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Catfarmer Quotes

Thus saith the feral domesticated misfit Anarchist! Don’t burn your dictionary yet, but it’s toast already when words can change their spots so completely. Government is becoming an uglier cariacature of its former unattractive self. Anger never feels so good … Continue reading

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Quotes: C

They talked a lot. Nigel Calder on man When men of action cease to believe in a cause, they believe only in action. Camus Lies are what the world lives on. Joseph Campbell A country that gets strong off its … Continue reading

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Cops Quotes

Help! Police! A policeman is someone who writes your name down after you’ve been robbed. Russell Baker It would surprise no independent observer if the motto, In God we trust, were one day expunged from the coins of the republic … Continue reading

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Authority Quotes

Einstein said that life played him a trick, making that champion opponent of authority into an Authority. Today I begin gathering’s many quotes and comments on authority into this file of quotes on the subject. Please distinguish throughout between … Continue reading

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Epistemology Quotes

The pattern that connects Gregory Bateson One can only see what one observes, and one observes only things which are already in the mind. Alphonse Bertillon All philosophy which is epistemology should be studied with diligence: all else should be … Continue reading

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K. Structure bak

I duplicate the primary “Page,” K. Structure as a “post” while I edit it: Existence Life Sentience … Paul Knatz Paul Knatz on line (aka: Structure Teaching didactic files modules about the world Bio personal files modules about … Continue reading

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John leCarré

/ Movies / The Constant Gardener novel and movie I love leCarré’s novels. My favorite was The Little Drummer Girl. There’s a Lebanese terrorist in it who recommends that everyone should spend a couple of years in jail. I quoted … Continue reading

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Hitting-the-Line Interruptions

This one is dangerous, hard to tell. I love my girlfriend, need her, need her desperately; yet I still need my own integrity, my lifelong devotion to my grail, whatever the cost: the more so since I’ve already sacrificed my … Continue reading

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/ Games / I’ve loved backgammon since my girlfriend Martha taught it to me in 1974. I have lots of backgammon stories to tell: I don’t think any of them were previously told at the censored pk domains: all fresh … Continue reading

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InsTic combines Institutions and CriTic: Institutions CriTic. Ivan Illich was the great critic of institutions: a successor of Jesus himself both a genius and a saint. I am Illich’s associate and disciple, myself having elements of genius and saintliness. We … Continue reading

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