Mary Magdalene

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Mary Magdalene: a woman in the New Testament, a character in the gospels
The name juxtaposes a given name, like Jesus, like Saul, with a place. Magdala was a section of Galilee. Thus the name is of the same form as “Jesus of Nazareth,” “Saul of Tarsus” … Like I once identified myself as “Paul Knatz, of New York.”

Mary Magdalene is reported in St. Luke to have followed Jesus after he’d cured her of evil spirits: Luke 8.2. She is also associated with the the “sinner” of Luke 7:37.

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That’s what “everyone” means by Mary Magdalene. Additionally some apocryphal gospels hint that Mary and some women friends of hers, also followers of Jesus (also prostitutes) (or ex-prostitutes), financed Jesus and his disciples. (His teaching left any income from carpentry behind him, in his past.) Bateson teaches that mind requires an external energy source. Even God has to be plugged in somewhere, somehow, baby has to be fed for the brain to grow, for the mind to develop, to function. Mary M. (and friends) was (were) Jesus’ “Broadway angel.”

Mary Magdalene
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(Don’cha love “portraits” by artists with no acquaintance of the subject? All those artists, all those Jesuses, all those Mary’s. Look at coins: you think any of those Caesars looked like any of those “heads”? I hear it was Henry VII who first had some artisan record an actual likeness! Sixteenth Century!
Well, I love these girls in red!)

Now: here’s what Bart Ehrman’s scholarship on the New Testament indicates everyone should mean:

The Bible purports to be the word of God. The trouble is we don’t have God’s manuscript. All we have are humans manuscripts, copied and miscopied. The oldest gospel we have is Mark. And the oldest available Mark source tells of the crucifixion, of the burial, of a set of Marys visiting the tomb, seeing the angel, seeing no body, and being told by the angel to go tell the disciples that Jesus is risen. But Mary Magdalene was afraid. She went home. She told no one. And that’s where the oldest Mark ends.

Newer Marks tell the story we know, leave out the went home and shut up part. But where did the newer Marks get this information? If they didn’t get it from an older Mark, if they didn’t get if from God’s manuscript, from an “original,” it’s no good: just human edited revisionism, propaganda, wishful thinking. manipulative lies.

My son pointed out Ehrman’s work to me, knowing that I would appreciate it. My son is one of a series of people who know my work, sort of, who know Ivan Illich’s work, sort of, at least in broad outline, who know, or should know, the relationship of that work to Illich (and my) understanding of “Christ”: that Christians should cast off kleptocracy by casting off the state-run education industry, by reestablishing free human learning. But my son, my wife, my girlfriend, my former workers, my more recent fans … are afraid, and say nothing: or, when they do try to say something, find themselves ostracized by their oldest friends, see themselves suddenly pushed toward pariah-hood.

Humans aren’t Christian, can’t be saved: because lies trump the truth. The cowards let the hawks tax and bomb, and school everyone to death.

We write our own press, and it’s all fabrications. The truth tellers are destroyed: by their own followers.

Winston doesn’t just love Big Brother at the end, Winston shills for Big Brother: throughout.

A half dozen years ago I began a series of posts on pk symbols at my IonaArc blog. I use common symbols but emphasize uncommon meanings. My expanding those posts at got wasted when the fed destroyed my domains, censoring all. A couple of years ago I tried showcasing those modules at PaulKnatz blog, 2009 July, but now want everything moved to this blog: where WordPress permits organization by category, with Pages which I use as menus, organizing the wealth. I’ll import them here, in time, I’m trying to recreate pk domain materials not already at any blog first: then put everything in one place, accessible through one nest of menus. But there’s a pk symbol, not commonly understood I have to add: Mary Magdalene.

What I, we, should mean by that New Testament Mary changes utterly with the knowledge of the NT gathered and expounded by Bible scholar Bart Ehrman.

2011 06 14 I just “allowed” a comment here linking to another site which cites apochryphal gospels, I didn’t just spam it.

Double Damned, Spectrum of Damnation

I’ll develop thoughts on those subjects in a moment.


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Seems to me that some modicum of honesty is requisite to intelligence. If we look in the mirror and see not kleptocrats but Christians, we’re still in the same old trouble.
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