I’ve not repeated all of Knatz.com’s pk school stories that had been posted by 2006. There are of course still some to tell: some that are as important as any: except perhaps for my report on my PhD orals experience. Coming next will be accounts of my pained attempts, decades after swearing off school (and conventional teaching) when, starving from failure to sell my novels to publishers, to earn a pitiful anything by deameaning myself to apply for positions in community colleges. Gad!

One such application was made in a suburb of Philadelphia: served me right!

The main one was nearby in Highlands County Florida: South Florida Community College.

The kleptocrats control the mis-labels: a college? no; a bad joke.

I’ve got zillion illustrations, spread over years. I’ll start with one:
The Sebring Library didn’t have a book I wanted. I was told that any resident could use the Community College Library. Yes, and goody, I was free to roam the stacks. I found the Shakespeare section. There was a complete works, in a couple of dozen volumes, 19th-C edition. No other versions.
Next I noticed: the sample volume I picked up had never been checked out.
Then I noticed: the pages had not been cut! old fashioned publishing, Europeans are used to reading with a knife; Americans are not.
I flipped among the volumes: none of the pages had been cut!

Still I went to the music department, found the head of the department, Doug, asked if he recommend some books on music theory: I really loved Leonard Bernstein’s Charles Eliot Norton lectures from Harvard, for example: did he know any more along that line.
Wait, he’d check. He brought me a paperback of Leonard Bernstein’s Charles Eliot Norton lectures from Harvard.
How did this guy find the parking lot?

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Seems to me that some modicum of honesty is requisite to intelligence. If we look in the mirror and see not kleptocrats but Christians, we’re still in the same old trouble.
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