I am an asecist.

Come again, pk?

Asecist. I just invented the word. It’s based on the word atheist: literally, etymologically “without god.” But I do not mean that I am without god. On the contrary, I’ve been working in harmony with the core principal of existence for a long time now. No. My word uses the same prefix, but my root is “sec“: as is secular. “Secular” has many more than one meaning; my meaning is one I’m creating. Roughly, a core meaning of secular is “not sacred.” But what I’m referring to is the political tendency of western civilization since the Renaissance to divide human political orders between the “church” and the “state,” with the latter being the “secular” side of things.

By asecular I do not mean that I am “without” the political order of the last half-dozen or so centuries — though I wish I were — I mean that I don’t believe in it. Not “I don’t believe it exists”; no: “I don’t respect it, I don’t support it.”

With regard to atheism, never mind what my relationship to this or that or any “god” is. (I’ve tried to portray, explain and portray, my dynamic relationships with God for fifty if not sixty years by now, all to no visible effect: the society simply will not get it). What I don’t believe in is the church.

That doesn’t mean I don’t believe that there is a building on the corner that says Some-Kind-Of Church on a sign out front. No, I mean I don’t believe that the church is what it says. Or rather I believe that the church is what the Christian stories of the gospels portray: a bunch of kleptocrats, leading, pretending to be lead by, a bunch of priests — who’ll do exactly what the kleptocrats want them to do if they know what’s good for them: and to assassinate God when reality tries to provide the society with feedback on its behavior. That is, “god” says, “You’re fucking up; and “we” say, “Fuck you. Die, God!) (Then we hang him up, and keep him hung up, like a scarecrow, to warn other meddling gods away from us.) (Notice in that story the utter cooperativeness of the lawyers, and the governors, the “keepers” of “order.” All the “secular” forces joined hands to violate their own laws to silence Jesus.)

Now we have new churches which pretend for us that we’re different. No, we are not, say I. We are exactly the same. (We’re not different from the Jews; we are the Jews: we’re not different from the Romans; we are the Romans.)

In other words, normal usage of the term atheist concerns the lack of belief of the subject with respect to a magical deity. I don’t believe in any magical deities, god for me has everything to do with nature and nothing to do with magic. But I see the churches as just another human institution used by kleptocrats to pretend that they’re something that they’re not: spiritual, reverent, faithful, orderly …

In my analysis of human society we kleptocrats use churches and secular institutions the same, to deceive our victims (and ourselves) about our behavior, our motives, our reasons … Rephrase:

We are the “damned” parading as the “saved.”
(And we’ll murder any saved who tries to correct us.)

Reason. Now there’s a key word. The Renaissance pitted a quality called “reason” against the “faith” of the old church order. The US, for example, was supposed to be a secular order, based in reason. I don’t buy it. I don’t see us as any more reasonable that we are sacred or spiritual. I don’t credit us with any magical ability to tell right from wrong, or good from bad.

Note: I don’t mean that there is no such quality as “reason.” I practice it where I can. I write about it. My Reason Menu remounts modules analyzing and developing the concept of reason: a tool box for thinking: with tool polishers, and tool-developer-tools. I mean that kleptocrats use reason the way a magician uses truths in his patter: to deceive.

I’ve watched us destroy this and that innovator so we can reward this or the other imitator. The only thing we’re good at distinguishing is us from them.

Some of the energy still dissipates before impact. I’ll tighten and streamline it further: but then add a scrapbook where I can display all the peripheral comments I want.

2013 10 22 Here’s today’s phrasing:

asecist a (as in “a-theist”), sec- (as in secular), and -ist (a being related to a particular circle of faith)
Thus, in the context of this word asecist, belief or disbelief in God is irrelevant compared to belief or disbelief in man and man’s secular institutions.
Never mind God. My relationship to God cannot be communicated to secular kleptocrats. What’s relevant is my emphatic disbelief in man’s right or power to veto nature. (I don’t believe God has that ability either!) I am an atheist with respect to human-supervised political solutions. It’s socialism, and Communism: and New Deals, and New Frontiers that I don’t believe in.
Neither do I believe that any of these things can be rationally discussed, the irrational always have the authority to interrupt, to mislabel, to incarcerate … to murder, while calling it something else.

Asec Scrapbook

(Oh we’re orderly all right: but the orders we embody and display have little to do with out intentions, and everything to do with natural law.)


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Seems to me that some modicum of honesty is requisite to intelligence. If we look in the mirror and see not kleptocrats but Christians, we’re still in the same old trouble.
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