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Torture of Animals

Recreating (and advancing) pk’s censored domains: & / Teaching / Society & Its Pathologies / Social Survival / Little boys are famous to sticking a flaming arrow up the ass of the mutt on the street. I don’t … Continue reading

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Happy Endings

Till age five I probably knew an average number of movies for a white American. Maybe I knew a few more: my father was a lawyer: and even though he drank too much to be very successful, he knew rich … Continue reading

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Revisionist Culture

I begin this post in tandem with the preceding: Pirates of the Caribbean. I’m half-way through the DVD, and love it. Thursday night Jan and I watched Delovely, the biopic of Cole Porter, and adored it. I’d already known the … Continue reading

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Pirates of the Caribbean

/ Kleptocracy / (also / Chat /) Since 2003 Pirates of the Caribbean movies have taken a piratical share of the market. There’s yet another one out now. But Bonnie and I watched our first sample last night. She lasted … Continue reading

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Crack Whore Leggings

I just had an adventure at the library. I noticed a woman exit the library who was colorfully dressed. My sartorial ignorance is profound, my diction for materials impoverished, but I’m going to say that the dress material was a … Continue reading

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Top Science

Monotheists believe that God is at the top of any hierarchy (so long as the hierarchy is good: a hierarchy of most horrible crimes wouldn’t count, God doesn’t have to top that list.) Not only do they enforce the belief: … Continue reading

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Living Economics

The human species was born along the edges of African savanah: primates come down from trees, the trees receding anyway, the grasses advancing, this former ape learned the opportunistic feeding habits of eating whatever came its way. We survived, we … Continue reading

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