussing about: till today. The cashier ignored my bag, stacked the stuff in his cart, gave me my receipt. I started to back my bag that the cashier had been rude in ignoring, after I’d pointed it out to him. You could have said, No, you’ll pack that yourself: I put the stuff in the cart. Anyway, it’s OK, I was packing the bag: when I realized that the cashier was breaking speed records shoveling the next customer’s groceries into the same cart!
Shouldn’t a hotel clear the room before sending in the new guest? Shouldn’t the market clear the last customer from the checkout stall before processing the new customer?

Jan never uses a cart. She says the Aldi’s personnel do exactly that to her all the time!

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