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Memory: Disposition, Predisposition

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On many occasions I have coiled the hose with great care. Coiling the hose may well remind one of the respect with which the care of rope was held in days when sea faring was the cutting edge in technology. The older the hose the harder it is to coil, the more tempting it is to allow a kink: to just to leave the mess so it can trip somebody.

If you’re not familiar with homes and gardens and their hoses, then perhaps you have experience with snarled fishing line. Personally, I’ve spent hours on the lake teasing at a backlash when cutting the line behind the snarl and simply retying the lure would have had me back fishing within minutes. [note]

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The other day I labored to recoil an old hose. I removed the nozzle. It took effort to keep the brass end of the hose from clipping me in the groin: energy was stored in some of the snarls and the hose end could hammer or bite.

I finally achieved a semi-neat-looking coil, reattached the nozzle: and watched the hose resnarl itself.

Something there is that does not love our ideals of order.

Origami Memory: The Persistence of Error

The narrower the gauge of the things twisted, the harder it is to see how it got that way. Ideas are of very fine diameter. Centuries of epistemological analysis, our best efforts at theological dicing, and not only the public mind, but my mind (and yours too) kinks right back to inherited, perhaps genetic, confusions.

For me (and I suspect for you), nowhere is this origami memory more in evidence than with the infinitely undefined black box of god. [note] I deny God (as Jehovah) one moment only to appeal to god (as truth) the next.


Indeed, I’ve spent major portions of the day following a bad backlash untwisting the line for the rod that suddenly decommissioned itself while in use. As ill as I can afford to waste line, economy of neither line, time, nor effort are the main issue: I’m trying to understand. The narrower the gauge of the thing twisted, the harder it is to “see” what’s happened. The narrower the gauge of the thing twisted, the more you’ll swear that it’s not twisted but knotted!

How? The line is still fastened at one end to the reel and at the other end to the lure.
You should see me sometime. I use a dental pick, a whole bunch of clothespins … and a half acre of neighborhood.


See not only my gods, God, & god but all the files in that neighborhood.

2013 09 28 I’ve been using braided line for a few years now. I love it! Bad tangles are a distant memory: in fishing. If only it were true in all the other matters.

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