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@ K. 1998 10 28

pk’s Ph.D.s Orals
The Final Straw in pk’s Decision
to Divorce Himself
From Society’s
Disinformation Machinery
Church, State, School …

This story is the centerpiece of pk’s school stories: essential however hard to tell, hard to re-post once censored.

The medievalist asked the first question at my orals, then interrupted my answer mere moments into it. Five doctors were testing me, supposedly. The other four didn’t object to her interruption. Three of the other four also interrupted my answers in the two hours that followed, preventing completion, cancelling my points.

My answer had been introducing my thesis on Shakespeare’s Sonnets: medieval epistemology is the foundation for my reading of Shakespeare. My thesis advisor should have known that: and should have recognized that I was using the question to get to my ultimate target; but he said nothing. Interruption is academe’s normal mode of behavior: but they’re the enthroned experts, they don’t see that they’re wrong. So long as they’re the judges, they can’t be shown that they’re wrong.

I started graduate school in 1962, This was 1971. In that near decade I had not succeeded in making a single point to my department in my graduate faculty. I had already founded The Free Learning Exchange, Inc., an invitation to the public to form a cybernetic data base of community resources and had already written other budding exchanges around the world that we should interconnect, form an internet. My FLEX forbade the use of certificates. I was never going to be applying for a job in any university or college, what did this deschooler need a Ph.D. for? I was trying to finish the degree I’d started “on principle” only. The retrograde behavior of my committee simply drove me away: to concentrate the harder on FLEX: on replacing society’s school systems (and market systems) (and government systems) with ungovernable digital information, owned by the public not by the government, given to the public by ME (via Jesus, via Ivan Illich (Fuller, Von Forrester …)

By 1970 I was standing on soap boxes around Manhattan offering alternatives to school, to Washington DC, and to the New York Times. I mentioned my own experiences at NYU (and elsewhere, the stories told in this collection) if asked, I didn’t force them on anyone. It wasn’t until the government (and the universities, and funded science in the form of CERN) plagiarized the incipient Christian (Jesus, Illich, pk) internet that I had a “home page” to use to tell the story. But then the FBI arrested me, the judge censored my anti-factitious-hierarchy domain, and all five of my domains fell with the rubble (my family paying all my bills while I was in jail Except for my internet hosting bill!)

Now it’s very hard for me to recreate a complex HTML document, my orals story, in blog form: the one place I can hope the FBI may not censor me further (having finally let me go back home: old, broke, half blind and three quarters deaf. Bear with me: I’m recreating the hairiest of all my modules: right here. (I’ll assemble fragments in succession: then reduce all to one post.) 2014 03 29 I’m rebuilding today, or preparing to.

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Seems to me that some modicum of honesty is requisite to intelligence. If we look in the mirror and see not kleptocrats but Christians, we’re still in the same old trouble.
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