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Pirates of the Caribbean

/ Kleptocracy / (also / Chat /) Since 2003 Pirates of the Caribbean movies have taken a piratical share of the market. There’s yet another one out now. But Bonnie and I watched our first sample last night. She lasted … Continue reading

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Crack Whore Leggings

I just had an adventure at the library. I noticed a woman exit the library who was colorfully dressed. My sartorial ignorance is profound, my diction for materials impoverished, but I’m going to say that the dress material was a … Continue reading

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Top Science

Monotheists believe that God is at the top of any hierarchy (so long as the hierarchy is good: a hierarchy of most horrible crimes wouldn’t count, God doesn’t have to top that list.) Not only do they enforce the belief: … Continue reading

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Living Economics

The human species was born along the edges of African savanah: primates come down from trees, the trees receding anyway, the grasses advancing, this former ape learned the opportunistic feeding habits of eating whatever came its way. We survived, we … Continue reading

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Trollope’s Social Slapstick

Anthony Trollope is among my favorite English novelists not for any details of his writing style (as with Dickens, Thackeray … Shakespeare) but for his broad display of the absurd posturings of the society itself. (Evelyn Waugh earned a bit … Continue reading

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Heads or Tails

We’re descended from hollow bodied worms. A worm has a head and a tail, a man has a head and a tail. An amoeba doesn’t have either head or tail. Amoeba intelligence, if any, has no storage facility within the … Continue reading

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Jan’s Family

Last night Jan illustrated for me why her husband, the late Dr. Dan, professor of cartography, had been called Lucky Dan. (Well, first of all, just look at Jan!) Dan addresses colleagues, St. Louis 1974 (Shoot! I PhotoShoped the old-print … Continue reading

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Mrs. Dan

Nova Scotia part time: Mrs. Dan Jan poses at her one hundred thirty year-old bayside farmstead: Broad Cove, Nova Scotia. Jan married her high school sweetheart, Dan: essentially the only guy she had ever dated. Dr. Dan was a geographer, … Continue reading

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Jan, Lake Girl

Jan’s main home the past decade has been here in Florida. She has a beautiful house on a beautiful lake, very little developed. Here we see her paddle her canoe: a skill she’s taught her Arcadia campers since girlhood. Jan, … Continue reading

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My posts in the Jan, My Love series had said, “There’s a New York Herald Tribune photograph of Jan as a cheerleader from the 1940s that I wish I could scan well enough to show. That picture got her stalked!” … Continue reading

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