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In college I began encountering well thought out explanations for school: by Paul Goodman. In 1969 Lauter and Howe had an article in NYR to knock your socks off. In 1970 Ivan Illich’s Deschooling articles and book sealed the deal: the book on the subject.
In 1970 I contacted Illich, he contacted me, and I founded FLEX: an offer of a free-market community resource network which I proposed should internet with other community networks throughout the world. I offered the public a tool by which people could cooperate to use cybernetics to free themselves of church and state while creating a “Christian” communities: the meaning of Christian here being not the churchs’ but Illich’s: people living humbly together: cooperatively, convivially, not as kleptocrats, but as humans.

Up until 1970 I’d talked about schooling in school, in bars, with friends … to my students, with other members of the English Department … Since 1970 I’ve talked about schooling, emphasizing Illich, Goodman, Lauter, Howe … myself … Everett Reimer, Denis Detzel …
The schools coopted (and perverted) some of our ideas, ignored most of them, then foisted a plagiarized perversion of my internet. By the 1980s universities were using it. By the 1990s a number of people were using it. By 1995 I used it: to say the same things I’d been saying from my soapbox since 1970. My home page came to be Deschooling materials spun off into In 2006 I got arrested, in 2007 all my domains got censored, destroyed, my business and 99.9% of my life destroyed, but a couple of blogs remained: including my InfoAll bog. [getting absorbed here]

K.’s many modules of reasons for school have still not gotten recreated at InfoAll: and now they won’t: I’m putting everything here: where a menu will link from here, and all such files will be searchable by category and sub-category.

First though: I add a reason I don’t remember specifically writing :

A primary reason for school is to delude the schooled that what we need to learn can be competently taught by a state-run state-supervised state-extorted school system!
Cave men who license teachers to repeat “What goes up must come down” will be unable to tell that the “gravity” they are “teaching” is not Newton’s, is not Einstein’s, is not current, is not true.
Ah, but the schooled with think, without much conviction, or care, that they now know all about gravity that they need to know: meantime they know nothing about gravity! nothing scientific.

School Purpose Scrapbook
Lots of stuff yet to be imported from InfoAll, more K. stuff never got to InfoAll but is due to come here.

Once upon a time was a place where the skillful leisured gathered with the young to share experience, expertise, skill, insight … That’s long gone. Now school is where the kleptocracy herds the young to mass produce klepbots, the purpose of the klepbots being to provide interchangeable citizens for the kleptocracy.

School Purpose Scrapbook:
notes to be rewoven at author’s option, meantime, you reweave them as you like, in your mind, on paper, at blogs …

to perpetuate privilege.
Whoever has the most money can buy high income for their inept children. The moron wth a slip from Harvard will be expected to out-earn John Henry no matter how well John Henry can drive the steel spikes.

Once the percentage of klepbots to humans passes a certain threshold, the humans will never recover hegemony: the “majority” will perpetuate itself, the machines will win: or, the machines have already won, a long time ago.
Related thoughts:
scriptures say that Jesus was the Son of God. they also say that Jesus referred to himself as the Son of Man.
Are they synonyms? Can the source be accurate? To some extent they all mean the same thing, they all mean nothing, they any of them mean whatever you want them to mean … Jeshu, Barabas … all versions of Semitic “son of the father” … “son of the Lord” …
But consider: Jesus was the son of Man in that Jesus was a natural man in a time when the klepbots had already pretty much taken over. the gospels seem to be saying that Jesus wanted us to be robots for God, the Owner; but, in a time when all the conquered, conquerable … were robots for Caesar (as formerly they might have been robots for King David …), Jesus stands out as a throwback to pre-corrupted man. Jesus, the son of god, an actual human being: or at least not entirely corrupted.
Whatever is true of Jesus, not yet entirely corrupted is what I myself have striven to be, and have striven to encourage you to also try to be: hitherto without any success I can see whatsoever.
All my teachers, friends, family, were all already long gone klepbots. Ministers, proessors …
And they all, every one of them, thought they were the last human, Hans with his finger in the dyke.

Lots more at InfoAll, InsTic, IonaArc, etc. all due to be moved (and improved) here. 2013 04 18 Most of it’s reconstructed here now.

School’s Purpose

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Seems to me that some modicum of honesty is requisite to intelligence. If we look in the mirror and see not kleptocrats but Christians, we’re still in the same old trouble.
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