pk School Stories: Intro

Key: My personal school stories are labeled by pk-chronology: (1) grade school, (2) junior high school, (3) high school, (4) college, (5) graduate school, (6) teaching years, (7) FLEX years, (8) all since.

A free people wouldn’t need to know my personal school experiences to know that compulsory state-run “education” and freedom are incompatible. I believe further that political (and cultural) control of public information is incompatible with long-term survival. That’s a basic reason why I offered a cheap low-tech internet in 1970; that’s also the root of why I’m a pariah at universities, why I’ve been largely unemployable since 1962, why my writing is not only unpublished (with minor exceptions), but now censored, why I was arrested, why the fed rigged my trial to make me a “felon” …

I began posting a selection of pk drawing worst school instances in 1995, the year I began spending more time than I could afford on a home page. Then other stories, pk teaching stories, got mounted in a different section of my home page. Now, out of jail (for the moment (authorities can arrest anyone at any time, for any reason, for no reason (just to show their power)), and threatened against reestablishing a domain (and less able than ever to afford one), I post such files instead at this InfoAll blog.

Stories of the experiences of others at school have all along gone into my deschooling section in whatever order it occurred to me to tell them: always illustrting some general point about school.

My school stories were first told at as part of my autobiographical section: who was this guy telling these things about nature, god, truth … science, education …? My deschooling materials were gathered in my Teaching section, then those materials garnered their own domain:

Forced to suspend work by my arrest and federal censorship, all my work having been reduced to retelling what I’d failed to tell in the first place, my fallow mind began wishing I’d organized differently to begin with: all of Illich deschooling was actually a subset of Illich’s emphasis on Christian freedom as convivial activity as distinct from hierarchically imposed coercion: freedom means that no church can compel you to attend mass, and no government can compel you to attend school: no more than church or state has a right to tell you how much bread you should buy or how much meat, what cuts, at what cost. My Free Learning Exchange, Inc. offered the public a ctbernetic grass roots emergent democracy, to compete against (and to outperform) the kleptocracy’s managed marketplace of glut driven by advertising where the public is compelled to sit in school and learn to take it.

Others’ school stories had been gathering at and at My current organization would put all such and my personal stories into a Hierarchy vs. Conviviality section my NoHierarchy section of my Teaching materials. Note further that “deschooling” materials may also be re-situated as a subset of the Illich concept of DeProfessionalizing: it isn’t just teachers and school boards that need to be taken down a peg.

Social Order Hierarchy vs. Conviviality Stories pk School Stories

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Seems to me that some modicum of honesty is requisite to intelligence. If we look in the mirror and see not kleptocrats but Christians, we’re still in the same old trouble.
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