Provided That

Andrew Chiappe was my Shakespeare professor at Columbia. Richard Harrier was my Shakespeare professor, and supposedly my doctoral advisor, at NYU. I don’t recall mentioning Chiappe publically prior to now; Harrier I’ve only said bad things about: part of my deschooling testimony, part of my explanation for why I joined (and exceeded) Ivan Illich in offering the world a socially free internet of cybernetic data basing in 1970. Here I’ll tell a positive memory of Harrier: related to Shakespeare: The play under discussion was Richard II. English hero Prince Hal is in the wings, Richard II is on the throne, Hal’s father, the Henry IV-to-be (Hal, the Henry V-to-be) is yet Henry Bolingbroke: Richard’s nemesis. I cite R II, III iii:

Henry Bolingbroke
On both his knees doth kiss King Richard’s hand
And sends allegiance and true faith of heart
To his most royal person, hither come
Even at his feet to lay my arms and power,
Provided that …

Dr. Harrier loved that “provided that”: and so do I. Boy, do I.

The king is king, and gets all our loyalty, etc., provided that

But isn’t it always true? Don’t we all love God with all our heart and soul, provided that …?
If God doesn’t give us what we want, won’t we find a new god? and keep finding new gods until we find a god who gives us what we want?

2011 08 19 I’m still marveling from the movie Agora: The “pagans,” any religion other than Judaism, Christianity, any religion older than Judaism, Christianity, have, or are seen as having, gods that the congregation worships provided that the god bring rain, make the sun rise, bring the sun back to spring after winter …

The Jews’ God benefits them too, in this ancient relationship of trusting a benefactor.

But The Christians’s God is completely different: he watches his own son get sabotaged, he sits idle as his son is tortured. He sits idle as his son’s followers are thrown to lions …
But then, somehow, Christians move him right back to the pagan assumption of benefactor!

OK: the Christian God is supposed to be a benefactor in the next life! St. Peter gets crucified upside down in this life; ah, but in the next life … Peter gets the privilege of kicking sinners from the gate of heaven down into hell, every day, forever. So we’re right back to pagan assumptions after all.

Not in pk’s Christianity. I get kicked in the gut, I get kicked in the crotch, everything I say gets deflected, perverted. I see clearly: that proves that I’m a brother to Jesus: however distant, however inferior. Anyone honest, anyone intelligent would see it too.

But any honest, any intelligent, have no access to media.
I invented the internet you use her by plagiarism (oh, not the technical internet, I had nothing to do with that:the free internet, the internet of easy, cheap public data exchange). My right to the fruits of my own invention (mind with Illich, mine with Christ) are ripped away from me by the thieves. I say so, you do nothing! My own family does nothing!
Which idea of god does that support? Pagan? Christian?

Christian! The Christianity were the Christians reject God and conquer hell. The hell we live in.

But not me. I live in heaven. At least some of the time.

About pk

Seems to me that some modicum of honesty is requisite to intelligence. If we look in the mirror and see not kleptocrats but Christians, we’re still in the same old trouble.
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