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I’m now recreating here’s former K. Symbol section – / Teaching / Scholarship / pk Symbols / – which till my arrest in 2006 October was engaged in maturing and expanding my IonaArc blog’s posts on the subject. Here I’ve also promised to expand this section by posting other areas of’s pk Scholarship area: my section of the Bible, for example. pk uses the Bible as a symbol, as a set of symbols. pk uses the Bible as pk uses science, and history: as symbols, but modified symbols: non-standard. When I use positive integers I try also to maintain some awareness of fractions, and of negative integers, and negative fractions … I simplify in part to show that things are not always simple: though nearly anything can be seen to be covered by a simple mask if not a simple map: “my thesis is implicit within the shaded area of the silhouette.” Make sense? Maybe it will when I expand.

Meantime though, the above theme, pk Symbols, naturally expands into pk Metaphors, pk Special Terms, a Basic pk Lexicon.

pk’s Thinking Tools section at, now being recreated at my pkTools blog, showcases some of the basic thinking tools of my favorite scientists and philosophers: Gregory Bateson, Alfred Korzybski … Bucky Fuller, Marshall McLuhan … pk in nearly all cases expanding the case for the tool made by my source: pk says MORE about information than (I’m aware) that Bateson said (though not more than Bateson implied!) (Similarly, Illich (and pk) could say more about living as a human than Jesus “said” (though not more than is implicit in (the group-fiction) Jesus!)

In other words, a great deal of (and all of pk’s former domains) showcased favorite symbols, metaphors, myths, terms … from a host of great thinkers and teachers: Freud’s Eros and ThanatosCivilization from Freud to Jared Diamond … all cases of pk agitating to spread some terms of specialized languages into the general natural language: so that any case that humans didn’t have a chance to think their way into better chances for survival will Not Hold Water! Once I believe that God sent me to help Jesus out, or at least to help out Jesus’ helpers: Ivan Illich most conspicuously, but Gandhi too, Bucky … Shakespeare: all trying to validate our humanity (and to tone down our kleptocracy).

So: in time, I’ll be adding posts here that in all cases relate to pk Symbols though they might be more strictly called pk Metaphors, pk Principles … Bible, gravity, homeostasis … pk Lexicon.

Some pk principles, homeostasis, at once recognizable from science, but re-tailored, got stated and expanded and tailored in other sections of K.: in K.’s Society (and Its Pathologies) section for example. Homeostasis ,wherever I put it, is very much pk, very much science, altogether pk’s modified science: supercharged.

In all cases: when I say something, check it against the science I refer to: semantics, semiotics, physics … But I recommend that you also check the version you get from conventional scientists, those employed by the kleptocracy and its institutions, those not jailed and censored, against pk!

Don’t automatically believe that in crucifying the savior King Herod (or Caesar) is trying to protect you. (They’re not protecting you for you; they’re protecting their sheep pen, their vegetable garden: the vampire protecting the host it’s sucking blood from.)

A sentence or two above could be “corrected” a bit toward Standard English: never mind, Standard English is normally incapable of saying what I’m saying. I have to improvise; or not communicate. If I figure out a way to do both, I’ll standardize it. posted a few dozen pk glossary items in the spirit of my Semantic Dictionary of the mid 1980s. I’ll recreate those items here at this blog in the time frame of 2008 January.

About pk

Seems to me that some modicum of honesty is requisite to intelligence. If we look in the mirror and see not kleptocrats but Christians, we’re still in the same old trouble.
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