pk Chronology Highlights

c. 1965:
Started thinking about art as complex information: increasingly distinguished data from information
First noticed Shakespeare’s juxtaposition of the redundancy of the Fair Love and the oxymoron of the Dark Lady as a meta-oxymoron
Simultaneously noticing an analogy between their contrast and the ageless struggle between Realism and Nominalism, between authority and experience

Short stories found level of invention still not fathomed by publishers or public: for example
The First Week

Encountered Ivan Illich and his models for Learning Webs in Deschooling Society
Founded the Free Learning Exchange, Inc., emphasizing that the public networking of learning opportunities likewise mapped the public networking of all public information
Any public information system that doesn’t note all the information is fraud: easily falsified (if civilized humans could only be got to pay attention). (Licensing teachers disempowers parents, licensing doctors dis-empowers all other (unlicensed) healers …

1982 …:
Like my short stories, (like my scholarship,) my novels match contrasting abstractions: God / Lucifer, entropy / negentropy, heaven / hell, evolution / extinction, learning / inertia …


Invented Macroinformation

Spun sections off into new independent domains: deschooling materials went to /; macroinformation materials went to Information,
Lost my beloved friend, helper, patron: Catherine. She decided that 96 was old enough, and took off: orthogonally.

I added a new domain: AgainstHierarchy. The NYU sections collected all my complaints against my fraudulent graduate education, and In a masterpiece of post-Swiftian irony I told NYU that they were running out of time in which to take responsibility. On the fine morning of October 13 I went to the door to try to help a man who appeared confused and lost: the sheriff’s men teamed up with an FBI posse in flak jackets, armed with assault weapons, put me on the ground, trussed me, and made off with me, leaving the armed thugs to steal my computers, my back-up disks, and to go through any of my personal records they felt like. I’d told NYU that I still held documents in evidence against them: nothing like interfering with evidence.

A federal court censored all my NYU materials. In fact all my internet files got destroyed: 4,000+ of them, including my art gallery. Some of my materials are personal, but most of my web publications are public services.

If Americans, and the world, remain ignorant of how institutions, including universities and governments behave, it’s not my fault. It’s true over my struggling body: and mind.

After thirteen months (of a fifteen month sentence) I was cast out onto the street, broke, but not broken. I’ll republish as soon as I trust I can without getting assaulted again.

pk Overview

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Seems to me that some modicum of honesty is requisite to intelligence. If we look in the mirror and see not kleptocrats but Christians, we’re still in the same old trouble.
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