Free Will

Christians teach that God gave human individuals free will. We can be sons of bitches if we want to be; but then God will judge and punish wickedness.

John Milton wrestled with problems inherent in this view and solved it: (I paraphrase) You are fee to inject heroin into your veins; but, if you do, you won’t be free much longer: the addictive power of the heroin will see to that!
You keep your free will only so long as you make correct (survival) choices; make incorrect choices and the idea of freedom becomes meaningless very rapidly.

Now: picture Savonarolla preaching hell-fire from a pulpit. His congregation is free to ignore what he’s saying.
The mother can implore her daughter not to smoke, no matter what Virginia Slims says. If the daughter smokes anyway, is her emphysema the mother’s fault? her cancer? her death?
If Lysander Spooner warned us against government interference with everything, and we stood around with our thumb in our ass while the government destroyed him (just as you stood similarly inactive as the US destroyed pk), is the current and future condition of a deforested US with all the oil turned to pollution Spooner’s fault? I don’t think so.
If Jesus comes to us, gives us good advice (as well as a deal of balderdash), and we crucify him (or, stand with out thumb in our ass while other klepbots crucify him (for Caear, for us, against God …), is our not being saved Jesus’ fault?

Can you imagine a Judgment in which God demands of Jesus whether or not he saved us, and Jesus says, “Well, No: I gave them a chance to be saved, but they chose to be damned,” will God interrupt him, pounding the table, and scream, “Answer Yes or No: Did You Save Them?!”

The founding of the US claims to have given citizens a democracy, a chance to behave well, responsibly. But we, white people, used it, abused it, to steal more land from the natives, stealing the democracy from the Five Nations as we did so, murdering Mexicans… and now tell lies about Lincoln and slavery … while we fill our churches with Christians telling ourselves that Jesus loves us and forgives us and that we’re contrite and that our atonement is accepted by God …

When does God get to speak?

Never! Not so long as klepbots control the electromagnetic spectrum.

Do we really image as we sabotage Jesus that God doesn’t see us? That God doesn’t care? That though God has yet done nothing but let us hang ourselves with our own rope that therefore we will never be hanged? …

No, no. We had free will, once. We got rid of it as fast as we could.

2014 11 05 I’m just launching the movie Hadewijch, looks good so far, the num is crazy for Jesus, the nunnery tries to tone her down a bit. I read in advance: she’s a virgin, she’s saving herself for Jesus. Good, not unfamiliar, nice idea in many ways; but: I agree that she’s free to love Jesus, I approve; but: does Jesus have to love her too? Is he bound by her love?
Now, take that a step further: will she be bound by her declared love once she actually meets him?
Say she gets to heaven, meets Jesus, tells Jesus, Oh, I love you so, Jesus says, OK, sit over there, worship me from there: then proceedes to pick his nose, sing off key, bugger a boy, sits on Isabelle Huppert’s face … Does she still have to love him?

Crazy pk: I initiate a post, I scribble, I publish … before realizin that I never said the one basic point I’d opened the post to say!

We had free will once, on earth, in life. (If we cut down all the trees then we are no longer free to cut down any more trees: there aren’t any to cut.) Someone says, “Hey, cut some trees, but leave the forest,” and we interrupt him, punish him, confine him, strip him of his friends, family … We can keep cutting, in silence.
But if God gave us free will to start, and Judgment arrives, will we still have free will?
Will we be free to interrupt God, to make excuses, to pronounce our own judgments?

I am innocent!?

Boy, do I look forward to kleptocrats having no free will. The snake isn’t going to hold still while you milk its poison. You gotta pin in down.

When I remove the hook from a fish I try as hard as I can to hold the fish so that its torment is minimal. Sometimes I can’t. Then I just rip the hook even if it kills the fish, or I throw the fish back with the hook still in its gut to survival or die without any more interference from me. But: I put the hook removal above the fish’s comfort. I don’t put the fish’s comfort no where, but I don’t make it top priority.

When kleptocrats herd dissidents to jail, the cops don’t gag the jail bound. The marshalls drive to the jail, meantime, the shackled can sing songs about tripping through clover. They’re not: they’re jail bound.

I can see God nailing the damned down while damning them. I can see God ignoring our songs about tiptoeing through tulips as he delivers us to Satan for torment.
What I don’t see is the damned as entitled to any more free will once Judgment arrives.

And in the real universe, judgment is continuous, not infinitely postponed. You make not have tertiary syphilis on your first date, but screw irresponsibly and you’ll have it eventually. You may not have cancer on your first puff of a cigarette, but just keep smoking: you’ll see. (Unless you’re like my neighbor, attached to a breathing machine, unable to piss without a crew, still insisting that sixty years of chain smoking had nothing to do with her predicament!)

Free will is a silly consideration when seen in the light of survival, of damnation. It won’t matter what records of their own behavior those too stupid to live kept. They won’t clutter the universe for ever.

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Seems to me that some modicum of honesty is requisite to intelligence. If we look in the mirror and see not kleptocrats but Christians, we’re still in the same old trouble.
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