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scribbling a first draft:

I’m going to tell a couple of favorite stories here in a minute, one of them about meeting a self-made millionaire who made his millions straight out of college. Then I’ll tell stories of inventors who got rewarded, and others of innovators who gets kicked in the teeth: by a kleptocracy that doesn’t seem to care who it crowns and who it crucifies so longs as it’s busy doing both: crowning, and crucifying.

Kids sees all sorts of signals around them. Kid know that they do not understand a great number of thsese signals. “It is Against The Law to remove this tag!” is sewn onto a pillow. Oh? I thought that if you bought the pillow you could do what you wanted with it. (Such labels used to be sewn onto pillows at least.) (They were of course addressed to the retailer, but they didn’t specify.) (Neither does a pillow label have room to print a complete, unambiguous address.) (Like schizophrenics, kids don’t yet carry enough information about the entire society to correctly identify context.)
My mother said how lucky we were to own our own home: where we could do what we wanted! My mother also complained about the people up the block who didn’t mow their lawn. Their ragged property brought down the neighboring property values! Which is it, Mom? Do what they like? Or hold up your price?

Property amounts more or less to what the neighbors will allow.
Wolf DeVoon

As a kid I heard of patent attorneys. My father was an attorney: not that I had any idea what that meant: it meant he took a train to the city. I heard of “patents pending,” I saw them on labels, cans, jars … left and right.

As a young man at Columbia I read Geroge Bernard Shaw on patents. He was saying that society benefits from invention; inventors should be paid, not robbed. We kicked Jesus in the teeth when he tried to help us; but we shyouldn’t kick everyone who tries to help us in the teeth. Not if we want to live.

It was hard: my sense of Christianity emphasized sharing. The inventor gives his group a gift. They pay him, or they don’t: it’s up to them. If they pay the wrong people, they’ll fail, die, “go to hell” … If they’re smart enough to pay the right people, then maybe we’ll survive a little bit longer (against all justice — God should put us all in hell; but maybe Jesus will plead for us, maybe God will show us mercy …)

The thing about life is: we’re ignorant about so many things, we don’t know which message is from God (that is, which message is true) and which from Satan (that is, false). Some Nazi is always prodding us to kill some do-gooder, to steal the gold fillings from some Jew, to take the Indians’ democracy and then exterminate them as savages
We think God isn’t looking, but we can’t be sure. Everything in our pockets is stolen, but we seem to be getting away with it: why shouldn’t we keep stealing? keep lying? All our bread is buttered with uncritical credulity: Hitler is good for Germany … This fraud in front of this classroom, which I am compelled to attend, is a “teacher” … When she says that Europe and Asia are two separate continents, she is right. She’s the authority, she grades the answers. The state, the board of education backs the old error, not the new correction.

When I can make time I’ll illustrate a few of the many times my invention has been ignored only to be stolen by others, who patent the theft, later.
Some authors successfully sue when their material is borrowed without permission or reward: Terminator, for example. But lawyers run away from this author the moment they see that what I’m saying is true, and that they’d lose their fat life style if they noticed it out loud. The kleptocracy awards privilieges only in exchange for complicity in the kleptocracy: the Indian’s land has to stay stolen, the Jews’ God has to stay stolen, the UN’s internet, digital record keeping, has to stay stolen.

Sorry for the vitriolic mess, i’ll try to present these true examples with better proofs in a rewrite.

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Seems to me that some modicum of honesty is requisite to intelligence. If we look in the mirror and see not kleptocrats but Christians, we’re still in the same old trouble.
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